Raquel Welch, passes at 82. Thanks for the memories and so much more.

| February 16, 2023

How does one even begin to pay tribute so someone like her?  “Lost for words” is the best I can come up with.  Her passing at 82 seems much to early.

Probably her most iconic photo of all, the woman was simply breathtaking.  When other, lesser women, were planning trips to support and comfort our enemies she travelled to support and comfort our own troops.

When we got closer to our destination, a stage that looked like a small dot at this point, Raquel thought it seemed empty. Big tears came to her eyes. She lifted my earphone and said, “We came all the way to Vietnam, and no one showed up!” But then the chopper started to drop from the sky as part of its combat approach. As it hovered for a few seconds before heading for the pad, the hillsides started to move. Soon, Raquel faced 65,000 cheering soldiers. The hand-painted sign above the stage read, “WELCOME TO THE 1967 BOB HOPE CHRISTMAS SHOW.” Now she really started to cry.

From the moment we landed, with Raquel jumping into the waiting arms of the two largest Marine MPs on earth, her life changed forever. All the teasing she’d faced when she was younger—for her funny name, or “foreign” looks, or “bird legs”—disappeared. Here were 65,000 guys who loved her.

Please take the time to visit this great article from Patrick Curtis.

A Quick Story About That Time Raquel Welch Visited Vietnam in 1967


Stunning till the end, she will be missed.

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For us old folks who know who both of them were

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Hell yeah!


Man, you can’t top that.


How does one even begin to pay tribute so (sic) {to} someone like her? “Lost for words” is the best I can come up with.”

Spot on, Dave. The epitome of charm and beauty. Anyone that didn’t love Raquel needed to have their pulse checked. Our world is much dimmer with her passing. Look up the word “Goddess” in Mr. Webster’s book and there you will find her picture.

Rest Easy, Raquel. Thank you for being here. You will be missed.

Daisy Cutter

I had the fur bikini poster in my room for many years as a teenager. There will probably be a resurgence in sales now that she passed away.

RGR 4-78

IIRC she had already given birth to both of her children before that movie was made.



I’m another in the loooooong line of teen age boys, in the past, that had her poster on my bedroom wall…
I will leave it at that…

RGR 4-78

Miss Fuzzy Britches indeed.


What say you?!?!?

And then he poked her hole or he poked a hole in her or something like that.

Closer than any of us ever came, that’s for sure

Green Thumb

Good looking and classy woman to the end.

Rest well, my lady.


Two women who get as much praise from Vietnam vets as Jane Fonda gets scorn (the other being Ms. Margret)

RGR 4-78

She was still hot in the movie(s) about the old guys. The name passes me right now


Grumpy old Men!


She was quite a singer as well as actress. Here she is on the Muppet Show back when it was good.

Duet with Ms Piggy “I’m a Woman”


Making babies hungry and getting dads in trouble.


She was the best.

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Absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world from birth to death.

I always loved watching Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell (with Telly Savalas).


Didn’t get to Viet of the Nam in earlier times to see her as part of Bob Hope’s USO tour cast. When I was able to attend the Christmas Eve 1971 show at Camp Eagle she had been replaced by Gomer Pyle and Vida Blue. / s

Rest Well, Raquel.


Never got to see USO show; but since I was the C.O., I picked the two guys from my company that got to go to his show.


Sad. Fair winds and following seas.


As a Boomer, she was the Epitome of Sexy. She was absolutely gorgeous. I think we all had that poster of her in the fur bikini in our barracks. Classy lady!


I was one of the lucky Bastards to have seen her with Bob Hope and crew at the DaNang USO show 1968. She was a classy lady indeed. She leaves very big shoes to fill .


And lest we forget, she was not only gorgeous but she was also very smart–a savvy businesswoman and investor who took her showbiz gains and built an even larger fortune.


Meanwhile, this skrunt proves to be exactly what we’ve all always known she is:

Jane Fonda agrees to attend opera ball with tycoon to pay her bills (usatoday.com)


“Just negotiating price”


What’s that old joke?

“Madam, we’ve established what you are. Now we’re just negotiating price.”


Henry is the only Fonda I enjoyed watching on the big screen. From what I heard he was deeply proud of his Navy service, so much so that when he was honored by the USNA glee club in the late 70’s he said it was the proudest moment of his entire career.

She fell FAR from the tree. She can rot for all I care.

Rest easy, Mr. Roberts!

A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK “Hanoi Jane” sideways with a syphilitic mule cock.


She was one woman that was a CLASS act!


Who could forget when Kramer had to fire her from her role in a production because everyone else was terrified of her — and she ripped him to pieces?

Her Seinfeld appearance was hardly what she will be remembered for but it was so random at the time it had me rolling.


Moment of silence. (Party time when Jane Fonda goes.)
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

She was never in the military, but she gave plenty of soldiers good cause to “stand at attention”.


Interesting history with her…born in Chicago of Bolivian descent. Apparently one of her Bolivian cousins was a successful politician back in the old country and became President of Bolivia. I will say, she was a welcome contrast to that bitch Jane Fonda when she decided to visit OUR troops in Vietnam. What aggravates me is that Fonda still lives…

Raquel was of a previous generation to me but I did think she was a hottie and also remember seeing her on a rerun of Laugh In on Nick at Nite. Smoking hot with a great sense of humor. Descanse en paz, Raquel.



How many Hail Marys and Our Fathers would it take to bring Jane Fonda’s cancer back? Just interested.