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| April 14, 2023

Here’s another AI generated image, this time from Bing. I asked for an office with cubicles and clouds. Enjoy your weekend! 

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Sneak attack of the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread is thwarted by an attention paying Gun Bunny, who stands READY, WILLING, and ABLE to do a quick recon by FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION, blasting the hopes and dreams of micreanted d’weeded AND Adorable deplorables of capturing/EARNING (NEVER AWARDED) Vaunted FIRST Commentor. You MUST SUFFER. Successful Time on Target…secure the guns.

The King of Battle, THE King of FIRST is, once again, Lord of All He Surveys and invites his much Beloved Subjects to Firebase Magnolia to feast upon grilled Sir of Loin Beef Beast, Boneless Skinless Chests of Yard Bird, and the sampling of his extensive collection of refreshing beverages.


CONGRATS again to our Favorite King of Battle!!



Tanks!, ninja…gabn/gabaf/rtr/hbtd and as we all know…
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Thank You For Supporting The Queen Of Battle!!





I bet your Ranger class wasn’t that large at the tabbing ceremony in Florida.

RGR 4-78

That was the whole class after we were tabbed.

There were a massive number of re-cycles picked up during each phase including some day 1 re-cycles.

Start to finish without re-cycle was about 1/4 of the men in the class photo.

Still have the program from the graduation ceremony, it only lists the names of those that went straight through.


My class started out with about 240 and ended with about 115 tabbed but at least 25 of those were recycles from prior classes. Around 15 completed the course but didn’t earn the tab. Unfortunately, two of them were our Navy SEALs.


Reb takes it AGAIN!

Oh well. Have a GREAT weekend DW/DWettes!

Ammo is cheap(-ish) right now, btws.

I’ve had nightmares while on Recruiting that looked like that AI image… {has flashback of cold-calling highschoolers}

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Daisy Cutter

There’s no such thing as the cloud. It’s only someone else’s computer.

Commissioner Wretched

Rats of the Cong to the King of Battle! Crown, orb and scepter are tendered to you, good sir, with the utmost respect.

In his honor, the trivia awaits!

Is the story of a classic naval battle of the Civil War told correctly today?
By Commissioner Wretched

And now, as we get more and more entrenched into spring, and the baseball season is finally underway …

I find myself stuck for something to say in this space.

There were a couple of odd things I could’ve come up with, but being an odd thing myself, it didn’t seem appropriate. (Make of that what you will.)

I find that as the columns get older and older, I have more and more difficulty coming up with provocative introductions. So much so that I think I may dispense with them altogether and just get to the trivia, which is really what you come here for.

Drop a line to me at the above e-mail address and let me know if I should stop the introductions. In the meantime, here’s what you’re here for, the trivia.

Enjoy, my friends.

Did you know …

… armadillos can get leprosy? (Yeah, but what do they do with it?)

… the man who created the polio vaccine made nothing from it? Dr. Jonas Salk 1914-1995) chose in 1955 not to patent his polio vaccine, saying it needed to be freely available for the benefit of humanity. Some say he missed out on earning $7 billion from his discovery. (Perhaps, but what he got in return was priceless.)

Commissioner Wretched

… basset hounds have a very appropriate name? The dogs were first bred in Belgium and France, and the word basset is a French term meaning “low.” It applies; basset hounds are very low to the ground, standing no more than 14 inches tall at the shoulder. (Woof.)

… that yellow line you see on football broadcasts does not come cheap? The graphic, used by television networks to show the line the football must cross to make a first down, costs about $20,000 per game to produce. (Money well spent, I suppose, but since I don’t watch football I couldn’t say.)

… yawns really are contagious? In one study, about 65% of test subjects had the urge to yawn after merely reading about yawning. (Heck, I yawned just writing that.)

… duffel bags are aptly named? Not because the military-issued bags carry your duffel (whatever that is), but because the thick wool which was used to make the original bags came from the Belgian town of Duffel. (I thought they were invented by some guy called Duffel. Shows what I know.)

Dennis - not chevy

I have had two basset hounds; though, not at the same time. Having two male basset hounds would be like having two roosters in one hen house. I had a basset whose goal in life was to ensure the entire population was at least half basset hound. One day, after he had his way with everything in sight that had a pulse, I saw lying on the ground passed out. I reminded him he would end up dead if he didn’t curb his libido. The basset opened one eye and looked to me; he shushed me and pointed to the sky and said, “Look, buzzards”.
They are great dogs, but, one must really want a dog to get one. They are playful, athletic, great for tracking, and you can’t look at one without laughing. If you have rules such as: no dogs on the furniture, no dogs in the car, no dogs snacking on your food when you’re not looking; do not get a basset hound. They take about two hours of training a day to keep them in shape; and yet, they still have the need to do things their way. I will get another one some day but not until I have the time to train one.


Ol’ Tucker was a basset beagle hound. Called him my Bagle. Damn fine hound he was. Down at COP Timber Ranch, the RR crossing was pert near 3 miles away and he would start his howl as soon as the train whistle would blow….causing the other doggos to chime in. As he got older and was losing his hearing, the others would still wait for him to start the chorus. Relocating day to day operations to Firebase Magnolia placed me less than 1/3 mile from the in town crossing. Tho the train would still blow the whistle he got to where he wouldn’t even pay it no mind. He could hear it, he just didn’t care. He shorely did love to chase the squirrels up the nut trees tho. Rescued him from the puppy pound and held him in my arms when he breathed his last.

I yawn if someone mentions NFL, but when it comes to my Beloved Bull Dawgs and The Rolling Tide? The opposing teams have a yellow line up their backs.

My favorite Belgian is a waffle…with Cane Syrup.

Dennis - not chevy

Ol’ Tucker musta just known, squirrels are frisbees thrown by the Good Lord.


Well that explains it

Commissioner Wretched

… one of the classic battles of the Civil War did not happen the way we are told it did? On March 9, 1862, the first encounter between two iron-clad warships took place, called the Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Every school child knows that the fight was between the USS Monitor and the CSS Merrimack, and the Monitor won. Right? Uh, no. The fight was between the Monitor and the CSS Virginia. Before its salvage by the Confederate Navy, the Virginia was the wooden-hulled Union ship USS Merrimack. But it had been salvaged, refit, iron-clad and rechristened before the fateful battle. And the battle didn’t exactly settle anything, as both ships survived. The Monitor would be lost in a storm off North Carolina on December 16, 1862, while the Virginia (formerly Merrimack) was destroyed by its crew on May 9, 1862. (As they say, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. No, I don’t know what that has to do with anything.)

… telephone operators weren’t always nice, pleasant people? Not long after the invention of the device, operators would pick up calls and say something like, “Well? Are you there?” Not until 1895 did someone suggest having operators answer with the phrase, “Number, please?” (These days, when we carry our telephones in our pockets, who remembers operators?)

… zombies may be representations of something else entirely? Critics of the entire zombie genre say that the “living dead” are an extreme representation of conformity. They supposedly represent “the internal struggle many humans have regarding the conflict of individuality vs. conformity.” (That might explain the need to eat brains, too.)


The CSS Texas, however, was used in a plot to kidnap Abraham Lincoln. It was later found in Egypt by Mr. Pitt and Mr. Giordino.


CW wrote:

“Every school child knows that the fight was between the USS Monitor and the CSS Merrimack, and the Monitor won.”

History is still taught in schools?

Who Knew…😉😎

BTW, if you do venture out to the Hampton Roads, VA area, try the 4.6-mile Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel ( MMMBT). In 1992, the MMMBT cost $400 million to build and includes a four-lane tunnel that is 4,800 feet long, two man-made portal islands, and 3.2 miles of twin trestle.”



On trips down that way I’d annoy the former-missus by calling it the Bridgetunnelbridge, much in honor of truckboattruck from Squidbillies.

Man she was a humorless sow who farrowed nothing but misery.

Edit: remember why she’d bitch, deathly afraid of tunnels, especially one’s under water. Since she was a lover of big government, I’d ask: “Do you think a government that loves you so, that is super competent, would let something happen to you? OMG WAS THAT A CRACK?! Don’t look back, drive faster!

Still an amazing bit of enginerding

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I had one of those ladies of the farm for my entertainment for about 4 years…
Finally I pulled a weapon on her and all of a sudden, she had vanished…
She just lived to bicker, constantly.
I did get her once though, I got up to leave the table at the local buffet where she picked yet another argument with me, splashed a Pepsi in her face and walked out the door.
when I met her she was 147 Lbs of red-headed sex machine…
When I finally got out of there, she was tipping the scales at close to 300…
I was truly doomed in that one.


CSS Virginia was so busy kicking ass, She hardly had time to take names on that FIRST day. Iffen that cheese box on a raft hadn’t showed up, CSS Virginia would have busted the Union Blockade all to Hell and back. Ironically (see what I did there), Big Navy didn’t think the Iron clad concept would be viable…until then. More irony (heh did it again) is in the crews of the two ships…and some of the relations there of. Some of our Naughtyly inclined Mates may remember that USS Monitor sank while being towed (she was NOT very seaworthy) and just a few years back, She was found and Her guns were recovered. Many of the CSA Ironclads were built with monies raised by the Ladies Associations in different cities.

For a good while there, if folks wanted to hire on at Ma Bell, they had to start in Operator Services. Operators worked Port and Starboard (4 hrs on 4 hrs off) till an opening came up in another department. You can still dial 0 and get an operator.

My 2nd ex wife was a zombie…’specially after she got into the Canadian Mist and caffeine free diet sprite. (yeah nasty tasting ruin of good whiskey). She had no brains either.


The only operators with phones are bun-boi millennials that have sunken chests, arm diameters the size of a John Morrel braunschweiger permanent kinks in their neck from constantly looking at their phone and playing sniper games on said phones.
Doomed, we are just plain doomed…

Commissioner Wretched

… a popular singer credited one of his hits to someone who didn’t write it? Reggae artist Bob Marley (1945-1981) wrote the song “No Woman, No Cry” in 1974, but credited the authorship to his childhood friend Vincent Ford (1940-2008). Ford ran a soup kitchen in his native Jamaica and Marley gave him the authorship credit so the royalties would keep the soup kitchen open.

… the average person sheds about 1½ pounds of skin each year? (Not all at once, I would assume.)

… you may suffer from aprosexia? I do, sometimes. It’s the inability to concentrate. (I had a hard time concentrating on that one.)

… avocado is poisonous to birds? (Yeah, I’m no big fan of it either.)

… the town of Zeigler, Illinois can be rather chintzy? For example, when a fire call comes in to the town’s volunteer fire department, only the first four firemen to arrive at a blaze get paid, according to a city ordinance. (And they’re pretty proud of that, too.)

… the starting gate at horse racing tracks was invented to settle disputes? Philip McGinnis (1858-1937), a racing reporter in Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada, developed the starting gate in 1902 to help prevent arguments about whether or not horses began a race prematurely. (And they’re off!!)

… clothing sizes are based on local culture? If you don’t believe me, consider this: shirts that are sized as medium in the United States are larger than shirts sized extra-large in China. (No comment at all from me. Call me a coward if you will, I make no comment.)

Now … you know!



You don’t like avocados?


You don’t know what you are missing!

A fresh avocado always tastes good with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

If you have the chance, please try this fresh avocado recipe with Blue Corn Tortilla chips (Lay’s makes great ones).

“guac and roll”


RGR 4-78

Zeigler’s Follies? 🤔 


Bob Marley was one of the Good Guys…and a Family Man. Taken from us way too soon. Count’s Kustoms redid his classic Mercedes Benz on a segment. Video below.

Too bad we can’t shed pounds like we do skin…and hair.

Let’s concentrate on letting CW know how much we appreciate him.

Never developed a taste for avocados either. Maybe if they had a bacon flavored one….

Be shame if city hall burned down…or if only the FIRST 4 council persons showed up for meetings got paid.

“Well the race is on and it looks like Pride in the backstretch, Heartache moving on the inside…My Tears are holding back, trying not to fall…”(apologies to the Possum)

A Lady Friend got burnt on that size thing when she ordered an outfit online that was made in The Viet of The Nam. I made mention that she might want to check the size chart and she smugly informed me that “I’ve always worn this size…” She’s kinda petite but the outfit was kinda tiny…and not the kinda outfit that the more it shows the better it looks. Business attire. Nope, I DID NOT say “I told you so!” I’m just kinda crazy, not stoopid. I did haul it, and some other items she wasted $ on down to the local Rescue Mission and donated them. A young lady that had been down on her luck used that outfit to snag a good job to put herself back on the right track.

Another fine job, CW. Keep ’em coming. Thanks!



That outfit tale will get you out of about ten minutes of purgatory.
Good for you.


Preheat to 425°

Halve some avocados and slice a little from each side so it sits like a boat.

Scoop out a little bit to make the seed-hole big enough for a full egg, then crack an egg into it.

Salt & pepper (and cayenne, if you’ve a soul).

Cut up some bacon into ~1” bits and place as much as your heart can take on each boat. Like airplanes on a carrier, only better because it’s being done by a soldier.

Bake those little piggy patrol boats for about 15 minutes. Pair with a well-whiskied cup of coffee.

If you still can’t appreciate avocado after that… [insert some joke about gun bunnies loving long tubes here].


Tanks, Hate_me, I’ll give this a try. Pretty much got everything in stock, including whiskied coffee…AND cayenne. Gots to make a run to the little big town ’bout Monday and I can snag some avocados at the K Roger. I appreciate the recipe. Gonna try the one ninja talked about too.

Gun Bunny’s “tube” gives long loving here. FIFY… 😜


Let me know how it goes. I’m more than willing to contribute to a TAH recipe book, as long as everyone has a sense of humor about it.


“…I think I may dispense with them altogether and just get to the trivia,…” Oh, Hells to the NO! HOW DARE YOU!

See your email box for an expanded opinion on this subject! The King has spoken…Long Live THE King!

Commissioner Wretched

I bow to your wisdom, King.

RGR 4-78

If you do decide to stop your intro’s, you need to come up with a catchy short intro to re-use each week.

“You reap what I sow now see the trivia down below.” 😎 


armadillos…or as we refer to them…possum on the half shell.

BZ Dr. Salk, THAT piece of trivia I well knew. Had a paternal aunt that was stricken with polio back in the 1920s. Special shoes with braces enabled her to walk (one shoe had 4 inch soles), hold down a job, raise a family, and cook up a storm. Aunt Martha led the charge to get all of the young’uns the jab back in the ’50s.


Possum on the half shell. Still laughing.


One of the factiods we learned early on was that armadillos can carry leprosy – and there is always a risk of contracting it from handling them.
Most Hoover Hogs are safe, though.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls in the stall with a man named Paul-mer (of the ballsack) as he avoids calls seeking clarification of his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone checking in from an undisclosed location because the network at the corporate world headquarters of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Federal Government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland has had a data spill. Actually, it was a data spill, but the Vice President of the company blacked out and his bottle of MD 2020 fried the circuits of the network server.

Hack Stone

Given recent events over the last week, Hack Stone would like to take this opportunities to remind all of the Adorable Deplorables that in order to access this military blog, you all double pinky swore to not redistribute any classified material posted to this website, unless it is to impress members of the opposite sex; win an online argument with someone you never personally met and is most likely an Intelligence Operative for a foreign government; or to make yourself feel superior to friends, relatives and/or coworkers.

Mike B

Does this fall under the classified material heading……


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Y’All remember THIS Luggage Thief who used to work under Ole Brandon Boy’s Energy Department?

Here is the latest on him.

Yes…HIM. He still carries XY Chromosomes…

“Biden’s Non-Binary Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief Sam Brinton Pleads No Contest To Stealing Luggage From Las Vegas Airport Under Pea Deal Where They Will Serve NO Jail Time But Is Ordered To Pay Victim $3,670”


“The non-binary former Energy Department official who was caught on video stealing luggage was ordered to pay $3,670 to the victim and given a suspended sentence of 180 days in prison after pleading ‘no contest’ to theft.”

“Samuel Brinton, 35, who uses they/them pronouns was issued their sentence Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, eight months after they grabbed a passenger’s bags inside Harry Reid International Airport.”

“Brinton was facing misdemeanor theft charges, which amount to less than $1,200 in stolen items. They had originally faced a felony theft charge since police said the amount stolen was $3,670.”

“Brinton – who was responsible for nuclear fuel and radioactive waste – was also told by a judge to stay out of trouble, according to Las Vegas court records.”

“A suspended sentence means the former Energy Department employee will not be forced immediately to serve a jail or prison term and may be required to complete probation.”


D-rats always seem to get their crimes downgraded to misdemeanors, dismissed or overlooked. And Republicans always seem to get charged with felonies that should be misdemeanors or no charge at all. Why is that?




And in the meantime, this Dude is STILL free…🤔😏


Their interview on TuCa’s Fox Nation show was excellent. They are quite likeable. Smollett still owes them $500 for the stunt.

Hack Stone

Why does that lipstick look like the result of him sucking the Cherry out of his boyfriend’s brown cherry?


“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again…”


“Ohio Republican Who Reportedly Embellished Service Record Running Again”


“A Trump-backed Republican in Ohio whose military record was called into question during his unsuccessful 2022 congressional campaign announced Wednesday that he plans to run again next year.”

“J.R. Majewski launched his latest effort to win the GOP nomination and take on Democratic U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur in a video posted on Twitter.”

“This campaign is about the working-class citizens of Ohio,” he said. “This campaign is about putting America first. This campaign is about fighting for you. Last cycle, we started a movement. This cycle, we win.”

“He bested two sitting Republican state lawmakers to secure the nomination, but ultimately lost to Kaptur, the longest serving woman in Congress, by more than 13 percentage points.”

“The Associated Press (AP) reported in September that Majewski had misrepresented his military record to voters. He claimed that he served in the Air Force in Afghanistan, but public records indicated that he had never deployed there and instead spent six months on a base in Qatar.”

” The AP later reported that Majewski was demoted in the military for driving drunk on an air base, another contradiction to his previous statements.”

Green Thumb

Fat loser.

Josey Wales’ Redbone Hound

Ray Rahr Marewski?


jeff LPH 3 63-66

FIRST 28th

A Proud Infidel®️™️

PRESENT and I award myself Honorary First once again.



“US Army Vet And Decorated Marine Killed Fighting In Ukraine: Officials”


“Two American veterans have been killed while fighting as volunteers in Ukraine, the US State Department confirmed Wednesday.”

“Edward Wilton and Grady Kurpasi have both died in combat, bringing the number of US citizens killed since the outbreak of the war in Feb. 2022 to at least eight.”

“Wilton, 22, from Marianna, Florida, was killed April 7 defending the key city of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, according to his half-brother, Parker Cummings.”

“Kurpasi, 50, a highly decorated retired Marine officer and married dad-of-one, was last seen last April, not long after heeding Ukraine’s call for foreign volunteer combatants, and was reported missing by his family in June 2022.”

“The Washington Post reported that Kurpasi was on a scouting mission in southern Ukraine when he and a British volunteer came under fire.”

“He was purportedly captured by Russian-backed separatists and charged with being a foreign combatant.”

“According to the description of a GoFundMe campaign started by a family friend, Kurpasi was killed in action, although the post does not say where or when he died.”


“Missing Marine Vet Confirmed Killed in Ukraine”


His GoFundMe page.

His Biography and background about him joining the Marine Corps is very impressive.

Rest In Peace.


Never Forget.



“American Volunteer Fighter Died In Ukraine, Family Says”


“A US citizen died while volunteering in the fighting in Ukraine Friday, his family told CNN.”

“Edward Wilton, 22, of Florida, had been in Ukraine for nearly a year at the time of his death, his half-brother Parker Cummings told CNN by phone Wednesday.”

“The US Embassy told the family of his death Monday, Cummings said.”

“Cummings said that his brother was in the US Army and had previously been stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia.”


Something just does not sound right with this story.

An Army mechanic “Hand-Picked” to work at Edgewood, Maryland?

She now has a Service Dog…


“A Dog’s Sense Of Smell Becomes Life-Saving Tool For Army Veteran Exposed To Agent Orange, Mustard Gas”


“When Laura Williamson went into the Army, she said she always knew there was the possibility of dying for her country. What she didn’t think about was the possibility that decades after her service she’d be fighting each day to stay alive.”

“I’ve had thyroid cancer twice; I’ve had aggressive systemic mastocytosis. I now have mastocytosis of the GI tract, but that just stays I’ll hit that forever,” Williamson said.”

“She went into the Army working as a mechanic serving in Germany. She said she was hand-picked to go work in Edgewood, Maryland, as part of a special unit tied to nuclear, biological, chemical and radioactive weapons.”

“We were exposed to multiple biological and chemical warfare agents,” she said. “Sarin, mustard gas, Agent Orange.”

“Williamson said her ailments of today are a direct result of the exposure. In addition, she says the exposure to those toxins has left her with life-threatening anaphylaxis.”


Perhaps she got the idea from this article and TV Documentary?

“Meet the Veterans Who Survived the Army’s Edgewood Experiments”


“From 1955 to 1975, the Army conducted chemical weapons testing on volunteer soldiers at the Edgewood Arsenal facility in Maryland in pursuit of an agent that could disable enemy troops on the field of battle without killing them.”


A Proud Infidel®™

Sump’n about her and her story sets my ACME® Bullshit Detector™ off, anyone else?


Pegged the meter.




Oh, No, He Didn’t…

Oh, Yes, He Did.

Check out the video in the article.

Not only does Ole Joey Boy mention Climate Change to the Ireland Parliament, he also starts talking about Beau…AGAIN…


No wonder Hunter is messed up…

“HE’S SHOT: Joe Biden Reads “End of Quote” Off of Teleprompter in Disastrous Speech to Irish Parliament (VIDEO)”


“Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a disastrous speech to the Irish Parliament in Dublin.”

“After ogling young girls at a Gaelic sports demonstration, Biden headed over to the Irish Parliament to deliver remarks.”

“Biden could barely read the teleprompter.”

“He slurred his words and told bizarre stories.”

“At one point Joe Biden said his grandfather compared him to a revolutionary warlord who was shot dead: “Joey, I worry about you. You’re too much like that guy who led the Revolution. You gotta be less like the military guy. They shot him.”

“Of course this never happened.”

“Biden also lost the battle with his teleprompter and read the instructions out loud.”

“End of quote,” Biden said to the Irish Parliament.”



A Proud Infidel®™

His late Son Beau who Joe Biden SAID died in Iraq, while in real life died in a Stateside hospital?


It’s almost as bad as when “Lumpy” Fetterman came out at the debate and said, “Good night, everybody!”


“Former Head Of China’s CDC Says There Is ‘No Evidence’ Coronavirus Came From Animals”


“The former head of China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that there is no evidence COVID-19 came from an animal and jumped to humans.”

“Even now, people think some animals are the host or reservoir,” George Gao said at a summit in London. “Cut a long story short, there is no evidence which animals (were) where the virus comes (from).”

“Gao served as head of China’s CDC at the end of 2019, when the coronavirus first emerged in Wuhan, China.”



“California Judge Orders Church That Defied COVID Rules To Pay $1.2M”


“A California judge has ordered San Jose’s Calvary Chapel church to pay $1.2 million in fines for defying COVID-19 pandemic restrictions by meeting for worship and not requiring masks.”

“In a ruling handed down last week, Superior Court Judge Evette D. Pennypacker said the church should pay fines for flagrantly violating Santa Clara County’s mask mandate between November 2020 and June 2021. The court found that the county’s face covering requirement was “neutral and generally applicable” to all similarly situated entities in the county, rejecting the church’s argument that the health orders violated their religious freedoms.”

“It should appear clear to all – regardless of religious affiliation – that wearing a mask while worshiping one’s god and communing with other congregants is a simple, unobtrusive, giving way to protect others while still exercising your right to religious freedom,” Pennypacker wrote in a 32-page order.”

“Unfortunately, Defendants repeatedly refused to model, much less, enforce this gesture. Instead, they repeatedly flouted their refusal to comply with the Public Health Orders and urged others to do so ‘who cares what the cost,’ including death,” the judge said.”

“Calvary was one of several large California evangelical churches that flouted state and local mask-wearing and social distancing rules designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during its deadliest period.”

“The church has been entangled in a years-long legal fight with the county. Mariah Gondeiro, an attorney with Advocates for Faith & Freedom, which is representing Calvary Chapel, has argued the masking orders were unconstitutional because they were not applied equally.”

RGR 4-78

Render unto Caesar, what is Caesars?
And unto God, what is Gods?


From Your Fellow Classmate, 04-78.


The US Army Is A Small World.

RGR 4-78

Just had our 45th anniversary.

“What are you going to do, shave my head and send me back to Ranger school?” 😉 

Green Thumb

Class 6-00.

Hated that bullshit.

But you got to do it to command.


The court found that the county’s face covering requirement was “neutral and generally applicable”

So the orders where good because they… {checks notes} came from the state?

I’m not a big fan of cruel and unusual punishment but Superior Court Judge Evette D. Pennypacker may need to spend at least nickel in a dark and damp hole, making friends with rats, with nothing but their ‘good book’ of choice and a copy of The Constitution.

cat gov.png

Make It Stop!!!



30 seconds.

Better than the new Bud Lite advertisement!

“Pure Blonde Beer”

“The dove used as bottle-opener is PURE GENIUS!!”

“The hair dye budget for this commercial must been through the roof!”

 😉  😎 


“The Trial Of Donald J. Trump”

1 minute, 30 seconds.




Be safe!




Its new pronouns?


Is that real? Was it wearing fatigues with… are those Chuck Taylors?


Present & unaccountable.

Spent all day “teaching” inmates.
Truth is, in each of the classes of 22 there are 3-5 individuals who want to learn. I harass the others.

It’s a different world in there.

Evening news in the greater GB Compound AO, within range of KoB’s little toys, we had multiple shooters due to some gang activity. Courtesy of the Soros-sponsored DA in Harris County, I suspect.

Y’all be safe and have a great weekend.


Reporting in from the Pine-line, east of Tanagra – present and accounted for. All hail to the King – no, not that smarmy putz in the UK – All hail to today’s ichi ban-number one, adorable deplorable – our very own KoB.. And thank you Commissioner Wretched for yet another round of the world’s most entertaining trivia found anywhere on either ‘net. Have a great weekend all. Except Darmok and Jalad. They’re both fook’n wankers!! Back to the Pine-line for me, cheers to all here.

gunstock war club.jpg
RGR 4-78

Another HAZMAT train derailment, this time in Maine.

Is it just me or are these train derailments starting to look awful suspicious?

Train carrying hazardous materials derails in rural Maine, residents warned to ‘stay clear’ (msn.com)

(Edited to add link)

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Your noticing has been noticed, citizen.

[Glad I got potatoes in the ground! OTOH, can’t wait for bunker season, see below!]

what im about.jpg

My guess is that, when the self-proclaimed “most pro-union President” actively undermines skilled labor (while baristas get his full support), skilled labor stops trying so hard.

Hanlon’s Razor.


This likely deserves its own article at some point – the WSJ one is currently paywalled, unfortunately:



The ‘Donbass Devushka’, a supposedly Russian woman who supports their war in Ukraine and helped spread the intel leaks, has apparently been connected to an American woman, formerly Sarah Bils, who legally changed her name to something more Russian sounding just last month. Bils was in the US Navy as an aviation electronics technician.

Of course she claims someone else did the actual leaking.

I’ve got odds on her being too crazy even for IDC SARC.