Candidate Who Lied About Military Record Drops Out of Race

| June 1, 2023

JR Majewski

Just when you thought you’ve heard the last from him, JR Majewski is back in the news.

Republican Who Lied About Military Record Drops 2024 Bid
By Cameren Barnes | Jun 1, 2023

A Republican congressional candidate accused of misrepresenting his military record has dropped out of the race for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District. Pro-Trump Republican JR Majewski cited his mother’s ailing health in a statement that also revealed his father died during the last election cycle, when Majewski lost the district Republicans were favored in to Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur by 13 points, per Politico. The Air Force veteran who was at the US Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, had been among Republican candidates who “put Trump’s false claims of a stolen election front and center in their campaigns, helping them get through contested primaries but putting them at a disadvantage with independents in the general election,” per NBC News.

His 2022 campaign was hit with an AP report revealing Majewski was barred from reenlisting in the Air Force after four years following a drunk driving incident on a US air base in Japan in 2001. The AP also found Majewski had repeatedly lied about being a “combat veteran” who served in Afghanistan. According to the report, Majewski never deployed to Afghanistan but spent six months loading and unloading aircraft in Qatar, a US ally. Majewski continued to claim that he served in Afghanistan and that his flights to the country were “classified.” But “there’s no junior enlisted air transportation specialist who was doing something so secret that 20 years later it still needs to be classified,” countered a former Air Force master sergeant who investigates “stolen valor” cases.

The reports hurt Majewski’s chances. But “others on the ground in the district complained about what they saw as a lazy and undisciplined campaign that failed to activate grassroots voters and take advantage of Kaptur’s weaknesses,” per NBC. Majewski launched his second attempt at the congressional seat in April, though House Republicans “were not eager to see Majewski try again,” per Politico. “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make,” the 42-year-old wrote in an email to supporters on Tuesday, announcing his decision to withdraw. He said his mother was due to undergo triple bypass surgery and he planned to help in her recovery. “But don’t fret, I love this country too much to stay idle,” he added, per the Daily Beast.

Translation: We haven’t seen the last of him.

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Don’t lie, big guy.

We mock you.


I fart in his general direction.


C’mon dude…being a REMF is not a bad thing.
Being a REMF that claims he’s working “classified ops” is a bad thing.
Check yourself…be better that.


Classified ops… like

LTC: “Mailclerk, go sign for the package and hand it directly to (our S-2).”

Yeah, baby. Secret Squirrel! I haz mad operator skilz….

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He was “in theater” like Jesse Ventura, at least… he should’ve stuck with that.


Just think, if he had held off on being a lying sack of s*** for a few more months he would be a congressman right now.


Those lies never begin in an election cycle.
Those lies began years beforehand,
well in place, with internet receipts.

And of course, deciding to run for office,
no way JR is backtracking to facts and truth,
or to be truthful.

He’s almost as dumb as LeRoy Foley.
And Foley’s opponent Rick Jowers.

Foley and Jowers – Tex, Lies and Videotape IAS | February 17, 2020


Here’s the difference between (R)’s and (D)’s.. when one on the right lies about his military service, we mock and ridicule him, and drop our support completely. When someone on the left (yep, Dicky Blumenthal, John F’n Kerry, etc) the left closes ranks around them, raises them up on a pedestal, and INCREAES support for them…

Anyone else see a pattern, or underlying theme here?


At least Jane Fonda didn’t lie about her service in Viet of the Nam. And she served (serviced?) longer than DaNang Dick.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thanks Fyrfighter, was going to mention that it’s different when you have an R after your name and if it’s a D, then it doesn’t matter what you do. 2 different standards.


Sympathies to his Mom…If the claims of a triple bypass are true (and I wonder why I don’t believe that either), it’s probably because this turd burglar broke her heart so many times.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…once we practice to deceive…”


Daisy Cutter

There’s probably something raysist or transphobic about all of this, but I haven’t made the connection yet. Someone will.


We believe he is hiding behind his mother’s health as a reason to drop out of the race.

We have this feeling he is not successfully getting financial support for his 2024 campaign.

Check out this 1 minute video he made a month ago to kick off his campaign.

In the video, he stated Marcy Kaptur spent millions of dollars lying about his military career.

He also stated he is proud that his record has been vindicated.

You Be The Judge.



BTW, JR Majewski has recently been DOUBLING DOWN
in Mickey Mouse podcasts (and OAN).
Translation: Tweaking his bullshit story,
and bolstering his bullshit
with MORE bullshit.

And now THIS….
The window for Labor Day and fall is now open.
IF JR’s mother either recovers (as many do),
or passes away (as many also do),
JR loses his excuse for dropping out now in May 2023.

JR can jump right back into the Congressional race.

Steve Balm hit the nail on the pointy head…
“Translation: We haven’t seen the last of him.”

BINGO 1.jpeg

Check out what he claimed reference his job as Nuclear Security at FirstEnergy’s (FE) Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station located in Oak Harbor, Ohio:

Then check this out…he may have lied or embellished his claims, just as he did with his time in the Air Force.

You Be The Judge.

“NEW: J.R. Majewski Lies (Again), This Time in Latest Ad”


His 58 second 2022 campaign ad.

You Be The Judge.


We still think the “Afghanistan Vet”, the “Air Force NCO” who claimed he served with Majewski in Afghanistan in this clip is really Majewski disguising his voice.

You Be The Judge.


You mean “MSGT JASON”??

To this day, ZERO vouches for JR Majewski
by anyone in public using their real name.

Here’s the whole phony vouch.


Well, this is interesting.

In March 2023, Majewski requested his military records be corrected/updated to reflect his 6 months in Qatar.

Please note how “Qatar” is spelled in the document….

You Be The Judge.


Check out what Majewski wrote in March 2023 reference the Afghanistan claims and his discharge from the Air Force.

Part 1 of 3.

Why did he not tell the truth from Day 1?


Part 2 of 3.


See correction on next line.

Last edited 11 months ago by ninja

Part 3 of 3.

You Be The Judge.


Let’s go to the judges:

Green Thumb: Turd
MustangCPT: Pendejo!
Ex-OS2: Cocksucker!

There you have it, a unanimous vote! Over to you, Ninja!



Majewski refuses to take responsibility for his embellishents of his military service and is blaming others to include Marcy, the AP reporter, the Democrats, etc for his lies.


Because the truth is generally quite boring.


Yeah, but at this stage of my life, I prefer boring.


I’m enjoying the hell out of boring.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

At least I’m alive, while being bored.
And I have to remember only one truth story, rather then a multitude of conflicting lies.

It was a hell of a ride getting to the boring part!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



JR put up the IDP – Imminent Danger Pay slip again.
Remember, last year,
JR Majewski claimed that IDP PROVED he was in Afghanistan.
It didn’t take long for others to point out that
IDP went to servicemen in 20 countries

What a maroon.


AF got real beer at the club at Al Udeid– we got non-alcohol sh*t in Asscrackistan!

Green Thumb

That All-Points Logistics Super PAC needs to step up….


Considering that the guy Phildo put in charge of the PAC has probably blown all of the cash on Thunderbird, they’re not going to be much help to Mr. Dormitory Disagreement here.🤣


DD-214 or it didn’t happen.


See his document above dated March 2023 to the Board of Corrections.

Looks as if he is trying for a DD215.


I got a DD-215 once without even asking.
Showed up in the mail one day.
Corrected “VSM w/ 1 bronze star” to read “VSM w/ 3 bronze stars” or something like that. My period of service in
Viet of the Nam covered the 3 noted periods instead of just
the usual 1. A minor insignificant error or probably a common oversight that many vets are not aware of.
Somebody at NPRC caught it without my knowledge or even asking. And it was over 20 years after the fact.
So good luck to his majesty in his majestic magic trick.


My DD-214 has a few errors, one or two which I didn’t catch until after leaving, and a couple which I caught and tried to correct, but teleworking employees coupled with a time hack to meet is a bear. So, my ICM shows one campaign star while the ACM reflects two. Should be the other way around. They also shorted me a Gold Star for the Basic Recruiter Badge and show only two awards of the coveted and hard-earned NCO Professional Development Ribbon. I completed three levels, now named the Basic, Advanced, and Senior Leaders Courses. Never was a Master or First at anything and was never Sergeant Major material, but everything I did was First Class, even screwing up! The horrors…maybe I’ll file a DD-215 or maybe someone will fix the campaign medals in 20 years like your records show.  😀 

Last edited 11 months ago by fm2176

I found a couple of errors in mine too, didn’t catch them for a couple years after retirement. I keep meaning to try and get it corrected but it’s really hard to get all that worked up about it. In the grand scheme of things, it really won’t matter, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone that my 214 would verify, and it won’t get me a pay raise or a better job. So the hell with it!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

The Air Force veteran who was at the US Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, had been among Republican candidates who “put Trump’s false claims of a stolen election front and center in their campaigns, helping them get through contested primaries but putting them at a disadvantage with independents in the general election,” per NBC News.

This seems to be the hard part for Republicans. The notion that Independents won’t vote for these kinds of candidates escapes many of the primary voters.

Independents have become the deciding factor in elections, when Hillary Clinton was gifted the nomination Independents weren’t interested in her at all. It was how Trump got a chance to prove he was not a complete lying sack of egomaniacal horseshit. When he couldn’t keep his mouth shut during the pandemic he essentially talked himself out of the Oval Office. Then when he went nuts after election day he made himself a pariah to everyone but his cult following of idolaters. Democrats didn’t win that election because they offered anything of value they won it because Independents were disgusted by everything Trump. He had one chance to prove his worth to Independents and he screwed the pooch.

Independents are the largest voting group in any election, they outnumber Democrats and Republicans alike. They are more moderate and more centrist than either party. They lean slightly left of center due to their stance typically on social issues than Republicans but lean right of center versus Democrats on fringe issues like climate/environment and the proposed legislative remedies offered by the fringe left of Democrats.

Whether Republicans like that reality or not it’s relevant to 2024.

Trump may well win the Republican primary, but he is very unlikely to get a second round of votes from Independents.

Republicans seem poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again.


Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ. Fucker just won’t go away.


This motherfucker is a modern-day Marvin K. Mooney. I wish he’d just go away.

Hack Stone

He should reach out to Hillary Clinton for tips on coping with loss.