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| November 29, 2022

COP .357 Derringer

Man found sleeping in vacant home shot, killed as he ran away, police say

WSBTV.com News Staff
A man is dead after an early morning shooting on Saturday in southeast Atlanta, police said.

Atlanta Police say they arrived in the 100 block of Campbell Street at around 6 a.m. after receiving a call about a person shot.

EMS arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead.

Shortly after the shooting, investigators arrived at the area to learn more about the deadly shooting and its circumstances.

According to police, the shooting suspect, identified as Joshua Warren, owned the property but wasn’t living at the home. The home was vacant, and police told Channel 2 Action News, the victim was shot while fleeing the home.

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Mr. Warren has some ‘splaining to do. Link courtesy of our own David.

Parents fight off home invader carrying assault rifle while on the phone with police in Norwich

Mike Mavredakis, Hartford Courant
A husband and wife in Norwich were able to fight off an alleged home invader who was carrying an assault rifle early Monday morning while their children were in the house, according to police.

The Norwich Police Department received a call after 5:30 a.m. from residents on Cliff Street reporting there was a person in their home with a gun. The residents were actively fighting with the person while on the phone with the police.

The parents were holding the suspect down in their bedroom when police arrived, police said.

The suspect, identified as Jevon Scholl, was allegedly carrying an assault rifle and fired one shot into the ceiling of the bedroom during the struggle. He was taken to Backus Hospital for injuries sustained in the fight.

There were three children in the home at the time of the incident, one of whom was in the parents’ room, police said.

The residents told police they believe a second suspect was also involved in the home invasion but fled. The second suspect may go by the name “Mel” and is still at large. They are considered armed and dangerous, police said.

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More young gentlemen are finding an “assault rifle” problematic in that if one is untrained in even remedial CQB somebody will take your rifle away. Oops. Mel is in the wind and unavailable for comment.
Link care of our Gun Bunny.

War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is.
Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.
– Benjamin Franklin

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AW1 Rod

So, how did Jevon get ahold of a select-fire/fully automatic rifle? He didn’t.


In “Public Act” 13-3, “AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN’S SAFETY” (their words, not mine), they attempt to take a bunch of features, that by nature of physiology, make a weapon moreer dangerouser, or something. Also, that “law” defines what magazines are evil and which are less so. (did you know you must have a permission slip to even buy ammo or any magazine?)

The issue I got, given the amount of individuals running around ‘out gunning’ my fellow citizens, they’ll never repeal this ‘Act’ but drop the violations of this monstrous bill as leverage during court proceedings, until that day when a peaceful individual needs to be made example of, so they’ll run the case all the way thru just to reenforce their declarations, to the ruin of our sacred right of jury nullification by unequal enforcement and moral judgment of states’ desires inherent in that process.

Connecticut: The (un)Constitution(al) State


Must not be Fascism when northeastern liberals do it or something…


Boggy hole he will find himself in. But, then again, we don’t know “…the rest of the story.” Good Luck Mr. Warren, you gonna need it.

BZ Homeowners. Fight Back.

Many are starting to realize the the grubermint is the bad guy.

Cute little hand held quad four you gots there Mister. Not the FIRST thing we’ve seen four of lately. Heh heh


That COB derringer is the modern version of the Sharps four barrel derringer of the 19th Century. They both have a mechanism that rotates the firing pin so that each trigger pull fires a single barrel.