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| November 27, 2022

Iver Johnson .38

3 arrested, 1 dead after attempted home invasion in DeKalb County, police say

Police have identified three people in connection with an attempted home invasion that occurred at a DeKalb County home Friday evening.

Officers with the DeKalb County Police Department said they were called out to the 2700 block of Gresham Road.

Channel 2 Action News Michele Newell first reported the story on WSB Tonight where police searched for clues outside the home.

Officers found Jacqueze Grier, 23, Taneaious McCune, 18, and a 15-year-old outside the home with gunshot wounds. All three were taken to hospitals in serious to critical condition.

McCune died from his injuries at the hospital.

Officers said Telvin Thomas, 30, was also involved in the incident and went to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

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There seems to be a large piece of the story that’s gone missing. Anyway, now that home invasion is a team sport, tell me again how many rounds I need in a magazine? Thanks, Gun Bunny. Good find on a slow day.

The number of US adults carrying a loaded handgun every day doubled to an estimated 6 million in just 4 years

Morgan McFall-Johnsen
US adults carrying a loaded handgun on a daily basis nearly doubled between 2015 and 2019.

Nearly 6 million Americans were toting loaded handguns on a daily basis in 2019, up from about 3 million just four years prior, according to estimates in a new study from researchers at the University of Washington and Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health.

“The next step is to ask what is the impact on public health and public safety when guns are easier to carry,”

No Score
Business Insider

A gentleman whom I respect once said a news story about guns was, “An article with something wrong in it.” He was being generous. Slim Pickins today, must be all the tryptophan.

“In politics, brain damage is not a handicap. Let’s go Brandon.”
-Old tanker

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The main driver of “high speed” in the early Internet was.


If we really want commercial space development, we need SpaceVegas, not GovSpace.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Who needs a silicone lift when you live in Zero Gee?


Of course. Might make Zuck’s Metaverse good, if he goes there, too.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Wanna know why the number of people carrying doubled in four years?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Time for a spin of the Whiz Wheel on the DeKalb County shooting.
Claw? Are you awake and aware after your T Day tryptophan coma? Need some more coffee to pry open your eyelids? Take your time. Oh, and is the WW in proper working order?
I am NOT going to try to manually touch type those names on a touch screen Kindle.


If the Whiz Wheel didn’t need a Depot Level Overhaul before today, it will surely need one afterwards. I’ll be keeping a weather out out for any updates. Yeah, Good luck with that.

I think public health and safety would be improved with people carrying a firearm. But, “that’s not part of the plan, Comrade”.

What’s sadder, the brain dead idjits that are in politics, or the brain dead idjits that vote for them?

Mercy sakes, an old skool “lemon squeezer” .38 lead in and some young tenderoni squeezable grapefruits to close out the column. No hidden surprise from that Sister Golden Hair Ms Thang. Ya done good, Kid Squid. Have a double ration of this Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum that I was gifted.


KOB, that is not a “lemon squeezer,” as it is not the S&W model that prompted that nickname. The S&W Safety Hammerless models had a grip safety in the back strap that had to be “squeezed” in order to fire the pistol. Thus, the nickname. The Iver Johnson revolver depicted above does not have that feature. Only the S&W models with that feature are known by that name.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’m glad my issued S&W Mod 10 .38 and later on issued S&W Mod 4046 .40 didn’t have back straps to squeeze to fire the weapon while some perp is trying to steal the moola shmoola you are trying to deliver to a bank customer.


That grip safety on this double action only hammerless revolver is really superfluous, since the pistol can only be fired by fully pulling the double action trigger. That makes it unlikely that anyone would accidentally fire the weapon. That is why S&W dropped the feature when these models were no longer made. All the later hammerless revolvers do not have this grip safety. Only some semi-auto pistols with single action triggers have these grip safeties, like the 1911-style designs.


Yeah I realized that when I actually went to the linky after making my comment. Usually I open the linkys before the comment but today, in my defense, I was distracted by Sister Golden Hair Ms Thang’s “ahem” attributes, thinking, to be honest, about squeezing them. Upon actually opening the linky, I discovered/realized the error of my ways, in re of the nomenclature and name of the pictured gun pr0n, not the error of wanting to squeeze said attributes. On that, I admit nothing, call my lawer. Since the window for editing had already past, I figured one of the usual suspects would point said error. What took y’all so long?

Bro-in-law had a set of the S&Ws, 1 snubby, and a 3 or 4 in(?). They were “lost”, along with other pieces he had, by a family member a number of years after he passed.


[…] This ain’t Hell… has your feel good stories, and more during the week. […]

The Pirates Cove

Old tanker

Holy crap!! I was quoted in the FGS page! I do want to point out the young lady in the picture is not me.


I was certainly not of that delusion, Ot.


Whiz Wheel®™ scores:

Jacqueze Grier (DAM/WRT) 41×4= 164

Taneaious All-Vowels McCune (BLDAM/DOT) 36×5= 180


Taneaious was the offspring of a babymama graduate of Atlanta public schools, who had just enough education to think that was how to spell tenacious.

Taneaious had just enough tenacity to get his thieving ass terminated toot sweet… 😉 


“The next step is to ask what is the impact on public health and public safety when guns are easier to carry,”

If they really want to know, it should be easy enough to run the numbers on crime levels in those regions where more LTC/CCLs have been issued before and after compared to those regions where the numbers have been kept about the same due to unconstitutional tyrannical oppression.

But they don’t really want to know the truth – they want to find a reason to slow or reverse the trend of folks wanting to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights.


Spot on, Graybeard. Nailed it! I go back to the example of Kennesaw, GA where it is required by city law that every household have a weapon. Crime rate is more than 60% BELOW the national average. Thru-out the rest of the state, there is an ass load of folks that carry, open & cc, and the bad guys know it. In my hunt for FGS I see a lot of crime stories. Very, very few of the crimes are done with a legal weapon.

Again, it it not control of the gunz they want, it is control of We, The People that is their goal. What part of “Shall not be infringed” is hard to understand?


I (later) went to a link to Fox News with this article published on it.
They have:

  1. Picture/video of a parking lot shooting at a HS football game.
  2. A photo of a man with his hand on his concealed weapon.
  3. A photo of the U.S. Supreme Court building.
  4. A photo of the front of the Club Q
  5. Concludes with “The study also comes amid crime spikes in cities across the country.”

I wonder what the folks at Fox News are trying to tell us?

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Saw that GB. It is a damn shame that there are so many places in our Country where you NEED to protect yourself, and others, from the nefarious trash that has taken over. I CC, with a state issued permit and have for years. I hope I never have to use it, but as we all know, hope is not a battle plan. The grubermint can’t keep weapons, drugs, ect out of a secure prison, how the hell are they gonna protect We, The People? Oh…wait…there is no law that says they have to protect us. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws (and the grubermint) will have guns.” Molon Labe, mofos.

Spotted another article (CNN, didn’t open, didn’t read) where a Kongress Kritter is proposing a federal bill to without funds from any jurisdiction that doesn’t have gun control or enforce “Red Flag” laws. Looking for another source.

Follow up to home invasion, the 4th perp showed up at hospital WRT. No name yet.


I CC everywhere I legally can.
Can’t carry into the nursing homes, hospitals, schools, or prison but in TX if I lock it in a safe in the vehicle it’s legal.
I tend to avoid the businesses that are anti-gun, even changed gas stations because of the former one being anti-gun. Just don’t even want to be in the drive of a victim-rich zone like that.

I think Babylon Bee got a lot of things spot on with their video series “When CA moves to TX” – lotsa laughs there!