Jeremy Dewitte arrested for probation violation

| November 30, 2022

Jeremy Dewitte was released from his latest prison stay back in September. There were probation terms that he needed to meet. However, he is accused of not meeting one of those requirements, the deletion of his YouTube channel containing his Metro State videos showing his errant traffic activities.

Dewitte barricaded himself during their latest action to detain him. Law enforcement finally was able to detain him. Fox News, and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, provide videos related to Dewitte’s arrest.

Some parts of the interaction between the reporter and Jeremy Dewitte:

Reporter: Well, how does it feel to be going back to prison?

Jeremy Dewitt: I’m not going back to prison, not today.


Jeremy Dewitt: Not for a technical violation…


Reporter: Jeremy, it looks very easy to delete an account.

Jeremy Dweitt:

Reporter: Why can’t you just follow the law?

Jeremy Dewitt: Well, because Someone hacked the account, changed the username, changed the passwords…

From Fox News: 

Jeremy Dewitte, 42, was taken into custody Tuesday, just months after he was released from prison, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office shared on social media. Dewitte’s arrest came hours after he barricaded himself inside his Kissimmee home, Sheriff Marcos Lopez said. He was served a warrant out of Orange County for allegedly violating his probation.

Dewitte, a convicted sex offender, was released from prison in September after being arrested for impersonating an officer in Orange County.

“I’m not going back to prison, not today. Not for a technical violation,” Dewitte said as he was being escorted by Osceola County sheriff’s deputies.

Back in 2019, Windermere police discovered several videos of Dewitte in his helmet camera, pulling cars over illegally throughout central Florida while he was a funeral escort, FOX 35 Orlando reports.

“He’d go around directing traffic, stopping people stopping cars,” said Sheriff Lopez. “The guy’s definitely out of control.”

Court records obtained by the TV station say Dewitte failed to take down the YouTube channel the videos were posted.

“Someone hacked the account, changed the username, changed the passwords,” Dewitte told FOX 35. “We multiple times tried to take down a YouTube channel that was hacked.”

Fox News has the rest of the story, photos, and videos here.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Flori-DUH! Man strikes again!
The “someone hacked my account” got old long time ago.
Enjoy prison life – again.
I’ll bet one of the four owners of the BTJ&T Prison Deli will hand him his apron and knee pads as he’s escorted through the entry gate.
At least he’ll have “three hots & a cot”. (no bets on what the “three hots” consist of)

Like Subway’s Jared, he’ll still get a “footlong” in prison.

Green Thumb

With extra meat, sauce and seasoning.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

jeremy dewittenit what a nit wit




Dumbasses just continue to dumbass.


Loved him in Terminator II:
comment image

Forrest Bondurant

And once he’s released after this violation, he’ll be back in jail for some other dumbassery.


Bbbbwwhahahahahahahahahah *gasp* hahahahahahahahahahah


Hack Stone

As Director of Media Relations, allow me to get ahead of this breaking news story and categorically deny that Jeremy Dewitte’s YouTube channel has been “Hacked”. Most likely he has been Bernathed.


Yes, because it takes very little intelligence or puter skills to be bernathed.

Hack Stone

It’s so easy, even a disbarred attorney can do it.

Speaking of Daniel “Crash” Bernath, any update on the surviving members of The Dutch Rudder Gang? Will Santa be bringing Joe Cryer a puppy? Will Wittgenfeld be comething? And will Psaul ever pay back what he owes that website developer from 2016? Inquiring minds want to know.

A Proud Infidel®™

Will “The Blobfish” ever lighten up on his cheese consumption?


I would have thought Witless would have been killed by his liver by now.

Green Thumb

Ask The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics).

Green Thumb

The Phildo is strong in this one.

I sorta believe him, though.

He was probably stopping traffic for the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress’ (CEO of All-Points Logistics) taxpayer-funded motorcade headed headed to the gay bar from All-Points Logistics HQ in Merritt Island, Florida.

After all, he works for Phildo and APL in their Department of Parking Lot Security.

Curious as to if his new band of Phildo Supporters was with him….?

Pecos Phil



Slight correction.

Here at TAH, that acronym is spelled MESNA. / s


I thought that was only if you had been convicted of “purgery” or were a native of “Sweaden.”


In the era of “defund the police”, anyone willing to “serve” as one for NO PAY, deserves a key to the city.

Thank you for your free service.


My first downvote. I cannot believe it took this long.


You need a sarc tag. 🤣


Hey Jeremy, looks like you lost your headgear…here’s a Trojan for you. The bois in Cell Block C missed you.


He’ll need a good lawer.

Green Thumb

Lori Benton is not picking up the phone….


I bet a former pilot would have taken the case pro bono if he was still around.


That would have been hilarious. It would have ended with both the client and the attorney ending up in the pokey.

A Proud Infidel®™

“OH, I was hacked and …”

Yeah, how many times have we heard that before? Now he-gonna-be Bubba & Thor’s squeeze before they pimp him out to the rest of the cell block!

pookysgirl, WC wife

Was it Anthony Wiener who pioneered the “I wuz hacked!” defense or did he just popularize it?

(The time Brietbart took over his press conference was legendary.)


Yes, that Breitbart deal was the best PR stunt I have ever seen.


Oh boy… Bubba, Thor, Julio and Mr. “Tiny” are gonna welcome Jeremy back with “loving arms”.

Word has it that Jeremy like being the “wide receiver” on the prison football team.


How is this Dingleberry on the Streets…??


Isnt this the same “I was an SF RANGER in ROTC” idiot?


There are also pics of him dressed up in greens as a SF captain.