Weekend Open Thread

| February 17, 2023

You wake up from your sleep and see this fellow close to you just beyond your arm’s reach. You are going to take him on with the closest item to you. What are you fighting him with? Enjoy your weekend!

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Yep, back in the driver’s seat.


Have a good weekend…for the 3 day folks, enjoy additional playtime.


To all, the buffet awaits, belly up.
Nice to see all you miscreants.

RGR 4-78

That buffet has Diabeatus, and Congestive Heart Failure all over it. 😵 

Congrats on the WOT 1ist.


The 👑 Good Sir. Played hell trying this game in the Homo Depot store on My phone. Hey I’m still FIRST in the Courting of OAM. Check the Teddy Bear Thread for proof. Congo Rats be upon you

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

All Hail ChipNASA! King of this week’s WoT.


Congrats, Good Sir!

Song Of The Week Dedicated To Our Very Own ChipNASA!

“Tom Petty – It’s Good To Be King [Official Music Video]”

its good to be king.jpg

Rats of the Cong, Chip!

Hack Stone

It’s easy to claim first post when the competition is “pending approval”. Your title for first should have an asterisk next to it.



Commissioner Wretched

Congrats, Chip!


(Elbis voice..thankyavewrymuch)

Commissioner Wretched

Okay, sort it out … and I’ll just leave the trivia column for you. Enjoy!

Did pieces of candy save a Marine division during the Korean War?
By Commissioner Wretched
Another silly holiday this week, though by the time you read this column it will have passed. I am talking, of course, about Valentine’s Day.

As a boy in school, I hated Valentine’s Day. When I grew up, everybody in class brought generic Valentine cards for everyone else, and we went home with as many as there were kids in the class. Since our families all shopped in the same neighborhood stores, you can probably guess we all received several duplicate Valentines, just with different scrawled names on them. But there wasn’t any real sentiment behind them; it was just another class assignment.

Commissioner Wretched

It was the ‘60s and we didn’t have the funny or dark Valentine cards we can get these days. They would’ve been a hit with the kids I grew up with, though.

All that being said, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day … and your class assignment this week is another boatload of trivia!

Did you know …

… the first Valentines created to be sold in the United States were made in 1844? Esther Howland (1828-1904) patented a lacy Valentine design that year, and by 1860 her factory was selling thousands of Valentines, making Howland a very rich lady. (Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I had to add this one.)

Commissioner Wretched

… one of the most famous ancient Greek statues isn’t Greek at all? Discobolus, or “The Discus Thrower,” by the Greek sculptor Myron (480 BC-440 BC) is a classic piece of art, showing a man in the midst of, well, throwing a discus. But the statue itself is not the one made by Myron – that no longer exists. The one we see today is a Roman copy of the original, and a restoration itself – 19th Century art experts assembled the statue from pieces of the Roman copy. (Art, too, is fleeting, or so it seems.)

Commissioner Wretched

… the United States has been accused of plotting intergalactic war? According to Paul Hellyer (1923-2021), former Minister of Defense for Canada, the U.S. has been making plans for intergalactic war, though he did not say with whom. Hellyer was a long-standing believer in alien visitations to Earth and said that proof of extraterrestrial visits is overwhelming, but science just dismisses it. (Hellyer never specified how we’d fight beings in another galaxy – that’s what intergalactic war means, of course.)

… a famous frontiersman detested the headgear with which he is associated? Any mental picture of Daniel Boone (1734-1820) includes a coonskin cap. Boone hated coonskin caps. In fact, he detested them so much he never wore one. According to an article written by his son Nathan Boone (1781-1856), Dan’l would wear a regular slouch hat, but he would not wear raccoon-fur caps. (Take that, 1960s TV show!)

Commissioner Wretched

… with a single exception, all prime numbers are odd numbers? A prime number is any number higher than one that has only two factors – itself and one. The only even prime number is two. (Which is as may be, but it’s only interesting if you speak math.)

Commissioner Wretched

… pieces of candy saved a Marine Corps division during the Korean War? During the battle of Chosin Reservoir, from November 26 to December 13, 1950, the First Marine Division was battling Chinese forces when most of the U.S. vehicles had been disabled for various reasons. The Marines were becoming critically short of ammunition and mortar rounds, and requested resupply. During that time, code words were used (naturally) and the code for mortar rounds was “Tootsie rolls.” When the request went up the chain, however, the people who filled it were apparently not aware of the code, and they sent the Marines crates of actual Tootsie Roll™ candy. Before anyone could lodge a protest, however, one maintenance man realized he could use the candy, so the Tootsie Rolls were unwrapped and used to plug holes in gas tanks, radiators, and anywhere else they could be used. 

Commissioner Wretched

The maintenance crews were able to repair most of the vehicles and the Marines used them to withdraw to safety. It is thought that, had that error not been made, the Marines would have been overrun. Additional trivia note: Some of the remaining Tootsie Rolls are on display at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia. (Sweet way to fight a war, no?)



Commissioner Wretched

… the first singing commercial aired in 1926? On December 24, 1926, radio listeners heard a quartet of singers give forth a ballad regarding the breakfast cereal Wheaties™. (If you want to sing about your breakfast cereal, who am I to stop you?)

… of the 250 species of shark in the world, only 18 are dangerous to man? (Only 18? That does not make me feel any better about encountering a shark in the ocean.)

… penguins are piscivores? No, it’s not some strange bird religion. A piscivore is an animal that only eats fish and other sea creatures. (Why, what did you think it meant?)

… Hollywood has a population of feral chickens living under a freeway? They are found under the Los Angeles Freeway offramp on Vineland Avenue. They’ve been there since the 1970s, and nobody is sure how they got there. All efforts to remove the birds have failed. ( … feral chickens? Now I’ve heard everything.)


NM is authorizing a hunt for feral cattle in the Gila Wilderness area now.

Hack Stone

Penguins are piscivores because they can’t find a good deli on Antarctica.

Commissioner Wretched

… the world’s highest waterfall is not Angel Falls? Located in Venezuela, Angel Falls is cited as the world’s highest, with a vertical drop of 3,212 feet. But the highest on Earth is underwater, in the Denmark Strait. Cold water from the Nordic Sea drops more than two miles where it meets the warmer waters of the Irminger Sea. (But you won’t see any sightseers there.)

… you could be suffering from melophobia? It’s the term for the fear of music. (A very off-key feeling, if you ask me.)

Now … you know!


Congrats Chip.


As is my marital duty here.
Here’s your ammoseek for this week.

45 ACP popped and dropped.

ammoseek 2-17-23.JPG

This Saturday Night Live about “Jake From State Farm” is pretty good…

3 Minutes.

Wait for the ending!


OK I have to admit, SNL has been absolute ASS for years but that…THAT was funny.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What do I fight Mr Cross-Eyes with?
First is my pillow to distract him
Second is my 45 I keep in my bedside table.

**Cough Cough** maybe we need to organize a Spring boating accident excursion.
(Canik not Glock)

MCK Conversion Kit Olive Drab Green-MCK.jpg
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IF he gets by KOVU, my granddaughter or son I keep my Gerber under my pillow or .38 strapped to my mattress…

RGR 4-78

Dammit Thebesig, how did you get my picture to use for the WOT? 😆 

Green Thumb

Dude up top looks like he has had enough of All-Points Logistics.

Yes, employement there will do this to a person.



“Harris Mocked For New Word Salad, Saying Spy Balloon ‘Not Helpful’ For U.S.-China Relations: ‘Master Of Words'”


“She stated, “We will maintain the perspective that we have in terms of what should be the relationship between China and the United States. That is not going to change, but surely and certainly that balloon was not helpful, which is why we shot it down.”


A Terminal Lance Coolie

Dunno what she said, but I’d like to be reimbursed for the brain cells it cost me trying to decipher it.


Things We Never Knew About The Air Force:

“America’s MASSIVE Military Airplane That Is Named After A Porn Star”

“The C-5 galaxy, the largest strategic airlifter in the United States Air Force will boggle your mind with its the 90-degree rotating landing gear, the fact that it can kneel down, the ability to travel in reverse, and its strange passenger deck with seats that face backward toward the rear of the airplane. The C-5 has a few really cool nicknames, one of them being Linda Lovelace (You read that right!)..”


Clearly, it’s been a while since.

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We are looking forward in seeing this documentary by Vince Everett Ellison, which will be released on 25 February 2023:


Here is the Trailer for the documentary.

2 Minutes.


Well, we give him credit for admitting he is suffering from clinical depression and is willing to be treated for it.

Sadly, there are others who are/were in denial about their depression and/or refused treatment.

We also give Ted Cruz KUDOs for extending his support to Fetterman for checking into Walter Reed for his depression.

“Fetterman Checks Himself Into Hospital ‘To Receive Treatment For Clinical Depression'”


“Cruz Extends Support After Fetterman Checks Into Hospital For Clinical Depression: ‘Mental Illness Is Real'”



Have yet to hear one peep from the Democratic Party…

“Biden Health Evaluation Missing Mental Status Exam: Medical Expert”


“President Biden was deemed to be “healthy” and “vigorous” in his latest physical conducted Thursday but medical experts pointed out his doctor didn’t mention the president’s mental status.”

“Dr. Marc Siegel asked Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday how Biden’s doctors arrived at those results without a complete battery of testing.”

Siegel highlighted Biden’s “stiff gait” saying “it is sometimes a sign of cognitive problems.” The explanation for the stiff gait in the president’s physical was attributed to “peripheral neuropathy, meaning loss of sensation in his feet,” however, Biden’s doctors “don’t know where that’s coming from,” according to Dr. Siegel.”


At that age, some things should be a concern.

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Based on my new comment on the Donations article…
I went to check out my old saved bookmarks
on the
Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.

Their long time FakeBook page… GONE.

Not a padlock. Double broken chain links DELETED.

Also, their website is DORMANT, no “Upcoming Events” since 2021.

Enjoy a victory dance, a victory smoke, or a victory drive.

I’m now heading out for the latter 2,
to sit on a heated seat,
and down some Marlboros,
in my old but sporty little rear wheel drive V6 MB.


Elko POW MIA FaceBook Page POOF GONE.jpg


It’s still up…

Last post was dated 3 days ago, 14 Feb…something about a motorcycle rodeo.

The post before that was 9 Feb about a Friday meeting…

They will never admit their “Leader” lied to them. It’s called “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” or “Living In An Alternate Reality World..”


Are you sure,
normally when some person or page BLOCKS someone else,
OR the page is deactivated,
taken down temporarily, for future resurrection,
FaceBook shows the padlock screen.

I checked again, and it’s the broken chain links,
which has always openly meant permanently deleted.

Unless I have a link error,
here is my longtime link, now showing POOF.


I see POW MIA Pocatello, Idaho goin’ on..
just as you describe.


Google search on Elko shows links to other places,
the Elko POW MIA website’s
Links page, to “Visit Us on FaceBook”…

ALL lead to POOF.


Here’s the Pocatello POW MIA page…
with search for “Les Brown”.

No mention of either Elko nor Les Brown on the Pocatello page
since the Summer 2021 Phony Les Brown Phony Funeral.

In fact, no mention of “Elko” anything since December 2020,
when Les Brown was no more.

It appears Idaho got the shits of the bad potatoes in Nevada.



I got more help here.
I stand corrected.
For reasons unknown,
FaceBook is giving me the chain links in error,
as it appears that I am BLOCKED by Elko POW*MIA page,
which SHOULD be a padlock screen.

BTW, the future event advertised,
is NOT Elko chapter, but Pocatello, Idaho chapter.

These are the screenshots I got from a FB friend assisting.
Thanks for watching this.

Elko POW MIA FaceBook Page NOT POOF 1 and 2.jpg

Buick V6?


Mercedes CLK coupe. 🙂


As usual, late to the party.
For this week’s AAR:
Mrs. GB’s Monday total knee replacement went very well, and the pain has been much less than feared. Her first PT appointment on Wednesday had the director almost fall off his chair at the amount of flexation and extention she has still. 2nd one today went well, too.
#1 Grandson was driving to college Valentine’s Day when he hydroplaned on the interstate, hitting the concrete median hard enough to break the A-frame on the front passenger side. He, however, has only some minor soreness. Since I can replace a vehicle, and not a grandson, I really am grateful for the outcome.
Yes, he feels terrible about it. And as of last night had not yet gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle yet. We are trying to encourage him.
Brother is doing fine (although I haven’t been able to go see him this week).
But I can testify – God watches over His own.


Praying for full recoveries…



THANK YOU so much for the Updates on your Family…Big Time Prayers for your Grandson! You are SO RIGHT when you commented “Since I can replace a vehicle, and not a grandson, I really am grateful for the outcome.”

Hope you have fully recovered from your nasty cold…No fun in having that!

Thank You for being an Inspiration not only to the Graybeard Family but also the TAH Family.

Zechariah 2:8

“You’re the one that I have chosen, You are mine and that’s forever, I will love you like no other, In My house we’ll be together”

“When you call Me I will hear you, Always know that I am near you, Watching over to protect you, In My arms just remember”

“Whoever touches you, Touches the apple of My eye, Oh My child, You are My treasure, In Me you can hide”

“When you’re lonely, when you’re threatened, In your trials you’re scared and troubled, When you’re burdened and if you’re running, call to Me and hear Me answer”.


Prayers to you and yours GB, glad to hear that everyone is doing ok

A Proud Infidel®™

I was once again occupied, but I comfort myself by awarding me another Honorary First.


jeff LPH 3 63-66

missed by 38

jeff LPH 3 63-66

First 38, which I forgot to add.

A Proud Infidel®™

Poetrooper sends us this bit of hilarity.
Listen: Dodge Adds Ridiculous Fake Exhaust to Make EV Sound Like a Muscle Car

Johnathan Jones
Dodge has added a fake exhaust system to an electric vehicle that is supposed to offer its drivers a more authentic muscle car experience.

Thanks Poe.

raw power toy.jpg

Like everything else beloved by liberal Democrats, their electric muscle car is phony… 🙄 


So sad…They had the best damn muscle cars on the street, and now they’ve been reduced to this…


Golf cart.


To answer the WOT question of “You are going to take him on with the closest item to you. What are you fighting him with?”

My answer is my FNX 45 Tactical, 15+1 which is always in my nightstand drawer and is always open when I go to bed.

Maybe I’d get him, maybe not, but it damned sure won’t be for lack of practicing the grasp, removal, and sights on target training I do with it continually.


After I hit him with. CPAP machine, I have a choice iof .22 magnum, .380, or k-frame .357 within three feet. Guess which one I grab first…


well, he’d have to get past the small furry alarm system that sleeps on the bed, and the 140lb fur missle that sleeps at the end of the bed, but if he managed that, I could choose between a .45, a .40, or .300 blk pistols, or multiple edged weapons.. and that assumes that the wife doesn’t wake up first and decide to engage with her own .45..




Biden ordered it shot down anyway.


Deploying the FU of Google on NEVADA and IDAHO further,
and scouring the Book of the Fake…

3 other POW MIA org chapters… NV VFWs and Legions…
and the past Elko Vests and Phony Defenders….

No mention of Elko POW MIA, for a LONG TIME.
Last thing I found, was someone mentioning
Elko POW MIA Awareness Ass
participating in the 2022 Veterans Day parade.

But alas…. Here it is.
VFW and veterans Honor Guard.
No Harleys.
No vests.
No patches.
No POW MIA anything, anywhere near this parade.

ELKO POW MIA Awareness Ass were
ABSENT from the 2022 Elko Veterans Day Parade.

Let me know if anyone finds anything resembling a pulse.
It appears the ELKO POW MIA…
is now themselves MIA.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

It appears
the 2023 Chili Feed was cancelled
because in 2022
the Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass has been cancelled.

Last edited 3 months ago by MarineDad61

Did I see the Colors hanging upside down on the ladder truck?


Camera angle makes it look somewhat upside down.

US flag vertical.jpg



Just sayin’.

A Proud Infidel®™

Anybody else here ever get betrayed by a couple of people in a row? All I can say is that anymore all someone has to do is betray me and my family EVEN ONCE and after that if I was to find out if the betrayer was on fire, I would show up to the place with diesel fuel and logs to make sure the sonofabitchmotherfucker burnt to a crisp.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone doing one of his check ins with the Staff Duty Officer. Currently on base at Walter Reed in Bethesda setting up the Red Hat and Y3K software kiosk at the main gate. They won’t be allowed on base unless they buy some software.