Record Deaths on Everest- Climate Change

| May 31, 2023

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Climate change to blame for up to 17 deaths on Mount Everest, experts say

Nepal’s head of tourism says variable weather on the mountain has led to one of the deadliest years on record

Experts say this is likely to be one of the deadliest years on record on Mount Everest, with variable weather caused by climate change being blamed as one of the main reasons for the deaths of up to 17 people.

A total of 12 people have now been confirmed dead during Everest expeditions this season and another five are missing, presumed dead, as no contact has been made for at least five days in all cases, according to the Himalayan Database, which tracks mountain fatalities.

The figure was confirmed by Yuba Raj Khatiwada, the director of Nepal’s tourism department. “Altogether this year we lost 17 people on the mountain this season,” he said. “The main cause is the changing in the weather. This season the weather conditions were not favourable, it was very variable. Climate change is having a big impact in the mountains.”

The Guardian

People started climbing Everest in 1922, and as of 2019 some 300 have perished in the attempt. Annual losses range from none to 22 recorded in 2015. The major causes of death are avalanches and falls, with exposure and altitude sickness heavily contributing.

No mention of Everest being so crowded, climbers are halted in the so-called “death zone” above 26,000 feet for hours waiting to ascend to the summit. There is also a post-Covid surge in the number of climbers so an increase in fatalities is unsurprising. Everest is a cash cow for Tibet and Nepal with fees and permits bringing in thousands per climber so don’t expect change anytime soon. Overcrowding and mismanagement? Naw, Climate Change.


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The best way to avoid dying on Mt. Everest is to stay off Mt. Everest. Works every time.


I can only speak for myself, but it works for me.

Hack Stone

The same goes for Chicago. And Atlanta. And St. Louis. And, we’ll you get the idea.


Needs a cell tower.


Yep, tell one of the fiber providers there’s a customer up there and they’ll have it installed in a day.


Climbing Everest is an interesting subject, but I’ve never had any interest in climbing. The thing about the climb is its essential just a long, steep hike. You don’t need years of mountaineering experience to climb just a fat wallet. Its trending and hip for affluent people to crest the top of the world. In our instant gratification society, about $75K will get you on the mountain. With so many climbers, and many with so little experience it’s a wonder more don’t die up there. Plus, when you die on the mountain, they leave you there. Its much too dangerous to retrieve a body so most of the bodies are still there. Some corpses are landmarks to the climb. A few good movies & documentaries on the subject.


I tried staying off. Son of a gun, you’re right!


I’ll just leave this here


Blast it Eggs – I was typing that when you posted it!

grumble grumble

Great minds, parallel tracks.


I gotta be first at something here! 😎


That never has been on my to-do list.


I did a lot of climbing in my misspent adventurous yute, but nope. Not gonna do it.


I climbed (maybe steep hike) Golden Gate Mountain many many years ago, it’s been in the background of many westerns filmed at Old Tucson.

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If Linda Cristal ain’t there, I ain’t going!


There were some absolute smokeshows back then


I’ve done some technical climbing as well. Love it.
I have one 14-er under my belt, want to go get a few more. There’s a part of Colorado where there are several 14-ers. We’d take our Venturers up there, spend several days acclimating to altitude, hike some trails, take rides over some of the higher passes, and just enjoy.
With my torn rotator cuff, I’d not be able to do too much technically challenging, but…


I grew up in Wyoming with Paul Petzoldt just down the road. More climbers in my area than you could shake a stick at. Incredible place to be a kid!

Hack Stone

So if those deaths were caused by climate change, and climate change is caused by the racist white men, per Jane Fonda’s recent comments, all of us pasty white guys have murdered those people. Looks like that was the hill they decided to die on.


“Everest is a cash cow for Tibet and Nepal”

It would be even better once they strip mine, blast, drill and
excavate the site. Global warming will melt that cash cow so
now would be a good time to do some exploratory drilling.


As per Fonda’s request that white guys be arrested for Racist Climate Change, I tried a citizen arrest of myself, but my inner child is a juvenile delinquent and slipped my grasp and is now on the run, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Racist Climate Change with Covid, what can’t it do!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, 1956 0n the NYC Gee label.


Let me get this straight. Record numbers of people are climbing Everest this year. There are a record number of deaths this year. So, it must be climate change? Here’s an idea, stopping people from climbing the deadliest mountain in the world will stop them from dying.


There’s a metric shit-ton of retired mountaineers that are Biden-level brain dead from climbing in the Himalayas without supplemental oxygen. And hey, did you know that Clinton broad was named after one of those Everest climbers?


Everest– the Movie has been showing a lot on cable over the last year or two… probably more to do with it (bah, I could do that!) or so.
comment image


Fact check/ TRUE

R (8).jpg

Lesson: Stay home, drink beer.


You don’t need to tell ME twice!🍺


I have found that a beer in the hand in my easy chair prevents mountain climbing death and injuries every time. I learned on Yona Mountain that mountain climbing was not my bag. I did like the rappelling part, though. But what goes down has to climb up.


Rope ski lift up.
Toboggan slide down.

Six Flags over Nepal.

Prior Service

Altogether this year we lost 17 people on the mountain this season,” he said. “The main cause is the changing in the weather. This season the weather conditions were not favourable, it was very variable.”

So is it weather or climate change? Guy says it’s the weather TWICE then slips in a little climate change doom and gloom. Dude, it’s a mountain. The weather changes on that constantly.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Weather it’s hot or weather it’s cold, there will always be weather, weather or not and that’s the bottom line

Commissioner Wretched

Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot …
Whether the weather be mild,
Or whether the weather be not …
We’ll weather the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.


True dat.

I’ve been in the mountains and had a bluebird sky turn to thunderstorm in a matter of minutes. Time to head to low ground asap.


Mother Nature is a fickle vicious bitch and she will kill you if your turn your back on her.

RGR 4-78

Cash yak for Tibet and Nepal.
Retroactive birth control for rich people.
There are better ways for me to spend my retirement.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not me. I thought about it….once. Then “noped” that thought right outta my head.


My fave was a pitch-black night jump at 1,000 AGL with full equipment out of an EC-130 in Southern Germany. Had to hobble around the countryside for four weeks with a sprained ankle.

Daisy Cutter

If you can read this – I have either climbed and survived Mount Everest, or I have never attempted it in the first place. I have lived to tell and write about my experiences, and non-experiences.

Daisy Cutter

I once attempted K-2 without the assist of oxygen. Nah, no I didn’t and I don’t know why I just said that.

Daisy Cutter

If you don’t go, you save money on hiring a sherpa.


I had a really awesome pair of K2 skis in the 70’s. Does that count?


In 2022 there were 690 climbers. This is the most there ever has been, I can only assume 2023 was more. Climate definitely changed, there were more climbers.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

So just how many of those lost on Everest were rich liberals wanting bragging rights? I like to think positive.


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

At least they arn’t giving us a snow job about the losses

Forest Bondurant

Having read the article, it doesn’t appear as though any deaths were caused by weather – and the Director is a dumb-ass.

WRT recovering bodies, that’s a difficult and cost prohibitive practice, especially in the higher altitudes. If a person or two fall into a crevasse, that’s usually results in the person (people) becoming part of the mountain forever.

Seems to me that if you have more people climbing a mountain like Everest, more accidents are likely to happen (especially those who are less experienced or become complacent, or just plain dumb for not planning.)


A childhood friend of mine lost her father in the Tetons, fell through a crust-covered crevasse. He’s been there since 1971.


Seems I remember several instances of people who fell into a mountain crevasse and were encased in ice being found a thousand years or more after their demise…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Climate change? In which direction? Getting hotter? Or getting colder?

Prior Service

Yes…. If you just say “change” you are covered no matter which way it goes.


Them pilgrims knew the job was dangerous when they took it on. Not even gonna look at my barren field.


Send ’em a nice floral arrangement that conveys your feelings, King… 😜 

Finger bouquet.jpg
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Yep…ya nailed it Ol’ Poe. This one conveys some idea, too

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That’s right, it never fucking ends. One damn thing after another, next one thousand miles!


…Many years ago there was an outstanding article in Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine about the Nepal Army helicopter unit tasked with evacuating climbers in trouble or getting bodies down off the mountain.

They send bills.


If they were smart, they’d require all climbers to post a pre-climb surety bond to cover any and all emergency services costs, eliminating any collection headaches from distant parties… 🤔 

Skivvy Stacker

Can’t be the difficulty of the climb. You just follow the path to the top.


“Follow the yellow snow road”, so to speak?


Climate change. Is there anything you can’t do?


Mount Everest is filled with the bodies of motivated people.