Texas falls short

| May 30, 2023

It’s Memorial Day. Like many, I spent it with family – local members being my daughter, her Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child husband, and a couple of my favorite grandchildren. OK, they’re all favorites, but these two are the youngest and localest. After dinner and a swim, on to vege out a bit. Just finished “Mister Roberts” and starting “Von Ryan’s Express”, two good roles for two actors I was not terribly fond of. But both deal in their own ways with taking care of the troops, or sailors as the case may be, who do the work.

And then I get to the news out of Texas: the Senate adjourned without action on a bill to provide financial help for Guard members whose pay was screwed up by Texas when deployed to the border.  A simple matter, really: to change Texas state and US Army norms, Texas paid the Guard twice a month – but only withheld taxes once a month. At the end of the year the men found they were an average of $867.29 short on taxes withheld. House Bill 3031 would provide up to $6 million of the $9 million total shortfall.

The tax issue, first reported by The Texas Tribune and the Military Times in October, stems from a problem with the state payroll system, which was not set up to properly process payments for National Guard troops on state duty. In September 2021, Abbott ramped up the scale of Operation Lone Star, at one point boasting that 10,000 troops were deployed on the mission. The tax withholding issues began the following month.

Texas Tribune

So Texas has been aware of the issue since October 2021, and didn’t take any substantive action till mid-2023 – and then couldn’t move a bill ACROSS THE HALL between Houses of the legislature in two and a half weeks, nor find a State Senator to sponsor it. It is worth noting that the Lege (as gadfly Molly Ivins famously called it) meets semi-annually so once adjourned, they will not be back this year – or next unless a special session is called.

A lot of people viewed that deployment as a political stunt to bolster Governor Abbott’s Presidential hopes; seems counterproductive to hang the folks who had to do the work out to dry for two years.


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Didn’t anyone notice that the mid-month check was larger than the end-of-month check? Or maybe it was the other way around as to the net pay being different.

Cut the troops some slack and let them repay the under-withholding, without penalties, over the subsequent 12 months.



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Take the funds out of the Kongress Klowne Kritters pay. Bet they’ll get it fixed when that happens.

Do your damn job!


Nah, their paycheck contributes an infinitesimal amount to their wealth accumulation.

You don’t leave that place with 7-9 figure net worth because of your ~$200k salary.


I’ve always been proud to be a Texan.

But I’m not real proud of the politicians Texas has produced on either the national nor the state stages.

I should’a been on my rep and senator about this, but was distracted taking care of my brother. Not an excuse, but an awareness of a failure that needs addressed.


I’m getting more involved in Texas GOP politics, trust me when I say that it seems that the comfort quotient of the GOP leaders, includes and actually being is led by Abbott.
He is nowhere near anything he professes to be.
The impeachment of AG Paxton is NOT going over big in the actual voters of the GOP.
This is the one reason that people get tired of voting and miss it in most elections other than the POTUS elections.
It’s always the same old talking points and nothing ever changes.
Our generation certainly did not leave much of a legacy and country to pass on to our children.