Sirhan parole

| March 1, 2023

Another familiar face from the past… Sirhan Sirhan is coming up for parole. Again.

Last time he came up, the parole board and Gavin Newsom, in perhaps the ONLY good thing he has done in his political life, vetoed the assassin’s release. (Newsom is a huge Bobby Kennedy fan.) This week, Wednesday as I write this, Sirhan goes before the parole board yet again. Sirhan’s lawyer, Angela Berry, says:

Berry has said the 78-year-old man, who has spent more than 54 years in prison, is not a danger to society and should be released. She said that will be the main point she and Sirhan will make to the board, again.

“They found him suitable for release last time and nothing has changed,” Berry said. “He’s continued to show great behavior.”  Yahoo

It is expected that fan-boi Newsom will likely veto any release if, as expected, the parole board recommends release again. And you thought you would never agree with Newsom on anything. Kinda interesting how much he looks like George Soros, isn’t it?

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He can get out after he dies.


Bury his arse in the prison yard. The prisoners can “water” his grave.

A Proud Infidel®™

In most prisons, when an inmate dies and no family members want to claim the body, their remains are buried with only a small concrete marker that has their inmate number on it, they’re thus forgotten.


Nice touch.


As a judge in my jurisdiction said during sentencing during one of my cases, ‘it is my intention that you leave prison in a box.’ Same same here.


Wait A Second…

We Thought…. 😉  😎 


Douglas Kennedy and Robert Kennedy Jr (RFK’s two children) were in favor of his previous parole, which was approved, but denied by Newsom.

His denial may be politically driven.

“.Even if the board rules that Sirhan is suitable for release a second time, his lawyer, Angela Berry, said she doesn’t expect it to change Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mind because of his “affinity for R.F. Kennedy,” who Newsom has cited as a political hero.”

“In a 3 1/2-minute message played during a news conference held by Berry in September, Sirhan said he feels remorse every day for his actions. It was the first time Sirhan’s voice had been heard publicly since a televised parole hearing in 2011, before California barred audio or visual recordings of such proceedings.

Sirhan may be a Pawn In The Game Of Life.

You Be The Judge.


Ironically, RFK’s Baby Brother got away with it…

Money Talks…

 😉  😎 


13 years, 6 months sober!


Yea! Good for you!


Think he was referring to Teddy.

 (February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009) 


Kinda hard to drink in his condition since 25 AUG 2009.

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What’s even better,he hasn’t murdered anybody (that we know of) since July of 1969


Well, good for Teddy… although it’s not quite his choice.

A Proud Infidel®™

They say that *HICCUP!* Teddy wasn’t cremated because it would have taken at least three days to put the fire out!


Downvote by mistake.


Six years clean after 30 years of Fentenyl patchs, morphine shots, oxy and more. Against doctors advise (it will take three years to wean you off) locked myself in my RV and cold turkeyed in 15 days..pain sucks but keeping busy and smoking a joint does wonders…


I think he is good where he is at. No need to come out and make the talk show circuit.


Not a fan boi of any of the Kennedys, Noisome, or the murderer in question here. The bastard should have been marched out of the courtroom immediately after his conviction and marched directly to the former Commiefornia Gas Chamber. There was NO reasonable doubt that he did it. The only doubt that is left is who put him up to it. Why do I think he didn’t act alone? Oh…forgot…I’ve been an historian for over 60 years. Oswald didn’t act alone and neither did Sirhan.

Teddy should’ve been fed to the lions instead of lionized. Chickenshit rapey murderous bastard.


He was an Arab terrorist who assassinated a popular presidential candidate during an election to prevent the US from supporting Israel. He’s partially responsible for Nixon’s election on a Law and Order platform.
RFK’s murder was the first Arab terrorist attack on US soil. He also lied to avoid punishment, creating a cottage industry of paranoid conspiracy theories. He’s done more to undermine democracy and faith in government in this country through his actions than any foreign government’s efforts. Fuck him.

Old tanker

He should remain in prison as long as “Bobby” remains dead. My feelings pretty much for anyone convicted of murder.


Rename the Mass Pike Sirhan Highway.