Waffle House fight in Austin, Texas

| December 30, 2022

One of the twitter videos that have recently gone viral involves a Waffle House fight. The scene begins with someone saying that he just wanted his waffles. You could see one employee addressing customers in the corner. Then, several comments and loud voices later, the scene moves towards conflict. It appears something is thrown before a couple of customers jump on the counter. One of the customers falls down, but the fight continues.

From Fox News:

“Waffle House” is trending on Twitter in reaction to a video of an employee deflecting and slapping down a chair that was thrown at her during a fight at one of the chain’s restaurants in Austin, Texas.

The original video, which is more than two minutes long, shows the lead-up and fight between multiple Waffle House customers and employees.

The employee who was struck with two chairs has gone viral for her quick reflexes and impressive deflection.

“The US Military has many branches defending our country,” comedian Brad Williams tweeted. “Army Navy Marines Air Force Waffle House Employees.”

Fox News has the rest of their story, and additional tweets, here.

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A blue cesspool of slime in a great State.


The Blue State sh*thole part of Texas: Austin, Houston and El Paso.

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You’re not wrong.



JC (not THAT one, the other one)

jackie-thumbs-up (1).gif

Scattered, covered, smothered, and whomped.


You already had me…


Waffle House is the land of excitement where anything can happen. Like a man with no pants falling through the ceiling during your breakfast, literally on to your table (lots of loud profanity):


Pass out drunk and their employees will take care of you just like your best buddies in the barracks:


It is also a great place to unwind after mostly peaceful protests. Which is why it is often spared during the mostly peaceful protests:

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And the charges will never be filed.


Or there’ll be worse media coverage and accusations for Waffle House…
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Stupid fatasses shouldn’t climb over counters or throw furniture.



RGR 4-78

Awful waffle.


Village Inn (there’s one at Airway and Montana for y’all familiar with Fort Bliss) is better.


I remember eating at Village Inn when I was working in the Dakotas. Good food and a stack of pancakes with every order!


I miss the old Sambo’s…


Yes. But its logo and the menus couldn’t survive for ten minutes in the present culture.


Had one in Oceanside and papa took our family one Sunday each month…mama discovered Miracle Whip…hate Miracle Whip but loved Sambo’s…


I remember Hobo Joe’s back in the day.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

These eateries are known for people to go to after leaving a bar to get a bite to eat which leads me to believe that after drinking adult beverages at the bar, the peeps who started the fight were waffled.


Why there’s two across an intersection from each other near the Walmart on Skibo outside Fort Bragg– they can both be profitable off the business there. Good ol’ Fayette-‘Nam!

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Never cared for the food at the Awful House and, with the fights breaking out at locations across the country, I’ll just stick to Cracker Barrel.


I like Cracker Barrel but why the hell can’t they serve corned beef hash?

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I can’t think of any national chain that offers corned beef hash. More of a local diner thing, plus I think it’s more regional.


Arby’s does a Corned Beef sammich, but that’s the closest.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I keep looking for a restaurant (preferably Italian) that serves veal parmesan.
My first paying job (late 60s-early 70s) was as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant (Polcari’s) in downtown Boston (IIRC, Boylston Street).
I’d have veal parmesan semi regularly. Ummmmmm………
Can’t seem to find it anywhere in SLC.

Well, when I think Italian, Salt Lake City is the furthest place from my mind. Much like you, I’m from an area with lots of good Italian food options (Chicago area).


Went to Waffle House in Arizona with buddies after a law enforcement seminar…ordered our meals. Drinking coffee and having a smoke and papa cockroach joined us…buddy smashed the roach and we called over waitress. Said with attitude (like it was our fault) we HAD to pay the bill as food was being prepared or law enforcement would be called…
Without blinking we all showed out badges and left…


My brother and I walked into an Awful House just outside of Ft. Campbell on New Year’s Day 1998 and were informed by the hostess that they didn’t have any sausage, potatoes, or waffles.
*Blink Blink*
Run that by me again? The name of the place is Waffle House and you have no stinking waffles?


Gentlemen, I give you her twitter, “Waffle House Wendy”

Green Thumb

No surprise here.

First question on a Waffle House application: Can you fight?


Everyone thinks they can fight, not remembering that throwing a punch is only half the battle. It’s what you do after you take a punch to the mouth or the nose that determines whether you REALLY know how to fight.


That’s some next-level shit with the chair catch. I was seriously impressed.


She was throwing hands with a couple of the customers too. She fucked up a couple of those bitches that went on her side of the counter. It was like some serious close-quarters combat going on and she was on it.