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| March 18, 2023

Florida man accused of secretly recording men with spy cam in the restroom at ‘We Spy Coffee & More’ cafe

He did try to warn you when he named the place…

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly setting up a camera in the men’s restroom of a coffee shop called, “We Spy Coffee & More,” and spying on the occupants.

Spyridon Voulgarakis was arrested by the Tarpon Springs Police Department on March 11 and charged with battery and video voyeurism.

Police said a man using the bathroom at the coffee shop located on Dodecanese Boulevard discovered he was being recorded by a camera located underneath the sink.

After making the discovery, the customer confronted Voulgarakis, who was identified by police as an employee and business partner of “We Spy Coffee & More.”

The victim also contacted law enforcement, and during the investigation, police said, Voulgarakis admitted that he placed the camera under the sink and recorded the victim and other men using the restroom.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Police encourage anyone who has frequented the coffee shop since Feb. 13, 2023, used the men’s restroom, and feel like they may be a victim to contact Detective Melton at 727-938-2849.

All victim identities, police added, will be kept confidential.

Source; Fox News

Loyola professor claims organized pantries are rooted in ‘racist and sexist’ social structures

Everything is racist if you’re in academia.

The recent TikTok trend of showing off perfectly organized and styled home pantries is rooted in a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures, according to one Chicago professor.

Through her research at Loyola University, Associate Professor of Marketing Jenna Drenten noticed a recent uptick in what she calls “pantry porn,” a plethora of social media videos where women show off their fully stocked kitchen and methodically organized home supplies.

While minimalist designs used to represent an anti-consumption mindset of using less and buying less, the “new minimalism,” according to Drenten, means “more is more,” so long as it is not dirty or cluttered.

Historically, Drenten says that tidiness is intertwined with status and a person’s messiness often breeds assumptions about a person’s capacity to be responsible and respectable.

“Cleanliness has historically been used as a cultural gatekeeping mechanism to reinforce status distinctions based on a vague understanding of ‘niceness’: nice people, with nice yards, in nice houses, make for nice neighborhoods,” Drenten writes. “What lies beneath the surface of this anti-messiness, pro-niceness stance is a history of classist, racist and sexist social structures.”

Tracing the pantry to the late 1800s, Drenten says the butler’s pantry acted as an architectural touchstone of the wealthy.

“This small space, tucked between the kitchen and dining room, was a marker of status – an area to hide both the food and the people who prepared it,” Drenten writes.

Drenten, citing her research, claims these viral videos of uniformly labeled and symmetrically placed supply bins, ingredient containers and shelves are created by predominantly White women and act as a “new status symbol” for what it looks like to maintain a “nice” well-kept home.

“Perhaps it’s not surprising that pantry porn found its foothold during the COVID-19 pandemic, when shortages in the supply chain surged,” she adds. “Keeping stuff on hand became a symbol of resilience for those with the money and space to do so.”

Drenten also claims this “pantry porn” obsession also sets the societal standard for an ideal mother, wife or woman.

“Pantry porn, as a status symbol, relies on the promise of making daily domestic work easier. But if women are largely responsible for the work required to maintain the perfectly organized pantry, it’s critical to ask: easier for whom?” Drenten adds.

Eighty-five percent of large new homes in America built today feature a walk-in pantry, listed as the most desirable kitchen feature for new homebuyers, according to a 2019 report. Drenten credits, at least in part, the Kardashian-Jenner family, the Hadids and other social media influencers for turning the pantry into a “modern-day status symbol.”

Source; FOX News

Gainesville man looks at child porn while deputies search his home for child porn, sheriff says

A Gainesville was arrested after he viewed images of child pornography on his computer as deputies were searching his home for child pornography, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Alan Neil Thur, 75, was arrested on seven child pornography charges this week.

The sheriff’s office got a tip that Thur had uploaded child pornography on his computer. They executed a search warrant at his home on Bluff Valley Circle on March 14..

“As deputies carried out the search, Thur was viewing five images of child pornography on his computer,” deputies wrote in an incident report.

Thur has been charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and five additional counts of the same charge in connection to the search of his home.

Thur was booked in the Hall County Jail without bond.

Source; Yahoo!

Man arrested after smoking marijuana in Waffle House parking lot right near K9 unit, deputies say

If you’re going to break the law, you should probably be aware of your surroundings.

On Jan. 10, Deputy Donald Warney and K9 Zion were sitting in the parking lot of Waffle House at 965 W. Lanier Ave. in Fayetteville, when K9 Zion indicated he detected drugs nearby.

Warney got out of his patrol vehicle and could smell marijuana.

Warney noticed a Chevrolet Tahoe in the parking lot emanating a strong odor of marijuana.

As Warney approached the Tahoe, the driver opened the door and exited the vehicle.

According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, the driver admitted to recently smoking marijuana and that he was dealing with a pending distribution charge for marijuana.

Source; Yahoo!

Man reported missing found in his home eight months later

A man whose wife reported him missing was found dead almost eight months after his disappearance. He was found in his own home, a location that had been searched by law enforcement officials, multiple media outlets are reporting.

Officials said Richard Maedge was reported missing in April by his wife, who said she had spoken with him when he was leaving work. When she got home, she saw his car outside and his wallet and keys inside the home, but no sign of her husband, KTVI reported.

Police searched the house, which they described as a “hoarder home,” but did not find Maedge anywhere.

Maedge’s wife, Jennifer Maedge, called the police a second time to report an odor. Officials search again and found nothing, but did notice the smell.

Jennifer Maedge then contacted a plumber who capped a sewer pipe in the home’s basement, blocking the smell.

Months later, Jennifer Maedge went to a concealed closet to retrieve a bin of Christmas decorations and discovered her husband’s body, KTVI reported.

Madison County chief deputy coroner, Kelly Rogers, said that Richard Maedge’s body was in a mummified state. When a body is dried out, it may not release a strong odor and Rogers said that may have contributed to police not finding his remains.

Officials believe Richard Maedge took his own life.

While Jennifer Maedge supported the police in the investigation, other family members claim officers didn’t do enough to find Richard Maedge’s body initially, according to the Belleville News-Democrat.

Marilyn Toliver, Richard Maedge’s sister, said police should have searched harder for her brother, the Belleville News-Democrat reported.

Troy Police Chief Brent Shownes said last week that his department took several steps to find Richard Maedge, including conducting several searches of the home and the surrounding areas, using K-9 for tracking, deploying a search-and-rescue team with several cadaver dogs, requesting phone carrier GPS information and responding to the call of a strong odor, finding a sewer pipe, the newspaper reported.

Source; WSB-TV


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I laughed a lot on Thursday. This was so par for the course.


The man is a walking dead zombie curse. If he even thinks about something it goes to shit.


Every action he takes is against the peace and dignity of America as we have known it.


He must have seriously jinxed Arizona. Number 1 seed, one and done.


I think they were a number 2 seed, but your point still stands.


Yeah, my bad. It’s the other team in the South region that starts with “A” in the #one spot.


provided without comment

potatus joe is fried.jpeg

They have caught me at last. As a fan of clean, neat and organized i am clearly a white supremist. I wonder if she will ever realize what she is saying about everyone else?


What she clearly implies is that POC’s are unclean, disorganized slobs.


Not “racist” *ssholery when condescending white Leftists do it, of course…

AW1 Rod

Only someone in “academia” could come up with something that stupid.


Effort, personal responsibility, being organized is “racist”– go being given Free Sh*t for being politically-correct, comrade!


Just in… John McIntyre, the American vereran who joined Ukraine’s foreign legion only to defect to Russia, is the “professional f*ckup and mentally ill” Bradley Manning of the Ukraine war:


Yet another prime example to stay out of that stuff


Just want to issue a warning to anyone that decides to read that, too many quotes from Malcolm Nance and a very nice (/s) picture of Nance-y carrying an M14… for reasons.

Anything that dude says I treat with skepticism and, due to his actions, a healthy amount of distain.


True, nothing says cutting-edge LSCO ground combat expert like posing in cool gear after being on a big gray metal ship for a few years during a COIN fight. /sarc

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous
Army-Air Force Guy

Be interesting to peek at his ‘214. You know Ivan’s so desperate they’re going to be putting Bama boy back in the game.


We Spy more than a dumbass…he’s gone full teh stoopid mofo. From what I understand, the inherwebz are full of any kind of perversion you might want to see…free.

Guess I better go disorganize my pantry. Not only is it arranged by product type, but also “Best By” date. And just for good measure, I’ll quit cutting the grass, picking up the roadside trash, deadfall from the trees, and give away my hedge trimmers. Anybody got a junk car I can place in the front yard? How about an old couch or appliances for the front porch?

You can’t watch kiddie pr0n at home, but you can do drag pr0n in public for kiddies? Got it!

Belly rubs for K9 Officer Zion…and since we’re at the WH, give him the T-bone steak plate too.

Lady Friend watches some of them hoarder TeeVee shows. You could hide a landfill in some of those places. Sad.

Hack Stone

What would you pay for a 1980’s vintage Jaguar? It is environmentally friendly, what with being biodegradable. You can actually watch as it rusts right in front of you. Buy it now and we’l throw in some Red Hat Software and a mailbox (minus the door).


Give me $100, a can each of C Rat Peaches and pound cake and I’ll take the Jag off your hands. Trade you a mailbox door for the Software, but you gotta throw in a Red Hat…Kepi, Artillery Red, One (1) each. (Like the one Home Boy wore in “Rat Patrol”)


Wait, a college professor thinks a pantry began in the late 1800’s? I guess she isn’t smart enough to look up another name for a pantry being a larder, which goes back to… well, back to at least GREEK times.

I wonder what she would say if she saw a military pantry, with it’s organization and symmetry and all those labels. Also, she makes the claim about the pantry being used to hide “undesirables” and such, but forgets that the Underground Railroad used such rooms for a very obvious purpose.


All labels to the front! Dressed right and covered down.

My wife thinks the army affected me too much  😂 


(Looks at stack of rolled laundry, all dollar width)



If the first guy likes looking at naked men, he’ll love prison. Im sure Bubba and his friends will show their dicks to him before they shove it up his ass.

Number three will get more of the same except it will be a lot rougher.

Last edited 1 year ago by STSC(SW/SS)
Skivvy Stacker

Why is anyone surprised about the spy cam guy? He’s Greek!


Point 1:So, I grew up with pantries being a part of every house or apartment. Around the 80s, this seemed to go away. Now, they’re making a comeback.

Point 2: how is it a bad thing, when EVERYONE that lived through the Great Depression, stored stockpiles of food, just in case it happened again? It’s not classist to make sure you can feed yourself and your family when things, i.e. economy, stock market, food/item shortages, supply chain issues, etc. happen. Race has nothing to do with it. Unless, you make it have something to do with it!

“Prepper” became a term within the last 20 years, but my grandparents, and I’m sure most others grandparents stockpiled food and supplies to maintain themselves for when “shit goes South” because they lived through the depression of the 1930s, and knew it was best to be prepared (as in prepper)

Back to the “professor”, some people have too much time and money on their hands.


If you’re not eating three meals of prepared junk food with an EBT from a convenience store each day, you’re a “racist” enemy of “social justice” for them. Eating healthy (like they do) is “elitist” and “selfish,” comrade!


Each and every one of these stories – боже мой..