20-17 Army UPDATED

| December 11, 2022


In the 123rd meeting between the Army and Navy military academies, Army prevailed in double-overtime and won by a field goal, 20-17.

Army kicked a field goal with less than 2 minutes in regulation to force overtime, scored a touchdown on its first play of the initial OT period and forced a fumble on Navy’s second OT possession before kicking a field goal to win for the fifth time in the last seven editions of college football’s longest-enduring rivalry.

CBS Sports

Army has now won five of the last 7 games. Offensively their win was a bit shaky – 153 yards compared to the Navy’s 284.  But when you spend all those 284 running BETWEEN the goal lines, they don’t do much good. Either way, the Commander’s Cup Trophy went to…the Air Force, who beat BOTH teams earlier in the season.

Seems the Navy flew into the danger zone, and is now flying rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong. Guess they lost that lovin’ feeling. Back to 4G inverted dives, guys.

UPDATE  later 12-11:

Canoe U. apparently reached their limit at 5 of 7 and fired15-year  coach Ken Niumatalolo. While Coach Ken had winning seasons his first 11 years, they haven’t won more than 4 games in a season for the last four years.

Overall, Niumatalolo posted a 109-83 record as Navy’s head coach with three AAC West titles and three double-digit win seasons (2009, 2015 and 2019) along the way. He is the winningest coach in program history.

Yahoo Sports

Winningest maybe, but four consecutive losing  seasons hurts.

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Watched at most of the game. Run, run, run, punt. Other side…run, run, run, punt. Rinse and repeat. Oh…wait…both teams did throw the ball a time or two…with little to show for it, between hitting defenders in the back with the ball, or having somebody screw up that resulted in a gain canceling penalty. Not even convinced that (GO) Army forced the fumble against (BEAT) Navy. Middie seemed to have gotten a case of slippery ball itus, and the Kay-Dettes got lucky. YMMV Either way, not sure if there is a 2nd Place Trophy in the Ladies Room or not.

Good, hard fought game, no kneeling, Honors were paid to Warrior Heroes, purdy new uniforms, and I am proud of BOTH Teams.

BlueCord Dad

Both teams run the option which is why there is so much runnin’ Though in the last few years both teams have a nascent passing game. And don’t let my handle fool ya. My dad was Navy in the PTO. I grew up rooting for Navy football, so…GO NAVY!…BEAT ARMY!(next year)


Ya mis-spelled “nasty”. gabn


Congrats to the Cadets for a hard fought, historic win. SeeYa next year.

Keep it up, David. Plenty of room on The List.

Mild Bill

Agree, the OT was the most exciting part of the game. A question, where was Slow Joe and Taco Jill?


Where they were for the last one- elsewhere. Can’t have a crowd 60,000 of pro-military fans chanting Fuck Joe Biden on national TV.

Oh yeah. Fuck Joe Biden.


It would be funny to see the press try cover THAT up.


There might have been some reprimends if that happened…no disparaging the Commander in Chief…no matter who he/she is


Is ‘Silent Contempt’ still a thing?

Jay Huyck

“Silent insolence”


“The List”. It’s long, but distinguished. AKA “The Duty Roster”.


Ever find something so awful you have to share?
(sorry Squids, and everyone. This was necessary)


they sure do love it.png

Damn…shots fired.


And The List gets longer.


What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated. ― Thomas Paine

I have not yet begun to spread the lolz. Fire the meme cannons until they glow, pee on them, and fire some more! — Roh-Dog (probably, 2022, colorized)

Truth be told, I’m still jealous of Navy chow and that scar will never heal.

Never, Ed.


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I will agree that the Army is not known for great chow, but I’ve had better food at the Air Force bases I’ve been on than the one Navy installation I was at.


Yeah, well, I can guaran-damn-tee that your name is FIRST on that list.


Does get lonely at the top, Pappy.


Umm, no. It hasn’t.


Great game. Navy has nothing to be ashamed of, they played a great game too. Not sure why Arline was crying on his way to the locker room. But chin up there Navy, bring it in for a group hug.


Navy coach has been fired. Obviously not just for this game, but it sucks to end one’s tenure with a loss.

Go Army.


Time for the ninja family to show up on today’s DA Form 6 Duty Roster…

Merry Christmas, AW1Ed and Mick!!!


“Could ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Actually Win a Best Picture Oscar?”


Go Army…We Beat Navy!!


“Time for the ninja family to show up on today’s DA Form 6 Duty Roster…”

A good Leader never assigns anyone to a Duty that the Leader is not willing to do themselves.

“…Win a Best Picture Naval Aviation Documentary.” FIFY

Welcome back, ninja! You’ve been missed

ABN! (Army Beat Navy) rtr(they’ll be back)hbtd(SEC Champs)

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Jay Huyck

After the Army Football Spring Break Fentanyl death issues and expulsions, I did not foresee a win.