William Tucker Sentenced for Stolen Valor

| April 12, 2023

We have posted about William Travis Tucker before.   He has finally been sentenced to 12 months in the Lauderdale County Work Release Center,

paying restitution, of $411.86 to the Lauderdale County License Commission’s Office, $14,343.36 for misappropriating a relative’s student loan and $9,633.42 for his previous convictions.

In 2020, Tucker was also charged with stolen valor and forgery, after police said he lied about being a prisoner of war and reaping the benefits of that claim, including a POW-status license plate, after admitting to forging the signature of Major General Patrick E. Matlock’s name.

This is always the disappointing part of these cases for me:

Tucker was credited for time served and his 46-month sentence was suspended.

Time served? It was not enough time or he would still be locked up.  Claiming a Silver Star and a Purple Heart is low.  Claiming to be a POW is the lowest of the low.  But,  I have faith that William Travis Tucker will just continue to be himself and end up getting that suspended sentence activated again… or worse.

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“Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life…” – Dean Wormer
William Travis Tucker: Hold my beer

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Zero point zero….


William Travis Tucker, phony POW, just can’t help stealing things. First the false claims, then the benefits intended for others. WAAY 31 reported that although William Travis Tucker, phony POW, served in the Army, he did not serve during a time of war and that he did not receive a Purple Heart or Silver Star. For this one moment, he could also “steal” the Most Interesting Man’s spot.

William Travis Tucker as most interesting man stolen valor.jpg
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Sounds like the All-Points Logistics mandate.

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Claiming POW is the lowest.

This guy is an infection.

He needs the cure.


“Judge Powell asked Tucker, a military veteran, why he lied. Tucker said, “It was a lack of accomplishment that I desired,” adding, “I’m ashamed of the relationships I’ve lost because of this lie.”

“In January 2021, Tucker was charged with stealing $3,000 from the Wounded Warrior Project in May 2019.”

“Even further, Tucker was indicted on three counts of first-degree theft of property by deception that stemmed from separate incidents in 2017 and 2018, where he allegedly stole three vehicles – a 2005 Hummer H2, a 2009 Ford Mustang and a 1989 Searay Sundancer.”

“Tucker turned himself into the Florence Police Department on January 3 after a grand jury indictment stemming from a 2021 case where he is accused of stealing over $9,000 of equipment from the Off-Road Station where he was manager.”




“Tucker is an Army Veteran. However, he’s accused of embellishing his service for personal gain.”

“WAFF reached out to Army Public Affairs. According to officials from the office, Tucker served from 1999 to 2003 in the rank of staff Sergeant.”



“WAAY 31 spoke with the investigator in the Lauderdale County case and uncovered video of Tucker giving a speech about being a prisoner of war.”

“The video was given to WAAY 31 by a source and shows Tucker in May 2019 at Spring Park in Tuscumbia giving a speech to a group of people about being a prisoner of war. He starts off shaking the hands of fellow veterans and says ‘let me tell you a story about a soldier I knew.’”

“He was captured in Pakistan on March 10 in 2002, strapped naked to a chair for 72 hours and sexually molested by three men,” said Tucker in the video.”

“Tucker pauses appearing to get choked up.”

“I was able to escape with all means necessary,” said Tucker in the video.”

“He then prompts the group to buy raffle tickets to benefit Wounded Warriors. It’s unclear if they ever saw a dime from Tucker. It’s that same lie that now has Tucker in more hot water, according to law enforcement officials.”


Tucker bought his Silver Star and Purple Heart from the Internet.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.


ninja wrote…”Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.”

Being a despicable , lying, embellishing POS is a terrible disease. There! FIFY

Maybe this despicable POS was awarded the Purple Taint during his waaaay yonder too short sentence in the County Lockup.







Green Thumb

Tucker probably got caught after willingly and with consent being tied down and “molested” by three men.

He needed a cover story.

What a turd.

I wonder if this went down during his employment at All-Points Logistics?


Well, it was either that or “kidnapped by aliens” for his anal probe.


Is that like a hoopa-jupe?


He isn’t mentally ill. He is just a lying SOS and a thief. If up to me, he would be doing five years in addition to his time served.


I imagine the stories of being tied up and molested are true but he likely had to pay the men a lot of money to do that.

USMC Steve

He made SSgt in four years?


Why do I doubt this turd made Staff Sergeant in four years?


It was the Army.
Sorry. Low hanging fruit.


Minimum time in service to make Staff Sergeant/E-6 was 5 years then, I believe.


If you started as E4 (college degree) it was possible. Doubt this jackalope has a degree.

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Like they check.

Those folks are riddled with posers and substandard shitbag “veterans”.


POW… where, with Beau Bergdahl?


“getting that suspended sentence activated again…”

How about just plain suspended.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

….from a noose.


Speaking of phony POWs…

“Timothy Earl Donohue went to be with his beloved Judy Ann on June 23, 2022.”

“He served in the U.S. Navy and was a member Seal Team 2. He served three tours of duty in Vietnam and was twice a POW, successfully escaping both times.”

“In 1978, he joined the U.S. Army National Guard, serving his country for an additional 13 years before retiring for the last time in 1991.”


Who knew one could be a 1SG in the US Navy:


Rank & Branch: 1SG US NAVY
Date of Birth: 10/21/1936
Date of Death: 06/23/2022
Buried At: SECTION F ROW 9 SITE 105


Navy SEAL/ Army National Guard Signal Corps. Very common combination for those captured twice/ escaped twice in the Vietnam.


And three, count em, three tours in Viet of the Nam.

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Where do you find these guys?




Trust me…There are a whole bunch of them out there…All who took their lies to their graves.

There are more…We just posted the ones we thought were “interesting”…

We feel sorry for their families.

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Shaming them from beyound the grave.

And that is probably only the tip of the iceberg, unfortunately.


NDSM x 4 =??


The brotherhood is not impressed.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As a member of the NDSM brotherhood, I am saddened by this.


And another Phony Vietnam POW who went to his grave with his lies:

Mikel Edwin Downey


“Mike grew up in Houston and where he graduated from C.E. King High School in May of 1967 after which he joined the U.S. Navy.”

“Mike had a distinguished career of over 27 and a half years in the Navy achieving the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He served in Vietnam, where he was a POW twice, the Persian Gulf including the Liberation of Kuwait, Operation Desert Shield, and Operation Desert Storm. GMC(SW) Mikel Downey earned thirteen medals during his military career and a book’s worth of accolades from his superiors and shipmates. He retired from the Navy in May of 1996.”

“Mike was the Quartermaster of the VFW Post 8567 for many years in Graham and held the distinguished Legacy Gold Life Member status within the organization.”


It’s because of assholes like him that I won’t join the VFW. Probably shouldn’t have, but I left them a gift.

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They called and asked me for a pledge on the phone the other day. Yeah.

Dude was a clown. I was polite, though. Said major NO GO until they cleared their ranks of losers.


And another Phony Vietnam POW, courtesy of the US Navy:

Roger F. Winiarski

“Roger enlisted in the US Navy at age 17 and began training as a Hospital Corpsman. During his tours of active duty, he served aboard a destroyer during the Cuban missile crisis and later served in Vietnam, where he was a POW. After returning to the US, he continued his service in the Navy Reserves as Corpsman teaching CPR. He retired after 43 years of service as a Hospital Corpsman and continued teaching CPR into retirement.”



“served in Vietnam, where he was a POW”

Could be a true statement if he did time at Long Bin Jail.


Or he was with Rambo in the place he escaped from in ’71. 😉

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Probably got loaded and went for a swim.

Passed out, washed up on a beach and went AWOL.

Got caught and whipped up a story.

What a clown.


“washed up on a beach”

That would have been “China Beach”.


I thin you mean a prisoner during war. There were quite a few of those at the LBJ.

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Dude kinda looks like the Crypt Keeper.


Another Phony Vietnam POW, courtesy of the US Air Force:

Nathan E. Carson.

“Born on April 9, 1953, in Clarksburg, West Virginia Nathan was a son of the late Gail W. Carson and Wilma Jenkins Carson Stout.”

“He was a graduate of Washington Irving High School in Clarksburg and entered into the United States Airforce where he was a POW during the Vietnam War.”



I don’t think I will ever understand. As bad as I feel for those that served honorably that had to endure captivity, if it ever had happened to me I don’t think I could tell anyone. They must really crave sympathy.

Green Thumb


Most losers do.


My roommates ex-wife actually dated this turd.


Hope she got tested after.


Another Phony Vietnam POW.

Michael Graham Edwards.

What is confusing about him is that someone listed him on Ancestry as being a Marine Corps MGySgt, yet a 30 May 1971 newspaper article identified him as an Army SGT/E5 serving as a Squad Leader with the 15th Transportation Company near Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Isn’t he wearing the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One) Patch in the picture?

If he “retired” as a Marine, then how did he serve as a Guard at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier?

He was a driver for LTC Oliver North?


“Graham was a proud U.S. Marine, serving in Vietnam and was a Prisoner of War. He entered the military straight out of high school and retired from the military as a motor transport operator. Graham served in the Pentagon, was the driver for Colonel Oliver North, and served as a guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. When he retired, he was Master Gunnery Sergeant.”



Wait wut?


It is obvious that Michael Edward Graham went to his grave with his lies.



Michael Graham Edwards.


Having worn that patch I can assure you it is indeed 1ID. The phot looks very staged. There are no members of the Old Guard or Marines assigned there. The Old Guard is in 3rd Infantry Regiment assigned to the Military District of Washington. Last I checked there weren’t any Marines there either. There are no Master Gunnery Sergeants in the Army. I could be mistaken but I believe Oliver North’s driver in Vietnam, where North was awarded the Silver Star, was Lance Corporal Herrod. Beyond that no telling but guessing not an Army guy.

So many effed up claims, so little time. No really, where do you find these guys?



Thank You for proving more info reference The Big Red One, The Old Guard, LTC North’s driver, etc.etc.

When we have time, we conduct a news research on POWs from all conflicts/wars.

There ARE some “feel good” stories about authentic POWs…and then there are those stories that raise the red flag, i.e. “something is not right”…

This past Sunday, 9 April 2023, Easter Sunday, was National Former POW Recignition Day:

“Why We Honor National Former POW Recognition Day”


“On April 9 each year, the country pauses to remember former prisoners of war (POWs) – those held captive during a war.”

In 1984, a movement led by former POWs began seeking a day recognizing former Prisoners of War on April 9th each year. In 1988, Congress approved legislation and President Ronald Reagan proclaimed National Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day on April 1, 1988, through Presidential Proclamation 5788. Going forward, Reagan designated April 9 as the official day to observe those who have returned home after captivity.”


Never Forget.


My father retired as company 1SG at the Old Guard in 1977. No Marines assigned back then or now, however they are next door at Henderson Hall (or as it is now Joint Base Myer-Henderson HAll). Their PX was better too.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Eating to many graham crackers will do that to a person.


Another Dude who went to his grave with his lies of being a Vietnam POW.

Haskel Joe Hill.

“When he was seventeen years old he joined the Army where he fought for our great country in the Vietnam War. Haskel was a Vietnam POW, a war hero with seven purple hearts, Army cross and many other service medals and accomodations. Haskel died from his service connected injury with Agent Orange contributing to his cause of death.”



Seven purple hearts and it’s the agent orange that finally does him in.
Even had time be a POW.
How do they fit all that bullshit into one grave?


He had a Texas Hold ‘‘em flush, while at his accommodations.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m suprised that he didn’t pass himself off as Eddie Haskel. Where is the Beaver so I can ask him about it.


Eddie (Ken Osmond) was an Army Reserve armorer and
an LA police officer. Passed away in 2020.


Well, I think Ward was kind of hard on the Beaver last night…


Wait for it. You’ll hear it at 0:07.


Hardest award to obtain,,,The Army Cross, number of soldiers awarded this rare honor,,,,,,this guy in the article.


This Dude’s obit claims he was a Vietnam POW from 30 March 1965 to 31 July 1968, yet somehow Vice President Hubert Humphrey awarded him a Purple Heart aboard the USS Benewah in 1967.


He suposedly served with the 9th Infantry Division.

In 1963, he went AWOL from the US Army and was arrested and served time in jail for driving an unregistered vehicle.

James Joseph Shippey.

“James joined the United States Army, serving during the later part of the Korean War and Vietnam War. He was a POW from March 30, 1965 until July 31, 1968. He received five Purple Hearts for his heroic actions during his five tours, totaling nine years. James’s fifth purple heart was presented by Vice President Hubert Humphrey upon the USS Benewah.”



The seldom seen Riverine Helicopter Crewman. You can see how easy it is to get captured and wounded flying helicopter in rivers. He also loved the motorcycles.

Last edited 1 year ago by 5JC

Did that obit go POOF?
It looks like a blank page now.



His Obit is still there.

Are cookies disabled on your PC?

BTW…Check out his headstone.


Silver Star. He claimed 3 SS.

He also claimed 5 PHs.

James Joseph Shippey was exposed on TAH in 2017.

Jonn also published his military records via FOIA:


He got in trouble with the law (possible felony charges) around 1951 as well as 1963. In 1963, he was charged with being AWOL from the US Army.

Lying DirtBag until the end.

Green Thumb

Dig his ass up and toss him into the local dump.

Green Thumb

Better yet, toss him in the sewer as he was Navy.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Little william Tucker,
Sings for his supper.

What shall we give him?
White bread and butter!

How shall he cut it
Without a knife?

How will he be married
Without a wife?“)


Our beloved Mick is gonna love this Phony Vietnam POW.

Check out the dark sunglasses…and his love for motorcycles…

Harry Steven McRae.

“He served his country in the U.S. Army for 11 years. He served during the Vietnam War and was a Prisoner of War (POW). After Vietnam, he served in Germany.”

Mr. McRae loved riding motorcycles, especially his Harley, and watching science fiction movies.”


16746 (1).jpeg

I knew the fake Navy SEAL TV guy that lived near Longview. Never ran across this guy.

SFC (R) Blizz

MG Patrick Matlock was my Squadron Commander in Iraq. He is a great leader and one of the best Squadron CO’s I had in my career. Hate to see his name in the same article as this loser.


How about sentencing him to be a guest of, and extra role player in, an all-up SERE class

Maybe 12 classes.


Water boarding demonstrator


with gasoline

A Proud Infidel®™

IT AIN’T Waterboarding if you use Diesel Fuel!!!


This motherfucker looks like he just lost a fight with a pillowcase full of shit. For his repeated dumbfuckery, I hereby move that we deploy the Planetoid on his recidivist ass. Who’s with me?


I second that emotion! Gimme an AYE!




HEY, CHIP! Also, I think my pillowcase line is worthy of the POI.


I have now caught up with the threads to this point and per Robert’s Rules AND bitch tits, you’re thinking is right up my tree (talking about mixing metaphores or semiphores or whatever) anyway…in reading, I was already WAY ahead of you….

This motherfucker looks like he just lost a fight with a pillowcase full of shit. 

You will see your lovely entry now added to the AoI in this next installment.

And thank you for waiting…..
The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ 
Massive insult ver. 4/20/23 William Travis Tucker (Probably likes to tuck his mucro peen in his tainthole)



All together now, TAH Choir….AMEN!!!!

All Hail The Vaunted TAH As(s)teroid of Insults and The Keeper Thereof…ChipNASA…