San Francisco debates losing their mind

| March 17, 2023

The Golden Gate City is following through with its promise to present a plan for Black reparations, and is confirming the rumors we had heard earlier:

Payments of $5 million to every eligible Black adult, the elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000 for 250 years and homes in San Francisco for just $1 a family.

These are just some of the recommendations made by a city-appointed reparations committee…

A first hearing before the city’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday could offer a glimpse of the board’s appetite for advancing a reparations plan that would be unmatched nationwide in specificity and breadth. Critics have slammed it as financially and politically impossible. One conservative analyst estimated that each non-Black family in the city would have to pay at least $600,000.

Yeah, that’s going to fly. As is, that is one of the most expensive housing markets in the country and many people there work multiple jobs to afford housing. Go ahead, hit them with a $600K bonus charge. See how successful you are. We’ll come by and visit the former city in a few years – when it looks like they are filming “The Omega Man” there.

Fewer than 50,000 Black people still live in San Francisco, and it’s not clear how many would be eligible. Possible criteria include having lived in the city during certain time periods and descending from someone “incarcerated for the failed War on Drugs.”

AP via Yahoo

Notice that sneaky bit at the end? Adding drug users? You white bastards, you made blacks take illegal drugs and get busted! And can you imagine the California penal system if black drug offenders are given a free walk while white drug prisoners get to stay? I suspect you would see a bloodbath.

Now, I see only two reasons to support this lunacy: One, if you limit payouts to people who have actually been enslaved and charge it only to people who have actively owned slaves. Gonna be fun seeing all the folks who will claim to be over 160 years old. The other: I’m told Kamala Harris is descended from a slaveowner in Jamaica – I want to see what she gets charged.



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Have they given any thought to what it will do to the price of blow?


You could’ve ended this question 5 words in and it’d still apply.


Ol’ Poe’s gonna give you an upvote for that, LC.

Oh, and he’s gonna leave this here for you, too:

RFK, Jr. Explains EXACTLY Why Fauci Lied About Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin (


Take all the money from the political party that supported slavery…the democrat party.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I remember reading something to the effect that the first colonial slave owner in the North Americas was a black man.
I don’t remember if his slaves (which he had to go to court to make it legal) were black or white.

Imagine the fox in the henhouse fuss when some white dood comes up and tries to claim slave reparation money because he’s the ancestor of the first black slave owner.

Anthony Johnson, in court in Virginia 1654. Condensed history of Blacks owning Blacks is here;

Heels up’s grandpappy beat feet out of Jamaica during the slave revolt there, took his slaves to Louisiana, making a fortune in slave trading and sugar cane.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thx, Gun Bunny


While Johnson’s great legacy is the Casor lawsuit (which recognized his right to hold a non-criminal black man for lifelong servitude), his four other indentured servants were white.

It’s worth noting that Johnson, himself, had served his own period of indenture before becoming a freeman.

History is nuanced, and this victim mentality for generations-past grievances is a social sickness.


This is great news! I’m going to let everyone know that the streets in San Fran are paved with gold. They can start with all the homeless people shitting in the streets and on the sidewalks.


The Democrat Party supported slavery, and still exists. They can pay it.

Prediction if San Foolish goes ahead (paging Captain Obvious): Big-time population shift – Takers in, makers out. First slow, then a flood. $5M is plenty to encourage inbound U-Hauls, and they are currently real cheap to CA.

Makes me wonder if someone might advertise this, even subsidize it, in their local prison/parole population. “You were wronged! San Fran will pay for it!”

Hack Stone

Hi, this is Amber from American Reparations Service. Thanks to idiotic legislation recently passed in San Francisco, you may be entitled up to $5,000,000. Now, before we get started, let me ask you a few questions to verify your eligibility.

First, finish this sentence: The Bitch better have my….



Skivvy Stacker

Holy shit on a hot plate…it’s going to get as bad as those fucking commercials for Camp Lejeune Drinking Water Contamination!


Just imagine the flood of lawer commercials on TV… 🙄 



Daisy Cutter

What if you identify with… ?

No biology, just imagination.


And This…🙄

“San Francisco Latest Dem City To Crack Down On Gas Appliances”

“San Francisco regulators moved forward with regulations banning future sales of certain natural gas-powered appliances as part of the Democrat-led city’s climate agenda.”

“The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which oversees air pollution and emissions regulations for the nine counties surrounding San Francisco, greenlighted amendments to regulations Wednesday evening related to eliminating nitrogen oxide emissions from natural gas furnaces and water heaters in the region.”

“The action requires all commercial and residential furnaces and water heaters to be electric by 2027.”

“The 1.8 million water heaters and furnaces in the Bay Area significantly impact our air quality, resulting in dozens of early deaths and a wide range of health impacts, particularly in communities of Color….”

“…the Air District regulations don’t require consumers to immediately switch to electric alternatives once they go into effect. Rather, it prohibits the purchase of new gas-powered products.”


No reason, just the Leftist virtue-signaling bandwagon…

Hack Stone

Apparently the quality of the air has no impact on those who identify as white. The more you know…


San Francisco. Where the population and IQ drops everyday.


Free Sh*t-driven Leftist insanity.
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Green Thumb

To take your comment about Ka-moola up top a step furter: if successful, the infighting alone over the money will cost more than received.

What a joke.

Curious as to who gets hung out to dry when this falls flat. Someone is going to have to move out of town….

A Proud Infidel®️™️

California entered the Union as a FREE STATE, thus there was no slavery there other than how the Chinese People were treated there in the Frontier Days. Yes, Chinese people were treated with extreme prejudice in the American West back then, but the politicians don’t see them as an easy grab for a bunch of votes!


Speaking Of Those Of Asian Descent…

Lest We Forget…

Executive Order 9066 issued on 19 February 1942 by FDR.

Formally rescinded on February 16, 1976 by GRF, Jr.

Civil Liberties Act of 1988, signed into law on 10 August 1988, by RWR (Public Law 100-383).

$20,000 to each person who was incarcerated.

Never Forget.

15538 (1).jpeg
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Glad you mentioned that API, I heard about s f being a free state on the radio a week or to ago.


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What a dopey idea from a shitty state.


As Nancy would say: crumbs.

Not nearly enough in reparations to suit my feelings. I want to see each D on that council try to one up each other on proposals.

You know how the D’s are, the more outrageous an offer or suggestion is, the more sincere it is.


Why stop at 5?! If they were serious it should be at least 10!

I think the council should just give any self-determined-to-be-eligible applicants a government credit card and let them charge it up to correspond with how aggrieved they feel.

It’ll work, trust me.



(32,150.7 oz/tonne) x (his figure of 1,724 tonne) = 55,427,806.8 oz.t of Ag/Au.

As of now:
Ag @ $22.21/t = $1,231,051,589.02
Au @ $1960.74 = $108,679,517,905.03

or, $109,910,569,494.06

To put that in perspective, that is less than one half of one percent of national GDP.

Country wide offer?!

To never hear another complaint about slavery?

I would take the deal if that was the national cap.

Edit: that would still be cheaper than the $5m x 50k ‘black’ San Fran residents at $250b. That’s nuts!

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Hack Stone

Any chance that San Francisco can send some of that money the way of the workers toiling in the Chinese sweatshops turning out NBA swag?


It is called “anchoring”.

A negotiation tactic.

There is no way they will be giving out $5M per person reparations.

But it means that $100K-$250k per person will sound much more reasonable to the public as a political compromise.

And these payouts are not going to be primarily cash payouts.

They are likely going to be social, education, and housing benefits that come out to approximately $100k-$250k per black resident.


No, it’s called “fraud”.
An extortion tactic.


Commissar is the go-to guy for fraud.


How the fuck is this extortion?


Because all Marxism is extortionate.

Skivvy Stacker

From Find Law: “Most states define extortion as the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force or threat of violence, property damage, harm to reputation, or unfavorable government action. ”
I hope this helps explain it for you.


You think if they don’t get their way they will just say “aw shucks,” and kick stones while pouting?

They dangled this wholly inept and criminal idea out there for them and left them hopeful. They’ll erupt in violence if it doesn’t pass (which, for the record, it won’t.)

Irresponsible and stupid. You buffoons in CA never cease to amaze anyone.


I’d be interested to hear what Pastor Ye has to say about all of this.

Pretty sure it’ll ruffle some doo rags!

Edit: obvious NSFW lyrics and sexual content

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

I take it that you’re on board with this massive fraud? A payout (and by “payout”, I mean “bribe”) to ensure that Lyndon Johnson’s comment about black voting remains true? Fine, you pay for it. And you can pay off all those defaulted college loans as well. You’re a fraud, you support frauds, and you deserve the California you’re helping to create.


I’ll just stick this right here:

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A Proud Infidel®™

HEY shit-for-brains, it’s basically another psychological lasso thrown to a certain ethnic group to con them into voting D-rat, they have NO intention whatsoever of making it happen without the D-rat pols getting big, fat kickbacks!

Herbert J. Messkit

More empty promises by cheap, two bit, hack politicians, who see this as a way to keep the citizens riled up and divided, all to the benefit of political power.


Because the Donks were unsatisfied with normalizing illiteracy via “Eubonics”, they follow up with economic illiteracy