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| January 28, 2023


Georgia’s Gov. Kemp declared a state of emergency until 9 February and activated 1,000 National Guard troops amid ongoing protests over a new police training facility nicknamed “Cop City”. The new training area is opposed by a coalition of anti-police, “anti-fascist” and environmentalists. You may remember protester Teran (“Little Turtle”), who shot a cop there, and was killed by return fire – the protesters are holding him up as some sort of martyr-type victim. Six were arrested earlier in the week:

The identities of several perpetrators in connection with Saturday’s anti-police riots in Atlanta have been revealed, and many are reportedly wealthy activists who came to Atlanta from other states.

Suspects Francis Carroll, 22 and Emily Murphy, 37, of Maine, Ivan Ferguson, 23, of Nevada, Nadja Geier, 24, of Tennessee, and Madeleine Feola of Washington State made up a list of rioters from outside The Peach State. Only  suspect, Graham Evatt, 20, was a Georgia resident.

“In case you’re wondering who these people are, they come from the key Democratic Party demographic… [which] is upscale professionals and their lunatic children,”  (Tucker) Carlson added, pointing to suspect Francis Carroll, who reportedly grew up in his father’s $2 million mansion and had been photographed on his father’s yacht.  Fox

Carroll, you may remember, is the one reportedly still out on bond from his last go-around with the cops. Wonder if Daddy has been paying his bail?

Oh, and one of Stacey Abrams’ (your favorite Georgia “peach”)  aides, Marisa Pyle, says arson, destroying cars, and property damage are not violence.

“You cannot commit violence against a window or a car. Killing a human? Now that, that is violence,” Pyle said in a tweet.  OANN

Sounds to me like open season on her carWonder if she would react like that if HER car was getting hammered…we’d see how non-violent she is then.

Some people think burning cars is a problem – remember the attorneys who got busted for allegedly burning a cop car during a BLM protest in 2020? Trump’s DoJ wanted them jailed for 45 years. Biden’s just settled for a year, and they were sentenced this week as well as losing their law licenses.

To the Heritage Foundation they were “terrorists”.  while New York magazine allowed that they could be seen as “civil-rights heroes, even martyrs.” The Daily Mail called them “woke lawyers.” In the pages of the New York Times, they were described by a guest contributor as “victims of deeply ingrained injustices.” Yahoo

And, hardly even worthy of mention, Governor Newsom of California is asking for ACTION! on a Federal assault weapons ban after the two recent California shootings – both committed with handguns. Yawn. He’s danced in the fresh blood of victims so long his shoes have different blood types.



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Anna Puma

So torching a car is not violence.

Someone torch Stacey Abrams wardrobe then or the All-u-Can eat buffet.

Freaking enablers of Evil just so they can have power.


Oh, the poor “protestor” killed while trying to shoot cops in revolutionary speech… frickin’ left/libtard media:

A Proud Infidel®️™️

White Liberals, especially rich ones, are the root of a lot of problems.


Chicoms know (and exploit that):
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I said it before, never thought I’d see the day. I always used to tell those Lily-white suburban liberals something similar. I also added that they should hear what the objects of their “benevolence” say about them when they (the liberals) are not around.

Old tanker

Perhaps a law designating crossing state lines to commit domestic terrorism a felony with a mandatory 25 year sentence as well as designating antifa a terrorist organization might help the sitution.


We’ll, we’d need a DOJ willing to enforce that law. I doubt Garland would go that far. Much easier to designate parents of students as terrorists.


It’s “political speech” when Democrats do it– “mostly peaceful” too, you know.

Green Thumb

Only good thing about Abrams is that as a two-time loser (and much like Beto as a three-time loser), I find it hard to believe that she will get funded and run up high again. Down low, maybe, but not up high.

She is slowly drifting off into irrelevancy (and that has to suck for a big mouth “I deserve a prize for showing up mentality” like her). She had her well-funded 15 minutes and two shots at the title, but came up empty-handed.

Hard to believe that the powers that be do not move on to some new talent (and I use this word loosely).

A Proud Infidel®™

I am so looking forward to those two being thrown upon the ash heap of idiots no longer deemed useful.


What if Gov. Kemp declared open season on any and all antifa, BLM, ecoterroist, and similar terrorist groups?

But the Spanish fighting bulls idea has a lot of merit as well.


I had to see it for myself, but the pictures of those bulls simply don’t do them justice.

They aren’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, but they’re as close to pure muscle as possible – and their horns aren’t shaved down. I’m fully in favor of a toreador squad as a replacement for riot response teams… just back up the trailer to an approaching street, drop the gate, and set off some firecrackers.


Activating the Guard was a brilliant move by Kemp. Considering the riots from the Floyd incident that Atlanta politicians allowed. Even assisted. He wasn’t about to let them have the chance to do that again.


The marxoids do not, yet, have an effective counter to soldiers authorized force and plenty of linked ammo, nor the stomach to face bayonets.

Not quite yet.

A Proud Infidel®™

When I was in the NG, full auto Weapons were not authorized on Domestic Disturbances and Natural Disasters, but we DID carry Rifles with at least one loaded 30 round magazine and yes, bayonets.


If you initiate force against someone, life, liberty, and/or property, it is violence.

The Marxist denies the right of property, thus denies destroying someones property is violence. They are pretty open about this.

Note, if you press the topic, they also deny that -you-, opponent of Marxism thus “fascist”, have any rights to liberty or life, thus violence is only ever directed at them, not they against others.

And once you understand that view of theirs, what they say conveys their clear malevolent and lethal intent against you in their every statement.


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Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

You shoot at a LEO (or anyone else down heah) you can expect to be shot back at. Less we forget, the dirtbag not only shot at, he SHOT and WOUNDED a GSP Officer. He was warned to drop his weapon and still fired at other LEOs. Mofo got what he deserved. GSP don’t like it when you shoot their Brothers and Sisters.

I’ll point this out too…The perp that is a GA “Resident”? His “residence” is in DeKalb County which is Ground Zero Headquarters of “The Other Tank” Abrams. Make of that what you will.

Run some feral hogs behind the bulls, they’ll clean up any leavings.