Putin Supporter Hacked

| April 8, 2023

Sense of Humor

Putin’s Ukraine invasion was met with fierce resistance throughout that country. Many took up arms to defend against the Russian take-over. With massive Western support and Russian Army incompetence Putin’s plans have been foiled and we now have a prolonged land war in Europe.

Putin does enjoy support for his war at home and in the cyber-world. Pro-Russia activity is present on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, including some successful fundraising efforts. Unless Uke hackers find out about it.

Putin-loving warmonger raises £20k to send drones to Ukraine – but gets sex toys instead

A Vladimir Putin fanatic who raised £20,000 to buy Chinese drones for Russian troops was hacked after placing his order – and is instead receiving a large batch of sex toys

By Will Stewart

A war fanatic who raised $25,000 (£20,000) to spend on Chinese drones for Vladimir Putin’s army was hacked and will now receive a huge delivery of sex toys.

“Z-volunteer” Mikhail Luchin placed an order with global online retail company AliExpress in a bid to support Russian troops fighting in Ukraine.

But Ukrainian hackers with the Cyber Resistance Group intercepted the order and altered it so the warmonger would instead receive hundreds of dildos and strap-ons.

“Instead of drones, Misha [Mikhail] will now send to the invader [troops] trucks of dildos, strap-ons and other things useful to every Russian that we ordered and paid for with his card on AliExpress,” they said.

Luchin initially planned to return the sex toys to AliExpress and get his money, but was eventually told he wouldn’t be allowed.

Daily Star

Can’t keep a good Kulak down. Luchin will open a pR0n shop to *cough* capitalize on his windfall.

Thanks for the smile, rgr1480.

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This is an example of unrestricted warfare. One of the neat things about following the Russo-Ukrainian War is that unrestricted warfare is being leveraged by both sides as much as practical. Both sides are finding novel ways of leveraging it.  

If you haven’t read Unrestricted Warfare, it’s a recommended read. I read it a couple of times in the 2000s. 

Screenshot_2020-12Unrestricted Warfare China's Master Plan to Destroy America.png

Dang Skippy!

Hack Stone

Hack Stone would like to categorically deny that he, or any employee of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells overpriced and outdated Red Hat Software places any worms in the recently purchased software by Russian military and security forces.


I’m not buying it. Sure the Uke hacker story reads well, but if I’m going to raise $25k to buy sex toys I’m going need a really good story. I am sure he will figure out how to “make lemonade” from all those lemons he is getting.


The Star is as reliable as Charman toilet paper. I’m saying that lunch meat guy probably blamed Uke hackers for putting all that gay pron on his computer too.


That is an …interesting… way of telling the pro-Putin guy to go fornicate himself.

Prior Service

Would be far better for the hackers to keep their mouths shut and have let the order simply arrive. First off, it’s simply more useful to the Russians, but, second, why let anybody know what’s happened/happening? Just make the Russians react; don’t give them understanding or a target.

Humans have a propensity to shoot off at the mouth. This is a prime example. The only way to keep a secret is if only one person knows about it.


“Batteries not included. Free lubricate with every order. Just pay separate fee.”


Luchin initially planned to return the sex toys to AliExpress and get his money, but was eventually told he wouldn’t be allowed.

Probably due to excessive signs of “use”. 😜