Friday quickies: Rail strike, USM/WNT money, AZ elections, tire deflations

| December 2, 2022

The Senate joined the House in passing a bill causing the rail unions to abide by the Biden-negotiated settlement reached in September… whether the union agreed to the contract or not.

The Senate vote was 80-15. It came one day after the House voted to impose the agreement. The measure now goes to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature.

“I negotiated a contract no one else could negotiate,” Biden said at a news briefing with French President Emmanuel Macron. “What was negotiated was so much better than anything they ever had.”

Yahoo News

Biden signed the bill Friday morning.

Damned if Biden doesn’t sound positively Trumpian.  The workers get their sick time improved from 0 days to 1 day… yeah, helluva improvement. Wonder what “blue flu” sounds like in Railroadese?

The US Women’s National Team will collect $6,500,000 for not playing in the World Cup. Under the new collective bargaining agreement this year, the WNT gets 50% of the MNT prize money. The MNT also gets a share of whatever the WNT wins, so it’s fair.

For context, the $6.5m coming to the women’s team is more than they won in total for their last two World Cup victories. The USWNT earned $4m for winning the 2019 World Cup and $2m for their title in 2015.

The prize money for the 2023 Women’s World Cup has not yet been set, although Fifa president Gianni Infantino has said he wants to “at least double” the pot from 2019. However, even if the prize money doubles to $60m, it would still be dwarfed by the $440m handed out to men’s teams in Qatar.

The Guardian



The primarily Republican election board in Cochise County AZ is refusing to certify its election results, citing concerns over voting machines. Now for the fun part – if they continue to refuse, those votes will disallowed: they are primarily REPUBLICAN and if thrown out will throw the Congressional seat to the Democrat in the race. So the Democratic Secretary of State is suing the Republican board to certify its votes for a Republican, and they don’t want to. My head hurts. Forbes

This is what happens when you write a column and schedule it for later release….a judge ordered the results certified and the board has done so. I would suspect the Republican Party might have a few words for the numbnuts who held up the process and emperiled the elected seats.

This week, former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat, joined Richard Romley, a Republican former Maricopa County attorney, in asking for probes by Arizona’s attorney general and the Cochise County attorney. Goddard and Romley say in a letter that the GOP supervisors likely broke at least three of the state’s criminal laws by willfully refusing to perform their legal duty to certify the election results. NPR



Seems climate activists are using an even more questionable tactic than gluing themselves hither and yon: activists from “Tyre Extinguishers” deflated tires on as many as 900 large SUVs worldwide over the weekend to make it harder for them to be driven in the name of the usual, Mother Earth etc.  I note that the cities cited are not places with high legal gun ownership rates. Wonder why?   Business Insider



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A Proud Infidel®™

WELL, the Railroaders are holding out for better working conditions, but did the mess media go into detail on that? Train Crewmen have been reduced to two per train, and Engineer and Conductor meaning that when anything goes wrong on say a 1 1/2-mile-long train with a gross weight 0f 15=20,000 tons, they’re held responsible for finding out what is wrong often in the middle of nowhere, and the higher echelons of Railroad management have been wanting to make the train operation done by only ONE Crewman. Also, there is NO set scheduling, they’re supposed to be on-call 24-7-365 with no plans whatsoever and NO Sick Leave.


Testify, Proud. I stand with the Railroaders. prezzy sniffy creepy stands with the union bosses (some of the most despicable oxygen stealing, back stabbing, POSes EVAH!) and his buddy, the orifice of Oh Maw Ha (who owns most of the rolling tanker stock hauling the oil that should have been going thru the pipelines). BOHICA, Casey Jones.

Thought the demonrat way was pay to play, not pay to not play. Who knew? That is one more fugly biological female.

Demonrats or Repugnicunts…told y’all there was no difference in the two. It is all about them keeping their power and control over We, The People.

Iffen I was to get a Toy yoda it would be that one…as shown.

Deflate my tires and my cordless hole puncher is gonna deflate you.


Just love how modern “woke” business people vote Democrat, sound like Gandhi and are worse to their employees than anything an 1890s robber baron would be disgusted by.


I wonder how strictly they will follow rules, now that the Donks have thrown the union workers under the train.

One can imagine the creative strict obedience tying the country in knots.


You can bet they, the train crews, will be following the rules to the letter and punctuation. Breaktime? Sorry, no late breaks, and if a crossing gets tied up for my 15 minute break or 30 minute lunch, so be it. Maybe not blocking the crossing itself, but close enough to trip the lights and crossing arms.

When told to move it, break out the Union rules book and point to the break/lunch schedule. Yeah, 2 can play that game.

Of course, the politicians won’t care, and when they raise a stink, remind them that they’re just following the rules negotiated by them. You know, real railroad people.


Underinflated tires lower fuel mileage thus destroying the planet
while uneducated morons run it.

Old tanker

I had read that the county refusing to certify the AZ election was ordered to do so and hobbs was declared the winner for governor. The same person who was in charge of the election and overseeing the vote tabulation. Funny how when the election results are delayed the dem candidate always seems to win. Especially when they are in charge of the voting machine operations and counting the ballots.


If/when the USWNT plays in a World Cup again, I bet they’ll try to keep all the money instead of sharing it like the agreement says. Because ‘patriarchy’ or some other bull$hit