Transgender Navy SEAL veteran announces detransition

| December 7, 2022

Chris Beck was a media favorite since he became a transgender. He spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL before the transgender experience. During his time in the Navy, he did 13 deployments and earned 50 awards/medals. After announcing his becoming a transgender woman named Kristin Beck, he rose to media prominence. However, he has announced his detransition. He is also warning about the transgender craze that is taking place towards the youth.

From CBN News:

“Everything you see on CNN with my face, do not believe a word of it,” he said. “Everything that happened to me for the last ten years destroyed my life. I destroyed my life. I’m not a victim. I did this to myself, but I had help.”

Beck is the latest public figure to announce his decision to detransition.

As CBN News reported, British social media influencer Oli London recently announced his decision to live as a man after dedicating his life to Christ.

“I just want to speak up because there are a lot of people out there who are confused about who they are,” he told CBN News. “I just want people to be the way they are born, the way that God intended.”

A Warning About Protecting Children

Beck, like many other detransitioners, is now advocating for protecting children against the “transgender craze”.

“There are thousands of gender clinics being put up over all of America,” he shared. “As soon as [kids] go in and say, ‘I’m a tomboy or this makes me feel comfortable’ and then a psychologist says, ‘oh, you’re transgender’. And then they set you on hormones – the same hormones they are using for medical castration for pedophiles. Now they are giving this to healthy 13-year-olds,” he explained.

“Does this seem right,” he asked. “This is why I am trying to tell America to wake up.”

Beck’s fiancé, Courtney, says many Americans are deceived into pushing a harmful agenda that is backed by little to no scientific data.

“Transgender ideology is cultish and it is not science-based at all,” she said. “They take that innate human desire to want to change and want to help people and they use it, just like a cult leader would.”

She continued, “The parents are so desperate to fit in with this ideology because of the fear of the ‘us’, ‘them’, they don’t want to be ‘othered’. So now they are using the children as these trophies of like ‘look at me. I have a child that I am accepting of.'”

Beck says thousands of children are being harmed in the process.

“This is a billion-dollar industry between psychologists, between surgeries, between hormones, between chemicals, between follow-up treatments,” he explained. “There are thousands of gender clinics popping up all over our country. And each of those gender clinics is going to be pulling in probably over $50 million.”

“It’s hurting our kids and kids are dying,” he added.

CBN News has additional details.

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“Former Media Darling Kirsten Beck gets memory-holed”
Fixed the headline…
The thing about HIS story is that the media would say HE was a trans SEAL even though HE didn’t “transition” until after HIS service.
I watched a YouTube lecture from this author, Abigail Schrier, and it was eye opening. She mentioned that someone had a daughter in Middle School where 30% of the girls identify as trans. Yet, the media won’t dare mention Social Contagion.
Her book’s title, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, drives the Left as made as asking: What’s a Woman?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

We don’t let children enter into contracts for a reason. We as a society have deemed that it’s inexcusable to expect a 15 year old to understand the complexities behind contract law and its inherent responsibilities.

We have reached a nexus I think, and not necessarily one that is beneficial…we have Supreme Court Judges who can’t identify what makes a woman a woman but we believe a 6 year old can tell us what gender they wish to be for the remainder of their days….

And we have people pushing to keep parents of children out of the decision making process, in direct violation of not only the parent child relationship but our own legal system’s definition of the child’s own incapacity for making life altering decisions before reaching the age of majority.


I imagine we will look back at this era as a dark chapter in our nation in about 10-15 years when kids who were too young to drive, consent to sex or do all kinds of things on their own were forever altered and disfigured by their insane parents because they liked playing with dolls.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It’s an insane moment in time, I tell my colleagues that it’s interesting to me that should I come into my business tomorrow dressed as Santa Claus and claim to be Santa I will be facing a 72 hour mandatory psych hold. However if I put on a dress and demand to be called Margaret from now on anyone who doesn’t comply with my demands is contributing to a hostile work environment…

Delusion remains delusion even when the delusions are now politically acceptable. If a prostate exam is part of your yearly physical routine with your doctor you’re simply not a woman….

I don’t want anyone to be harmed or anything for dressing up like a woman and wanting to be a woman, I bear them no ill will. I simply believe I am not obligated to play along with their delusional mind set.


Surprising, isn’t it when the mentally ill are making the rules, laws, customs and standards for the rest of us who are sane.


and a segment of our ‘countrypeople’ want 16 year olds to vote… but 21 to be the age limit on guns (btws, it’s 21 to buy tobacco here in The Peoples Republik of Connecticrap).

I don’t know about anyone else, as much growing as I still had to do at 18, it was never lost on me that –being an adult male– society expected a certain level of maturity and sacrifice, which I carried willfully.

Alice Cooper was right, again.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’m just north of you in Taxachusetts, or PRoM depending on your perspective…grew up in Connecticut…it was a far different state during the 60s and 70s…


grew up in Connecticut

For the love of God and your sanity, stay the heck away!!

You might get accidentally stuck here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

I think there are lawyers licking their chops waiting for that 10-15 years to start suing doctors and clinics. Maybe sooner.


Just commenting to say it’s nice to see you on here, VOV. I’m only on periodically, so maybe I missed it, but it seems like it’s been a long hiatus for you.

Welcome back, even if you do claim to be Santa.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It’s been a long time, thank you for the kind thoughts.


How do you know he’s not Santa?  😉 


Maybe he has empiric evidence from the commie cuttlefish.


Welcome back VOV. Missed you, glad to see you’re still on the right side of the dirt.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Welcome back!


I’m beginning to think this transgender thing is sometimes just a cry for attention.


I wonder if announcing ones detransitioning is as exciting as
announcing the original transition.
I’m happy for him either way but curious if he is any relation
to Jeff Beck of the Yardbirds.


Doubtful since Jeff is a Brit and Beck is a pretty common name!🎸

Hack Stone

Hack Stone is still waiting for the first Gender Reveal Party to announce the gender is something other than boy or girl. What’s up with that?


I’m no longer invited to Gender Reveal Parties. Who knew you weren’t supposed to get nekkid when you arrived at one? I thought the whole theme was to “reveal your gender”.



(Do not google meat spin)

not quite the same but you get it.


Alternative headline: Transgender surgery is so great, a Navy SEAL did it twice! /s

Old tanker

I do not care what a chronological adult does with their body. I don’t care who they have sex with as long as it is with another adult and is consensual.

IMO any parent that submits a minor child under 18 for gender transition should have their parental rights severed and the child placed in foster care pending adoption. This is not necessary medical treatment to prolong or provide life. No minor is ready to make life long decisions that may quite possibly be irreversible.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

A very prudent and sensible approach I think…and one I find agreeable to my own world view.


Add me to the agreeable list. As long it’s consensual, doesn’t harm children or frighten the horses.


Or embarrass the dog… 😜 


Lars will have step and fill the hole he left behind.

R (1).jpg

Malcom Reynolds: They believe “they can make people … better.” Better than God made? No. God does not exist, never existed, except in the heterosexual patriarchal plan for ruling. You know, like a precursor to the Protocols.


Watch left/libards call him an evil “racist” if they acknowledge his existance at all now.


Interesting; I remember Chris coming on TAH and touting the transition. He’s come to his senses.
Now for a can of worms. I disagree with the “I don’t care who sleeps with whom or what” attitude that is so prevalent in our society. It is an abrogation of morals. Any society that abrogates its morals will eventually fail. The “I don’t care about XXX” is a cop-out to the crowd that wishes to degrade our morals. Look around – the evidence of our society’s degraded morals is everywhere.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

If you mean the abundance of whoring, promiscuous, cheating, and lying in relationships amongst the population as a whole you’re not wrong.

For me the point of that comment is that behind closed doors your idea of who you love might be different than mine and as long as there are consenting adults involved it’s none of my business is my intent. I’m not interested in the government’s involvement in people’s bedrooms under any circumstance.

I prefer as much of a non-statist outlook on life as is possible.

The government which governs best is the government which governs the least.


Thanks, VOV. I agree with most of your missive. Granted, what folks do in their bedroom should remain their business, i.e. not the government’s business, it is also not the government’s business to promote a degenerate lifestyle, which it has been doing. Morality suffers when citizens turn a blind eye – especially since things have gone far beyond the bedroom.


Like… well:
comment image


At this point, I know God’s judgement is coming to this country. I just hope it’s somewhat limited and targeted to remove a few rotten layers and areas.

USMC Steve

So, did this guy just run around in drag, or did he get his stuff lopped off and go whole hog while he was deluding himself?


You mean does he still have franks and beans?

RGR 4-78

That is the same thing I have been wondering.


You can only do much 🍆🌮🍆with what you have

A Proud Infidel®™

Just how many people PROFIT nicely from hurrying people into transition with no regard to the outcome?
Okay, I looked at the article linked like I should have done before commenting and found
“…“This is a billion-dollar industry between psychologists, between surgeries, between hormones, between chemicals, between follow-up treatments,” he explained. “There are thousands of gender clinics popping up all over our country. And each of those gender clinics is going to be pulling in probably over $50 million.”

That along with the mess media once again following the orders from their herders and handlers stirring things up.

Last edited 1 year ago by A Proud Infidel®™

During my seven years in our small community of 130 families with children, eight young kids identify as transgender. Convinced
my grandaughter she is too. My granddaugher is a chick-dude…in other words she is a tomboy who loves shooting, ax-knife throwing, Japanese Bo Stick fighting, working on cars, skateboarding, etc, but wears girlie shorts, bikini, makeup, fingers and nail polish girl shit…took a good while to convince her friends are full of shit…thankfully she has new friends..


Good on ya… 👍  👍  👍 

AT1 ret


Good thing it decided before it got a takeadickfomrme.


Then there’s the dude into “puppy play”…
comment image

Roh-Dog (no relation!)

“Hey, if you dare have a problem with this we’ll call the cops” –Degenerate Leftoids

To wit;


Is this dude Sam Brinton’s hump buddy? And does Admiral Levin get in on the action? Asking for a distant acquaintance.


I’m glad for him that he has come to his senses and speaking out about his experiences.

Getting into the “consenting adults” quagmire:

  1. The government has very little business there. I want to say “no business” but leave some hedge room for “exceptional cases”.
  2. Like it or not, there are societal consequences to ‘consenting adults’ defying God’s order of things. Relatives, and especially children, of those adults are impacted – usually very negatively – by what those ‘consenting adults’ do behind closed doors.
  3. It is not loving to allow someone to engage in self-destructive behavior without warning them of the consequences. Just because I, as a Christian, am called to love my neighbor as myself I must therefore warn my neighbor that there are long-term consequences to their choices.

Today and for the rest of the week I will be working with inmates again – most of them men from households where ‘consenting adults’ decided to do things that screwed up their kids.


Could it be? Russian backed Neo-Nazis trying to disrupt a Drag Show disrupted the power grid with rifle fire?

Neo-Nazis Say Attack Leaving 40,000 Americans in Dark Is Only the Beginning (


I presume Beck is now to be labeled as “transphobic”.