Afghan terp earns an EGA

| April 13, 2023

Private First Class Taraki

A young man who spent a couple years working with USMC and NATO forces in Afghanistan as an interpreter has become a Marine recently. He wants to give back to the US and the Corps. I wish we had more American-born people that felt that way.

From the DoD;

It’s rare to come across a new graduate of U.S. Marine Corps recruit training who has already experienced the chaos of war, but for one Marine in particular – this is exactly the case.

Private First Class, Aimal Taraki, a former translator and Afghan National, who once worked closely with United States Marine Corps forces and other NATO allies in Afghanistan, graduated basic training aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, April 7, 2023.

According to Taraki, working with the U.S. military to combat insurgent forces such as the Taliban, inspired him to pursue his goal of one day becoming a U.S. Marine.

In 2018, after working with NATO forces for two years, Taraki was able to obtain a visa and join the rest of his family in America. When he first arrived in Sacramento, CA he thought about doing many things, but looked back fondly on his time working with the military and wanted to show his appreciation to the U.S. for allowing him to pursue a better life.

“I had a lot of different things I wanted to do with my life after I moved to the U.S.,” Taraki said. “I thought, ‘Should I go to college? Start my own business?’ I decided that I can do any job and have any career, but first I want to be a Marine. This way I can say thank you to the United States and the Marine Corps for helping me.”

Semper Fi, Marine.

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I helped several of our Iraqi interpreters relocated to the US. One of ours enlisted in the Army and became a staff sergeant (in the infantry, not as a linguist). He then finished his MBA and now works as a contractor. The other three all took productive civilian jobs and are raising their families in the US and living the American Dream.

There are many people born in this country that show a distinct lack of gratitude for everything they have been given and throw away every opportunity that they have. These guys were among the best and proved themselves over and over again. I’d much have them as fellow citizens then some of the ones born here.


BZ, Deveil Dog!


Excellent story. Thank you for sharing

Skivvy Stacker

He’ll be the only Marine to come out of Boot Camp with a Combat Action Ribbon, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and Corporal Stripes…


Mason has brought us many Valor Stories of immigrants that bravely served their adopted country. Maybe this New Marine will be the same and not a sleeper agent.

David May

This is the kind of story that I find inspiring. I just wish we had more US citizens that felt this way.




Welcome Marine


Now comes the disillusionment when he hits the FMF and gets beat about the head and shoulders with all of the woke crap and wakes up one morning thinking, “This is not the Marine Corps I remember.”
But good on him for wanting to make a difference.


But he will remember.


Semper Fi Marine

Skivvy Stacker

Welcome to my Beloved Corps, Brother Marine. OOHRAH!

RGR 4-78

Well done young man, well done.