Seth Beavers, a former Navy rescue swimmer, is charged with attempted murder

| March 28, 2023

A security guard told Seth Beavers that the condominium pool was closed. Beavers responded by pulling the security guard into the pool. He subsequently held the security guard’s head underwater. The security guard fought back and managed to get his head above the water. However, catching his breath was temporary as Beavers placed the guard into a headlock and submerged his head again. The article identifies Beavers as a Navy Veteran who was a rescue swimmer.

From the Associated Press:

Okaloosa County sheriff’s investigators say late Friday the security guard told Seth Beavers, 33, of Mount Sterling, Illinois, that the pool at the Panhandle condo was closed and he would have to leave.

The security guard told investigators that Beavers attacked him, wrapped his leg around him and dragged him into the pool, saying he would drown him.

Beavers then held the guard’s head underwater before the guard was able to break free and get to the side of the pool, authorities said. But Beavers put him in a headlock and again pulled him underwater before he was finally freed.

The victim told investigators he cannot swim, and he feared he was going to be killed. His name was not released.

The Associated Press has the article here.

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Don’t get between a Beaver and the water.


Was Mr. Al Cohall involved?


Sounds like it.


And a bad ice cube.


Many years ago I worked as a security guard, and had to chase people out of the pool when it was closed.

They were not happy with me. Especially the guys who were trying to “get some” from their drunk girls.
Usually hormones and alcohol, and/or other substances were involved.

Never had one try to drown me. But I’m a swimmer, too.

The stupid is dam strong with Seth Beavers.


Guess he forgot “SO OTHERS MAY LIVE”


The whole story sounds fishy to me.


Yeah, it don’t hold water.


Seth was in over his head.


Idiot. No excuse for that. I know where he got it from, though. A trip to the pool bottom with an instructor meant you were caught doping off, and now you have an opportunity to practice impromptu choke-hold release techniques.

Don’t ask how I know this.


Dave Hardin

I have not seen any video of what happened yet. I am betting that I have seen people treated much worse in the water becoming a PATI Rescue Diver. Assault and battery, probably… he will get off on the murder charge. Another DA overreach.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave Hardin
Veritas Omnia Vincit

Never assume a jury of one’s peers is capable of ascertaining any truths at all….

If attending court sessions has taught me anything it is that jurors can’t be trusted to find the truth even if it sits on their face and wiggles for 30 minutes…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

No comment on this since you Gals/Guys got a jump start on me. See you later Alligator


Gonna go drown your sorrows?

Bubblehead Ray

Beaver gone bad? Dam!



Wrong State & definitely the wrong county to be playing stupid games. Wonder if Bubba is asking Beavers if he wants to play husband or wife.


Leave it to Beaver..

58 Driver

got his training from lia thompson eh?