Using the military to inflict damage on cartels crossing the southern border

| January 6, 2023

Donald Trump, in a recent statement, vowed to leverage US special forces and other US military assets to inflict maximum damage on cartels if reelected. Trump addressed the deteriorating situation at the border, even contrasting the current state at the border to what it was when he was president. He laid out a comprehensive plan on how he was going to deal with the cartels given the negative impacts their actions have had on Americans.

From Fox News:

Trump, who announced his 2024 presidential campaign late last year, said drug cartels are “waging war on America” and it is “now time for America to wage war on cartels.”

“Joe Biden has sided against the United States and with the cartels,” Trump said in a video Thursday. “Biden’s open border policies are a deadly betrayal of our nation.”

“When I am president, it will be the policy of the United States to take down the cartels, just as we took down ISIS and the ISIS caliphate – and just as, unlike the situation we are in today, we had a very, very strong border,” Trump continued. He said his administration oversaw the “strongest border… in the history of our country.”

Trump said that if elected, he will “order the Department of Defense to make appropriate use of special forces, cyber warfare, and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on cartel leadership, infrastructure and operations.”

Trump also said he would designate major cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, which would sever their access to global financial systems, and ask Congress to pass legislation that would ensure drug smugglers and human traffickers receive the death penalty.

“The drug cartels and their allies in the Biden administration have the blood of countless millions on their hands – millions and millions of families and people are being destroyed,” Trump said.

“When I am back in the White House, the drug kingpins and vicious traffickers will never sleep soundly again,” he said. “We did it once, and we did it better than anybody else.”

Trump touted border security under his leadership, calling it “strong” and “powerful” and “respected all over the world.”

“And now we’re laughed at all over the world, and we’re not going to let that happen much longer,” Trump said.

“We have to take over, we have to be tough, we have to be smart, we have to be fair. But if we don’t do something immediately, our country is gone,” he added.

Trump’s remarks came just as President Biden announced expanded border measures ahead of his first ever visit to the southern border next week as his administration struggles to deal with a historic surge in migrants.

Biden announced the expansion of a humanitarian parole program for Venezuelan nationals to include Haitians, Cubans and Nicaraguans. That program will allow 30,000 people each month from all four counties to be paroled into the U.S. for a two-year period as long as they have a financial sponsor and pass other conditions. Those who attempt to enter illegally are made ineligible for the program.

Fox News has the rest of the story here.

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OK, I’ll do it…

“You want a War on Drugs? I’ll show you how to wage a War on Drugs!!”

Eric (formerly the OC Tanker)

Should have been done 40 years ago. put the Cav on the border run mounted patrols along the border trace with dismounted ambush patrols along mounted and dismounted avenues of approach. Make them feel the pain.


And give orders to shoot anyone wearing cammo or carrrying one of those massive packs.


I agree. Shoot on sight and bury them in an unmarked pit.

Fuck ‘em.

pookysgirl, WC wife

I have no problem with this. However, I’m pretty sure the cartels would start using children almost exclusively, which the Left will use as a cudgel. We have to be prepared to keep fighting the invaders as we’re blanketed with pictures of tiny, bullet-riddled bodies.

Hack Stone

About time someone said it.


Because the cartels are a Clear and Present Danger. You’re up, Mr. Clark.


I’m all for part of sniper school being a live-fire setup on the border targeting coyotes (two legged) and cartel members.

Just because a bullet ‘strays’ across the border like an immigrant illegal alien it is not our fault, nor an invasion.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Just have a clearly marked line, one foot inside the US border, with signs saying “PELIGRO” (DANGER) one foot inside of that.
Like the signs that say “IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU’RE WITHIN RANGE”, only for illiterate people.
If you cross the line, you’re an invader, and are legally fair game to be shot. Oh, and just leave the bodies. Buzzards gotta eat, too.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

According to the new 1000 year 4th Reich, the border is closed. I see Herr biden is going to check out the closed border this coming Sunday when it will be overlooked by the lamestreem media

A Proud Infidel®™

Der Biden MUST have his appearances marked by a big media propaganda show with liberals slobbering all over him and his soiled Depends® undergarments!


Wonder if Biden, if he actually visits the border versus doing a “flyby” in Marine 1, will be accompanied on his visit by not just by a staff member carrying the “football” but by Commissar/Комиссар carrying the Depends® for a quick change?


“…and to provide for the Common Defence.”

Can’t get much clearer than that. Make the entire border a live fire NTC for the Military. Missions for Brown Water Navy and loiter longer A-10 Wart Hogs.

Prior Service

In 8th grade, living in California, I had a history teacher who was a WWII USMC vet (if you can believe that) who openly stated -in the classroom – that we should “let the machine guns chatter all night long” on the border. I always liked his way of thinking. I suspect he’d be run out on a rail now.


Everything at the border is going exactly, and I mean exactly the way the left wants it to. That is why there is a big “no problem, the border is secure, and stop being racist and sending those people on buses to New York” attitude. If they wanted anything to be different at all, they would do something.