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| February 6, 2023

So much news, so little to snark about…

First up on my list: What idiot thought it would be a good idea for pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs? We complain about high drug prices, yet we have Big Pharma spending millions, if not billions, advertising drugs which only doctors can prescribe to the great unwashed? “If you have (letters meaning some made-up dsease which didn’t exist before an otherwise useless drug was found to treat it and only it – I’m talkin’ ’bout you, Restless Leg Syndrome) XYZ, it is best treated by our new wonder drug Adnauseum! Side effects may include shortnes of breath, ugliness, syphllis, death, leprosy, and uncontrollable flatulence”.  You can only get Adnausum from a licensed physician…and he/she already knows what they will prescribe for this (due to the attention and/or rewards from that cute pharmaceuticals rep). In any case, I have never met a doctor in my life who would take advice from a PATIENT as to what to prescribe. Geez, most of them think they are God anyway,  much less listening to some idiot yammering for Adnauseum when his problem is something completely different (say, like a broken neck.) Yet we allow the companies to write off said millions/billions as expenses.

Second: a personal favorite – “moderate to severe” anything. Whoever came up with THAT little doozy needs to be spit-roasted slowly over a nice bed of bright red charcoal. And you can use the term spit-roasted any way you want.

Third: describing a Chinese spy balloon as a “meteorological research” balloon. Insisting they couldn’t bring it down short of a full pass over the US due to a potentially dangerous debris field. A slowly descending balloon is not gonna create a huge debris field…and having been in places like Idaho, Kansas, etc. I can asure you that there is a LOT of open area into which the USS Enterprise could crash land and only a few people would be affected.

Last, one we all know and love: “mostly peaceful”. Saw it again in an article how Little Turtle was shot during “mostly peaceful” protests. He/They/Sheeit shot a cop in the stomach. Bullet matched to his gun, caps say it was him, gun was officially purchased by him…and yet since they were “mostly peaceful” protests the cops are catching flak, and headlines are that the first ever environmental protester was killed. It’s as bitterly amusing as all the rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem in the wake of St. George’s death, which is when the “mostly peaceful” phrase originated. If I pee in your beer, it’s still “mostly beverage”, right?

Oh, and in a nod to Lars – I see where some Biden folks claim we had brief Chiese overflights during the past administration, as if that excuses this one. Now, that this was never spoken of until now, senior security guys from the Trumpp administration say it never happened, and Biden’s favorite blame-deferrence tactic is “Trump whataboutism” – I am sure those are all coincidental. Given how the Trumpers were pilloried in the press for any missteps, I find this a bit thin- but then I am a bit of a cynic sometimes.

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So there was a big Chicom balloon that drifted lazily across the US from Alaska to the eastern seaboard that everyone was aware of, in that it could be seen from the ground and whatnot, and Trump didn’t have it shot down until it had traversed the entire US and I just didn’t hear about it because all of the reporters and Dem Pols just didn’t think it was worth talking about? Seems a bit far fetched.


Nope, according to that well spring of truth and accuracy know as the Biden Administration,(inaudible) Senior Government Official says there were three of them.

The reason the media didn’t report on them was because they loved Trump so much.

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of course, they have not produced the evidence that explains their claims yet…I’m sure that will comoe out soon…as soon as it can be declassified. Just pay attenion to the change in font, because we always use differnet font in classified documents to show that they are classified! 😉

USMC Steve

Libtards never provide any substantiation for anything they say in my experience. They just expect everyone to believe it.


Whats more entertaining is that after that statement was put out by (inaudible) not one person in the media asked a single question about it. Like when, where, why didn’t somebody do something about it? It’s almost as though they suddenly had a serious lack of interest in the previous administration that has been on their front page for the last two years.

Now supposedly it happened, but nobody told the Trump administration that was a spy balloon above the country…

Trump ‘Never Informed’ of Chinese Balloons by Pentagon: Congressman (

I didn’t know they stacked bullshit that high.

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RGR 4-78

If the MSM won’t comment on it continuously through at least 1 news cycle, then it’s bulls#!t.




“Sources: Fort Sill Commander Suspended from Duty for Allegedly Breaking Hunting Rules on Base”

“The commanding general of Fort Sill, Oklahoma, was temporarily suspended from duty Friday as part of an investigation into allegations of repeated violations of hunting rules on base, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation.”

“Maj. Gen. Kenneth Kamper, an artillery officer, was suspended in the midst of an inspector general investigation into his conduct.”

“The investigation is tied to hunting on Fort Sill property, with some complaints revolving around Kamper allegedly not going through the proper approval process and skirting local rules, according to two Army officials with direct knowledge of the situation.”


He was forced down last week without explanation. Looks like he got caught not following peon rules. Seems kind of extreme so this is likely the tip of the iceberg here. I bet he told a Game Warden to get wrecked or something similar.


We were wondering the same thing reference the Game Warden…👍👍👍🫡

RGR 4-78

He may have been sneaking into the edge of the artillery range impact area, less hunting pressure and some big antlers.


I still remember having to literally scare the herds of elk off at Carson to set up the TOC back in the 90s. Of course it was in a no-hunt zone.


Competition for the mountain lions there.

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A Proud Infidel®™

So skirting on-post rules and regs about Hunting is obviously NOT one part of “Rank has privileges” as this Ossifer has just found out!




David commented:

“Supposedly said major lost an almost new Bronco II, all his camping gear, his rifle…does NOT pay to mouth off to a game warden.”



The forfeiture clause comes into to play in poaching. Poaching in NM is more of a specific charge of animal wastage for trophy hunting. It is also a felony. If he was hemmed up with that the Army likely showed him the door.

Hunting without a license and stamps can rack up a few hundred in fines though.


More like a gun bunny got in trouble over hunting bunnies.

MG Ken Kamper commissioned as an Artillery Officer in 1989 from the United States Military Academy at West Point. His military education includes a Bachelor of Science from the U.S Military Academy, a Master of Arts from the U.S. Naval War College, and a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.


Somebody was bitter and made a complaint to be mean to him.

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“Fort Campbell Sergeant Major Suspended Following Drunk Driving Arrest”

“Command Sgt. Maj. Larry F. Jarrett, the top enlisted soldier for the 101st Airborne Division’s 129th Division Sustainment Support Battalion, was arrested Jan. 13 by the Montgomery County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of driving under the influence…”

“The senior noncommissioned officer also is accused of violating Tennessee’s implied consent law, which requires drivers to submit to a breath or blood testing when police suspect they’re impaired by alcohol or drugs.”

“The battalion sergeant major was reportedly pulled over for an issue with his vehicle’s taillights when a sheriff’s deputy noticed he had difficulty retrieving his identification and answering basic questions. Jarrett appeared disoriented and performed poorly on field sobriety tests.”


Somebody didn’t listen to his own safety briefing.


Isn’t that how it always happens?


A Proud Infidel®™

“What’s the big deal about alcohol? Look at what Sergeant major did!”


“Do As I Say, Not As I Do!!”



You’re not a real Soldier until you’re the reason for a safety briefing.


Woops, no brigade level CSM assignment in his future it seems. Reassignment as a regular ole SGM, GOMOR & likely QMP.😕


He’ll retire now.

A Proud Infidel®™

And do so very quietly.


Doesn’t happen just at Fort Bliss any more!


“Fort Polk Battalion Commander Relieved Amid Criminal Investigation”

“Lt. Col. Jon-Paul Depreo was relieved as commander of the 46th Engineer Battalion, a separate battalion of the Fort Bragg, North Carolina-based 20th Engineer Brigade…”

“Depreo’s relief is linked to an incident that occurred at the battalion’s Dec. 14 holiday ball at a casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana…”


Have to wonder what he did. In the age before cell phones when I was an LT, we had a two star pass out underneath a table from inability to hold his liquor (or a stomach virus, said he).


Wow…This happened when you were an LT?

Still chuckling about the “stomach virus..”


Thank You for sharing your intersting story!


Yes, 1996 when I was in OBC. It was my first officer type social event. I had no idea it was going to get crazier than my last enlisted party.

A Proud Infidel®™

Kinda sounds like he’s in some deep Kimchee!


Wonder what the LTC did at the BN Christmas Ball…



What? Or perhaps, who?

A Proud Infidel®™

Like the 1SG who tried to bang another NCO’s hot Wife?

Skivvy Stacker

Probably didn’t understand that the term Christmas Ball didn’t mean Christmas BALLING.


St. Barbara’s Day was a big deal, eh?

Eat the dinner, shake hands with key leaders and split before trouble found you.

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“Former US Navy Captain Sentenced in ‘Fat Leonard’ Scandal”

“A former U.S. Navy captain who was caught up in a massive contracting scandal was sentenced Thursday to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for taking nearly $91,000 in bribes.”

“Retired Capt. David Haas also was ordered to make restitution and to pay a $30,000 fine.”

“Prosecutors said Haas, 54, of Kailua, Hawaii, was among dozens of Navy officials who were bribed to help obtain defense contracts for a man known as “Fat Leonard” Francis.”

“From 2011 to 2013, Haas, who was captain of the 7th Fleet command ship Blue Ridge, accepted tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of entertainment, including hotel rooms, prostitutes, alcohol and dinners, during multi-day parties arranged by Francis overseas…”

“I should never have had a relationship with that guy,” Haas said.”

A Proud Infidel®™

*Huge flushing noise*

Hey Bud, there goes YOUR career!


From the article:

“In federal court in San Diego on Thursday, he told the judge he had brought shame on his family and the Navy and tarnished his two-decade career…”

“I should never have had a relationship with that guy,” Haas said. “I should never have allowed Leonard Francis into anywhere.”

“According to the court documents, Haas received the following bribes, among others, from Francis:

“On May 11-15, 2012, Francis paid for rooms at the Shangri-La in Jakarta, Indonesia, plus dinner, entertainment at a night club, alcohol and prostitutes for Haas and others.”

“On June 29-30, 2012, in Tokyo, Japan, Francis paid for a two-day party for Haas and others including transportation, dinner at Nobu Restaurant and entertainment at several hostess clubs where the services of prostitutes were provided, at a cost of more than $75,000.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Looks like “Fat Leonard” knew how to get what he wanted from guys who thought with their pricks!


“Air Force Removes Deputy Chief Of Chaplains From Post After ‘Pattern Of Shortfalls’

“The second-highest ranking chaplain in the Air Force has been removed from his leadership post at the Pentagon due to a loss of confidence and a “pattern of shortfalls,”…”

“Brig. Gen. J. Daniel Brantingham, the deputy chief of chaplains, who had been in the post for about a year, was removed at the end of January…”

A Proud Infidel®™

“Saw it again in an article how Little Turtle was shot during “mostly peaceful” protests. He/They/Sheeit shot a cop in the stomach. Bullet matched to his gun,…”

Yesyesyes. BUT those pesky “waycist” facts get in the way of the liberal media lackeys stirring the proverbial pot at their Masters’ behest!


“Texas Lawyer Shot In Face By Dick Cheney In Hunting Accident Dies At 95”

“Harry Whittington, the Texas attorney and prominent state GOP power broker who was shot in the face nearly two decades ago by then-Vice President Dick Cheney, has died. He was 95.”

“Whittington’s wife, Mercedes Baker, confirmed to The New York Times Monday that her husband died peacefully at home early Saturday morning following a short illness.”

Skivvy Stacker

That sure took a while….


Sarah Beth Clendaniel who is mentioned in this article?

“FBI Arrests Man, Woman With ‘Extremist’ Views In Alleged Power Grid Attack Plot Targeting 5 Substations”

She was arrested in 2016 for holding up stores using a machete:

“Police Nab Nachete-Yielding Suspect & Her Alleged Accomplice After String Of Robberies”

What are we missing?


What are we missing?

Meth. Lots and lots of meth. Enough meth to stay high all year long.

But that’s impossible anyway. There is no way for a convicted felon to get a gun in Maryland.


What did Madonna do to her face????


“Madonna Unrecognizable At Grammys: ‘That Can’t Be Her? Can it?’”


The question is “Why?”


Meh, she looks ok for 64 the way she has lived her life. If she wants to go full space alien feelers that’s on between her and her hair stylist.

I got a better question…

comment image

Did Mardi Gras start without me?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

One too many plastic surgeries (lift, fill, peel, inject, whatever)


Not to mention her “handgrip” hairstyle. She looks skanky.


Welcome to Earth.

Commissioner Wretched

Yet another reason why, when aliens go past Earth, they lock their doors.


Somebody better help collect the Chinese Spy Balloon material quick, before it ends up in another Myrtle Beach souvenir shop on the strip:


Playing catch up.

Bernadette from TBBT made mention that Pharm can invent a disease and a cure all in the same day. More infections means more $. Only medical ads I watch are the ones for the “40 blue pills or 40 yellow pills for $99.” And that’s just for the eye candy.

ANY incursion into US Air Space should be dealt with immediately and with extreme prejudice. Would you let a known thief roam around your yard/house? Nope!

The enviro notzis are protesting building on the Old State Prison/Penitentiary/Farm grounds. It is NOT “Old Growth Forest. Punk as mofo got what he deserved when he SHOT a GSP Trooper. GSP shoot back and they have excellent “gun control”.

Lars, go piss up a rope.

Going by ninja’s posts, look like we’re early on the SPoTW Thread. Dumbasses!


If we get trigger happy with incursions, one if our oh-so-civilized rivals will send an aircraft full of civillians “off course” over something with ADA.



Like Ozempic/Wegovy? Seems some diabetics are having a hard time getting the former because people are using the latter in 4-5x the dosage as a weight loss drug.

And yes, both drugs are the same thing (semaglutide.)


The best medicine…EVAH!

comment image


…and found your new boots…..