Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| March 14, 2023

If you’re trans, apparently you can be very open about your illegal interstate drug operation

It takes a real man to get an International Women of Courage award from FLOTUS and SECSTATE

All you whiteys are racist

Democrats are pushing segregation. Again.

She seems stable

Twitter was being told to censor the TRUTH!

KoB, we’re gonna need you to fuel up the ‘chipper

Oops. She only proved DeSantis’ point

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Erlick isn’t just a drug dealer. It is a pedophile that uses the drugs to groom children it then rapes.



Of course, it’s okay when they do anything.
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Forest Bondurant

The fact that Eli Erlick openly admits to selling illegal drugs to minors interstate (possibly 18 USC Section 1952, in part, using the mail, or other instruments of interstate commerce (telephone/internet) with the intent to facilitate drug trafficking), and flaunts that on social media, only goes to show that neither the FBI nor DEA will never investigate him. (On a similar note, several of us are still waiting for the FBI and ATF to roll up Hunter Biden for his firearms violation(s)).


Dear Left/Libtards, you bastards need Jesus.
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Sexual Fantasy?
I would write ‘my fantasy’ is that the groomers/officials in the Eugene, OR school district leave me and my fellow students alone to develop is NORMAL Boys & Girls.
We all know the assignment is give the groomers an ‘in’…
A way to connect with the students to begin ‘the process’…

Remember when the ‘Pizza Gate’ was just another kooky conspiracy theory? 
Its just another one that seems to be coming true…
The Left is CONSUMED with the sexualization and exploitation of children.


Or, you could just write “Your Mom!” and (when when it’s “we’ll tell your parents”) say “Yeah, good, go ahead!”


Not only was twitter told who to target, our government flooded the lines of communication by signal jamming with bots, aka 100% uncut, Bolivian flake psyop.

Originating in the clandestine services, these tools were pointed back at the homeland. Used to popularize narratives on; diseases, “cures”, “‘vaccine'” efficacy, legitimacy of elections, size and scope of violent activities…

The song remains the same coughpatriotactcoughcough.

Every. single. one. of. these. bastards. needs. to. hang.

Duty is ours.....jpg
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

If I, a white person, am a racist just by existing, then YOU’RE a slave, just by existing! Get outta that car! Who gave you permission to drive!? Who educated you to read!? Get back in the field! Get back to the fields and pick that cotton! Who gave you permission to wear shoes?! Take ’em off, NOW! Leave the clothes on! I don’t wanna see your skanky body!

Can’t win no matter what, so might as well attack full throttle and piss ’em off to the max.
Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em all. With a cactus.

I prefer to ‘kill them with kindness’:

“You know you can be anything you’d like? Binds like color, creed, and other immutable characteristics are self-imposed, not actual inputs to limits of happiness?”

“…yeah, but…”

“Then stop being a whiny little b*tch.”

A Proud Infidel®™

“Fuck ’em. Fuck ’em all. With a cactus.”

Same-o except sideways with a syphilitic whale cock.

Forest Bondurant

You ought to check out the Beavis and Butthead video about “white privilege” on YouTube. It steers in the direction you describe.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I would shed NO tears if Eli the Grooming Drug Pusher were to be found one day with a neat clean hole through “its” head.
“Yer Honor, some people just need killin’.”


Wood chipper or Hungry Hungry Lion? Either way works for me. And with the shortage of Hemp, maybe use a roll of the “Devils Rope”, aka “bob wire”.

The good news is Jesus is coming back…the bad news (for these sick mofos) is He is really pissed.



Substitute the word “commies” for the descriptive adjective of your choice… I have diesel or gas available for your choice of model.

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Think with this week’s collection of TikTok Freaks & Pedo’s we’ll likely need both fuel-types and probably another MorBark for back-up(*shug* you know, just in case..).


Feet First with a rope tied to their hands to give them the feeling of salvation only to have the rope cut about a minute after they climb out !!!

A Proud Infidel®™

I say feet first into an Asphalt Kiln which will give it a bigger “carbon footprint”!


Yo, Reb! You see what yur’boy Joe struggle-n-sniff is up to?


(sorry to the headshed for the outside link, I try to keep them to a minimum but this is très seriousness)

You ready for some R’s?

biden is aces.jpg

Yo, Reb! You see what yur’boy Joe struggle-n-sniff is up to?” DaHell?!??? Who DaHell are you and what DaHell have you done with my Main Man Roh-Dog? My Boy? MY BOY!?!?? No way, no how that Roh-Dog would let that kinda shit come outa his mouth. He kisses that Trophy Wife of hissen with his mouth. Bad enough we gotta put up with bot hackers trying to bait us into clicking on some sort of scam, now we got a bot confusing me with the spapos seagull Major Moonbat. Looks like the Gun Bunny gonna have to call in a FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION, do a little recon by fire, smoke this bot out into the open for a Time on Target Artillery Strike. Remember, too, that I have Marine Aviation loitering on station that does a very good job of close in air support mud moving. Mick, you on the net? Stand by. No Southern Pulled Pork BBQ for you, bot! Here, have some sauteed kale…and a bud light.

But to answer the question posed…yeah I saw a multitude of articles on all my news feeds in re the subject at hand. Was waiting to see if any of the usual suspects would make a Thread Post on it. The 2nd A was written for the exact same scenario that we have developing in our Republic today. Gunz Control is all about the control of We, The People! Always has been…always will be.


Dayum, Southr’n Brother! Dinnt no I’d ruffle all them feathers!

Re lax partner, I’m juss’messin and you KNOW this man!

Not a living breathing soul with three quarters a brain and a love of country voted for that baggin’ son of a bitch.

Scranton, the city coal and the mighty fire box train built, weeps.

Motherfk that guy and all who’d disarm my Brothers and Sisters!


Fire Mission Complete. Bot smoked out and Our Queen of Battle is back on over watch.

Damn shame that we are stuck with a senile, lying, grifting, pedo as the (s)elected puppet of the Deep State. No one will ever convince me that the 2020 (s)election was legit. The corruption is deep and wide.

Ol’ Poe’s corner of the world is looking better and better as a place to hie out to and dig in.


*Screws together Bangalore*
Wait, you’re calling it off? Goddamn it, I had this thing damn near put together. Guess I better put this APOBS away, too.
*Motherfuckin’ goddamn all that work for nothin’ sapper this grumble grumble*


I mean, you got the boombooms out you might as well use them…


While we’re hi-jacking threads, I’ll just stick this right here. Substitute the word “Texan” with the word “Patriot”.

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A relaxing game of

Hungry Hungry Chippos


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“All You Whiteys Are Racist”…

Does This Mean BHO Is Half Racist?

Asking For A Friend…



Porn and drugs for kids but talk bad about a bank and get your pee-pee spanked.

Censorship addicts: Democrats seek to squelch speech on banks (nypost.com)


Kelly needs to be beaten with a pillowcase full of Constitutions
and maybe a few pool balls.


Even if you are not religious you gotta wonder…

NY AG Letitia James to host Drag Queens for NYC kids (nypost.com)

Where is a lake of sulfur when you need it?

Crime is up 50% and the State AG is leading “Drag Story Hour” for kids.

Do your Fucking job.

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Reminder: Anyone who would change the sex of a child would have sex with a child.

Also, Google Jeffery Marsh.



Even Duckduckgo is 90% tongue bath articles for Señor Marsh.
Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT bother with the formally-counterculture RollingStone’s screed.

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*wuff* Too late – after reading just some that – the back of my throat and my upper gut did a half-gainer with a twist. FMTT’s. I firmly and truly believe Señor Marsh really, truly and desperately needs to be introduced to Señor MorBark, ¿Sí? Desperdicio de piel sin alma..

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Eli Erlick — rapist and drug dealer. Perfect poster child for the mentally ill trans movement.


Isn’t that redundant?