Reduction of US defense stockpiles in support of Ukraine

| November 18, 2022

The war in Ukraine has not just depleted defense stockpiles held by both the Ukrainians and the Russians. It has also depleted stockpiles held by the United States and by other Western countries. Would the US and its allies have enough defense stockpiles to support Taiwan or another country facing similar invasions? It does not appear that the U.S. production rate would indefinitely be able to keep up with continued weapons and rounds supply to Ukraine.

From The National Defense:

According to the Defense Department, in the six months from March to September, the United States supplied Ukraine with more than 800,000 155mm artillery rounds. From Sept. 28 to Oct. 28, it donated another 100,000 rounds. The September production capacity, meanwhile, was only 14,400 rounds per month. While the exact number of 155mm artillery rounds the United States possesses is unknown, this gap between utilization and production will significantly deplete its reserves over time.

The current plan to increase production capacity would incrementally bring the total number of 155mm rounds produced per month to 36,000 over the next three years. While this represents an improvement, even this will not address and backfill a depletion rate of more than 100,000 per month.

Other weapon systems face even more dire production challenges. The United States has delivered more than 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, helping prevent Russian domination of contested airspace. Having been focused on counterinsurgency operations over the past 20 years, the Pentagon has not procured Stingers in more than a decade. Raytheon Technologies — the manufacturer of the Stinger — reported earlier this year that several materials used in the production of the Stinger are no longer available. As such, Raytheon will not be able to resume Stinger production until 2023.

As for the Javelin, the Pentagon has continued to procure the anti-armor system over the years. Ramping up production of both the system and missiles will be less challenging than the Stinger. In an interview with CBS News, Lockheed Martin’s CEO Jim Taiclet stated the production of Javelin missiles could be upgraded from approximately 2,000 missiles per year to 4,000 over the span of several years. The required multi-year window to upgrade production capabilities is an evident issue across the defense industrial base. Furthermore, it is also not clear that 4,000 missiles per year will be sufficient, given the need to replenish depleted supplies, the strong potential for the war in Ukraine to continue and Taiwan’s need for similar systems.

The weapons used to devastating effect in Ukraine are already in high demand in Taiwan. The Biden administration has signaled support for turning Taiwan into a “porcupine” that would be costly to invade, thus deterring the People’s Republic of China from attacking. This strategy would take the form of asymmetric warfare — placing an emphasis on the use of systems such as Stingers and Javelins as opposed to tanks and helicopters.

The war in Ukraine has already strained defense procurements for Taiwan. In August, the island abandoned a contract to purchase 155mm M901 self-propelled howitzers after a 2023 delivery date was pushed back to 2026 due to supply chain stress.

The replacement for the M901 will hardly relieve strains on the defense industry. Taiwan now plans to increase its purchase of HIMARS systems from 11 to 29 by 2027.

The U.S. defense industrial base is operating in a distinctly different environment than it was five years ago — great power competition is again paramount, and there is an unexpected need to replenish U.S. military stockpiles.

To properly support Ukraine, enhance Taiwan’s ability to defend itself against attack and maintain its own readiness, the U.S. government must work to enhance the production capacity of critical weapons systems in the short and long term.

The National Defense has the article here. YouTuber Binkov’s Battlegrounds provide a detailed, researched look, at supply versus production of US artillery stocks:

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Slow Joe

Shameless Off Topic:

So, it is that time of the year when I have to decide how to continue contributing to the TSP, roth or traditional.

Until I deployed last year I was using traditional, but during deployment I changed to roth to take advantage of the tax free incentive.

So, should I stay roth or go back to traditional?

The pros with traditional is that there is more money going into my TSP account, and it lowers my tax bracket for income tax. Of course, with Roth the taxes are paid and I don’t have to worry about taxation when the time comes for me to actually cash this thing.

Do you think the higher volume of money and lowering the tax bracket with Traditional offsets the advantages of not having to pay taxes when cashing from the Roth?

I am missing something else here?

Thank you.


So it depends. If you are sure you are going to have a high retirement income pay the taxes now.

If you think not so much, defer the taxes and THEN invest the tax savings instead of blowing it on hookers, cocaine, diapers, beans and a Dodge Charger.

Slow Joe

I doubt my retirement income is going to be high.


How much can he blow on Bud LIght?

RGR 4-78

In these hard economic times, maintaining a strict budget of disposable income is a must to provide adequate funding to the aqueous consumables fund.


Bud light is for the rich kids. Stick with the PBR and Nattys. When times get tough… Beast.


PBR and Nasty Light? Jesus, man, drink Yuengling. Best damn beer you can find at a reasonable price point. Or, go ahead and drink that cheap shit, more of the good stuff for me and my compadre, KOB.

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Testify! Mi’ Amigo!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Beer makes one smart. After all, it made Bud wiser


Shameless Response:

Do a three year hitch with a combat zone deployment or two.
Then go to college and earn a degree or two
Then go work in the military industrial complex for a few
decades on Hawk, Aegis, Patriot, Stinger etc while saving for
retirement. Then retire with a healthy pension or two and sit
back and watch it all burn.
Oh, and stay out of the stock market.


“Oh, and stay out of the stock market.”

Now you tell me!


Not too worried about the 155. It hasn’t been used much for decades and likely won’t ever be. Clearing out old stocks is likely a good idea. It would be a huge step backwards to start using cannons again. The Javelins, Stingers and HiMARS OTOH, are important.

Keep in mind though that the take down of the Russian military was near total. Their armored force and the Army is completely demoralized and badly depleted. They also went through the senior leadership ranks like cord wood in a stove. It hasn’t cost one American life so far, so it is dirt cheap. Tom Clancy, if you are listening, you were right again.

Russia was considered one of two near peers and they can’t defeat a small but well equipped and very determined neighbor. They also lack the resources and trade to rebuild their military. But for nukes they would probably be occupied right now.

That only leaves China with their aspirations for taking Taiwan. China has been watching the Ukraine like an expectant dad.

Slow Joe

Plenty of 155mm were used in Iraq and the Afgh of the stan.


Define plenty? We are talking 900K rounds here.

“April, 1951, some 158,303 tons of artillery ammunition were fired to turn back the attack. The logistics effort to sustain that rate was prodigious: 27 Liberty Ship loads of ammunition, or the equivalent of 3,332 rail-car loads.”

“Allied guns fired 2,710,248 rounds in June, 1953, and 2,000,982 rounds in July.”

I would call that plenty. After the invasion in Iraq artillery was seldom if ever used to prevent collateral. Afghanistan was different with a dispersed population and more mountainous terrain. But still not used much.


“…After the invasion in Iraq artillery was seldom if ever used”

Because there was no occasion to use it. No targets–no need for artillery.

RGR 4-78

How much is left to mobilize?


I wonder if they will still be using the three line technique, where the people in the 2nd and 3rd line are supposed to kill all the traitorous cowards running away.


Yup, how they’re doing it with those conscripts now… as dramatized in Enemy at the Gates:

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All this war talk has got everybody with their eyes off the dang prize, the bankers may win out the mostest but let us not forget that mother fucker Jody.

To remind everyone why we peace, this piece…

come one guys war or tang.gif

They may be inept and corrupt and lack imagination but they are an awful lot of them and they are passably good at imitation.

One thing I don’t get is their artificial island strategy. I mean they understand that those things don’t move right? Unless they have come up with some new magic they are simply large self-isolated targets.


That is a good point on the 1 Child policy. I have no idea what real world effects that might have.


Seems I have read all that before; about the Japanese in’41, the Chinese in ’50, and the VC/NVA. Along with how smart, well-equipped and well-trained Americans were/are. A lot of dead Americans believed it, too.

Overestimating ones own abilities and underestimating the martial abilities of the enemy seems to be popular. I am pretty sure Lord Chelmford’s troops didn’t have much regard for the primitive Zulu rabble opposing them right up until the Zulu asegais punctured them. Pity the Brits didn’t seem to have learned much from the incident, else they wouldn’t have had so many casualties and setbacks from the distinctly unmilitary Boer rabble, who evidently did no military exercises at all.


“other scripted exercises.”

Most exercises are “scripted”. Particularly live-fire exercises. When you go to the field for an exercise, it is not generally “free play”. You practice various specific maneouvers by the book (i.e. scripted) as set forth in the training schedule (script).

Exercises by their nature require a lot of “moving from point A to B”. Movement itself needs to be practised. Just ask anyone who has ever been in charge of a troop movement; administrative or tactical.

Which reminds me of the Abe Lincoln story about when he commanded a militia company. “Once, faced with a rail fence during practice maneuvers and forgetting the parade-ground instructions to direct his men over it, he simply ordered them to fall out and reassemble on the other side a minute later.”


“It hasn’t been used much for decades”

Maybe not by us, because we haven’t needed it. The Ukrainians, however, seem to be using it quite a bit.


“Not too worried about the 155. It hasn’t been used much for decades and likely won’t ever be.”

Oh really?

Well then, I guess that you weren’t ever anywhere near I MEF during the attack towards Baghdad in 2003 during OIF I.

You might want to check with 10th Marines and 11th Marines and see what they have to say about your assertion.

RGR 4-78

The Biden Administrations “sell low”, “buy high” approach to strategic stockpiles at work again. 🙄 


It doesn’t get much lower than giving it away.

RGR 4-78

It isn’t like the Ukrainians are picking the loads up in NY harbor and taking it home, no, we the U.S. taxpayer are on the hook for shipping and handling charges as well.

So, in a way, the Biden Admin. is digging an even deeper hole than just “giving it away”. They are quickly turning the U.S. into the slut “car hopping” at the drive-in theater.


Add to this, Europe (and/or other actors) working to isolate themselves from cheap energy to the detriment to global energy prices, fucking us in the ‘process’.

Freeport will be exporting LNG and ISO-New England says power outages could be on tap because of LNG shortages, so to make up the difference in purchasing outsourced electrons, CT power Corps are threatening a 50% jump in supply costs.

But “Putin bad, and if we burn down our house that’ll show him.”

Edit: Pinball Preparedness has a vid I’m watching now, seems ’bout right.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

“we the U.S. taxpayer are on the hook for shipping and handling charges as well.”

It all kind of makes any claims by US and NATO of “neutrality” seem a little “inaccurate” (to be polite). It seems to me that NATO countries do everything except pull the trigger themselves.

But all this time, money, and effort is not directed against Russia, nosiree Bob. Pure neutral altruism, nothing more.


comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

Or a “Lot Lizard” doing tricks at a Truck Stop.


I’m so glad to see domestic production numbers are up across the board. Maybe we’ll see a doubleplusgooding of chocolate rations to 5 grams a week from 2+2 grams a week!

All hail Big Raytheon!

As long as Zelen-naughti-skky can keep ‘accidentallying’ Polish citizens we can caulk the whole thing up as a W, right?


Nope, they can’t win until Putin is otherthrown or dies. For the Russians, the sooner this happens the better.

2022 was a catastrophe for Russia unlike any since WWII and it is all at his feet.

The war will end within a week or two of him being gone.


Wow. Just all sorts of wow.

This isn’t Risk, my dude. No winning or losing, just various shades of rank destruction.

Putin being in good health is probably the best condition to ensure peace as he seems to be the only one to argue/negotiate in good faith and is keeping the RF’s military reasonably force-proportionate. (also defusing the political pressures at home, rightly or wrongly. But IDGAF, I ain’t Russian)

Could you image a Curtisamoff LeMayliski in charge of strategic airpower?!


Don’t have to imagine it, I was living it when General Wesley Clark ordered British and French Special Forces to attack the Russians at Pristina.

Putin has never negotiated in good faith. His only negotitation involves the installation of a totalitarian dictatorship loyal to him. Like a lot of ego manic leaders the only thing he cares about is Putin and how much power Putin can acquire. He has really painted himself into a corner here though.

If 10:1 is proportionate I hate to see what unproportionate is. But since he stuck his pecker in there and got it chopped off he can’t do it anymore. If unrestricted launching of TBM’s into civilian housing areas and infrastructure is reasonable, unreasonable must be WMDs then. But even the Russians know that would be the end of all things for them.

Which is why Putin needs to go. Like every ego manic, when the downfall starts he will try to destroy everything around him. When his next push fails, and it will fail, then we will see it.


The corresponding power vacuum of a post-Putin Russia is far more frightening then the current stupidity.

I hope for all our sakes this doesn’t come to fruition.

And may I remind all to the whole point of this thread:

Reduction of US stockpiles…

At $100 Billion and time not being on our side, this has be ruinous to the medium-term defense capability to NATO but specifically, and way more importantly, to us.


Dirt cheap IMO to not have to worry about fighting a two front war. At the cost of zero US military lives it doesn’t get much cheaper than that. I would totally have paid a $100B to avoid a war with Russia and have thier land Army annihilated. I mean what did you guys think all that ordinance was being saved for anyway?

With the Russia out of the picture a lot other wannabes are given pause as well. When you kill the biggest bear in the woods the other bears don’t come looking for you.


And just like that, presumption that we have a set of durable, redundant capabilities and our ‘enemy’ isn’t able to adapt with a linear-thinking multiplier…

If we (greater West) bleed capabilities you’re only hoping for a direct and equal reaction on the other side of the ledger.

You’re in hubris trap, mi amore.

Never underestimate Ivan (or any foe for that matter)


Some stats (numbers rounded): 
Population of all Ukraine Oblasts (e.g., States) without Crimea: 41 million. One half are men = 20.5 m
Subtracting the male population of the 4 Oblasts under Russian control: 20.5 m – 6.3 m = 14.2 m men.
Ukraine’s demographics: 10% are in the 15–24 year-old age range; 44% are in the 25-54* year-old range, hence 1.4 m and 6.3 m potential soldiers respectively. Last I heard (from Russian sources) ~400, 000 Ukrainians have been killed so far.    IF so, and the deaths were all in the 15-24 range, this is 28.5% of young men. If spread out equally (unlikely), over the 15-54* range the it represents 5.2% of the eligible men. Do not forget that it takes 6-10 personnel to support one front-line soldier. (to be continued)


Russia demographics: 73 m men all ages; 35% in 18-44 age range = 25.5 m men eligible for service.
Hmmm – 25.5m versus 7.7m (at best). Draw your own conclusions of who has a problem.

*age 54 is really stretching the eligible soldiers limit – misma


Please explain to me why the Russians would draft old, sick men when they have such a large pool of 18-24 year-olds to draw from. Your anecdotal story of a 60 year-old smells like propaganda.

Per the forcing of Ukranians into service: The Donetsk (DPR) and Luhansk (LPR) militias have about 44,000 volunteers. As these two Oblasts are mostly ethnic Russians, I doubt they or the Russians need to force anyone into service.


Just like in the US there will be corruption in the conscription process. They will take what they can get.


“Most the Russian public does not personally want to get into the fight.”

Most of any public does not want to personally get into the fight. That’s why the US conscripted people in “The Greatest Generation” in WWII (“The Good War”), etc.


I would say the 400000 numbers correct with 100000 soldiers and 300000 Civilians. When you fighy domestically as opposed to expeditionary the number of support soldiers drop dramatically.


I would be interested in your sources for # killed, especially the “…most…are civilian deaths”. I have not seen any credible source information for that statement. I don’t have the citation handy, but at one point a Ukrainian general admitted that the ratio of Ukranian soldier losses to Russian losses was about 5:1. Numerous sources, including neutral sources, say the same thing.


This comment is, to be polite, not your best effort. It is insulting if you actually expect anyone to take it seriously.


I mean, dude did use reddit as a reference.

Talk about a windowless room with an echo for the ages.


Great. Painting just ‘one side’ as ‘incompetent’ or lacking in/of discipline is missing a certain amount of neutrality. You wanna rah rah for the Ukrainians, IL, and the sadistic NATO/MIC, cool.

I’m anti this conflict, all of it, but your lying to yourself and have a dribble of koolaid on your chin if you think this doesn’t end poorly for the country and the people of Ukraine.

Oh, here’s a rebuttal to the tactical prowess of the home guard. Enjoy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

So ‘videos’ of ‘intercepts’ are factual, without suspicion?
Good to know.

When, not if, a large percentage of Ukrainians freeze to death because of this ‘I need to be right-ism’ who will apologize to those families?

I’m 100% done with this ‘war’ and the Deathmongering.

You can take your empirical research and spin.


You don’t speak for them.” Right, but they can speak for themselves, and fight for themselves, not to the cost of my country’s readiness.

This war is retarded.


Which ‘guru’?



I’m keeping it real with you and you pull that shit.

Real classy.

I don’t know who you are, or what you’ve done in your life, but Vet to “Vet” (I presume) honestly that’s some flagrant shit.

Was keeping it civil. Now you’ve earned a Cup o’ GO FUCK YOURSELF


Good job.

Maybe you should screen cap this post, print it out on 40 grit and shove it up your fucking ass, condescending fuck.

I don’t know what your aim is here, pal, but I really hope you all the best.


You, “[your] medical team” and your “indefinite disagreement” can fuck off, keep fucking off until you’ve reached the edge of the fuckiverse and absolutely, totally-not-theoretically-indefinitely FUCK OFF.

No one said ‘your need to be right’ and now you won’t/can’t let it go, saying I’ve got a projection problem…?

Fuckface, heal thyself


Your response is an indication that you have anger issues, control issues, and ego issues. The fact that I keep pushing back is driving you up the wall. Just admit it, you wish that you could teleport to my home and break every bone in my body, don’t you?”

The Infuntreeman in me is conflicted over this, but the rational part of me is actually sad for you.

I pity you.


Look hoss, you’ve been asked to stop, no?

Yet, here you are pissing into the wind.

You don’t get to tell me how I feel, what I’d do to you, or how to address you, or WHEN to address you.

And yeah, I can pity you all I’d like, regardless of how you ‘think’ I should act.

I am a free agent.


Shove your X


I’m not lying to myself when I call things based on the trend of the facts occurring on the ground in Ukraine.”

If I’m looking at this map correctly Russia doesn’t have any troops inside of Ukraine, just the former-Ukrainian Oblasts.

Possession is 9/tenths and all that.


“Remember, the Russian’s original intent was to take all of Ukraine in a matter of days.”

It was?! I mussta missed that in the CONOP and then again at the ramp brief.


Yeah, very unbiased, from the rip.

How much decapitation has RF done?

I have a feeling you, and the world, are being played.


Again, I’m not bias except for 2 points:

A)Fuck both sides.

2)Fuck this war.

BI? What’s next, NYT? How about Guardian?

Look, no one is saying RF hasn’t gotten some lumps, they earned those mother fuckers, but as this goes less armor and more AW, especially in the annexed regions…

This area will be boiling (even more so) for years to come, assassinations, terrorist attacks, etc.

Which could be the goal, quite frankly. To make wester occupation bloodier than its worth.


I don’t care, Mister Doctoral Thesis, about UKR, RF, or anything else you have to say.

I’ve said my piece.

We’ve lost a lot of resources. Them a lot of men.

This war, like any other, isn’t about numbers, and I’m afraid that this concoction has gotten the whole hep world over its skis just to prove a point.

If you’d ever been to war you’d have an instinct to deprive a new batch of idiots from doing the same.

It’s a fucking shame that you don’t…


aGrim and timactual,
Enjoying watching this.

I’ve called out thebesig’s lousy sources before.
Some here know those sources by name now.
Gateway Pundit anyone?

When I do,
thebesig resorts to claims he “hammers” me
with his Part I Part II wind.

Then the lies and name calling
(I spread propaganda?).

Then memes, like below.

His next resort,
is to put his factual dissenters in VG comment jail.

It might happen to me again,
just for this 1 comment.

You two are the latest in a LONG line
to call out thebesig.

Some come back for more.
Most split.

I’ve emailed VG staff,
about how this kills credibility
of a “Stolen Valor” website,
especially when fam and friends
of newly outed phonies see all this.

But alas,
thebesig is still here,
with publishing power,
and VG jail censor power.

Soon, he’ll claim he hammered me again.
He’ll VG jail me and silence me 1st.
Then gloat.

See his net blogs??
That’s thebesig.

Good luck here. :

VG problem 1.jpg

Gateway Pundit” hahahaha! I love/hate you, bro!

At least he hasn’t semi-threatened to dox you to medical authorities.


Let’s see how long it takes,
where I can’t reply anymore.

Ugh, that nut.


He sure is… passionate.

I’ll miss your deep dives into Book of the Fake and railing against Mastodon, Mali tango, Mastriano.


Roh Dog,
Watch for the green and red
thumbs up and down.

By tomorrow,
they just might
magically reverse themselves.

And everything thebesig
becomes green +.
Instead of red -2 and -3
that I saw elsewhere.

Those are fun screenshots to save, too.


I don’t wanna dog pile or molest that man(?).

Generally I come here to have frank discussions on the Vets’ perspective of the world and it’s ills.

It’s a good place to unwind (in a way) as we can fight amongst ourselves but still carry on a modicum of respect for each other (The Brother/Sisterhood, and all that).

Sometimes one of us gets out of line and says dumb stuff, theres often an apology or a mutual understanding…

Sorry if I’ve ever pissed you off too bad, MD61, anyone else.


Fuck this, I’m grabbing a drink.


Some learned people would call that obsessive-compulsive somethingorother.

Get a hobby that ain’t this.


oh, piecewise function! I remember this!!!!

If ‘None of the people that I know of, who are successful in life, got into arguments against me. None. Let that sink in.” is congruent to the function GO FUCK YOURSELF then the value of me caring asymptotes to blow me.


Always a victim, eh?

When did dad leave?

How many nights a week did you burn yourself on the stove, cooking mac-n-cheese, while mom ‘danced’ for strangers?


Here’s a -2 AND -3 to watch.

These were quick, too.
15 minutes.

Does thebesig learn?

Even more importantly,
does the VG staff learn?

VG problem screenshot 3.jpg

I admire your dedication, MD61.

Can’t seem to care about inane fuckery with ‘internet cool guy points’.

You wanna fight that fight I salute you and will keep the home fires burning.


Right. You were right then, you’re right now, and you’ll always be right.

See above.


You’re the 3rd here
(4th overall recently)
to get the Part I Part II here’s my quals treatment from thebesig.

Of course, because
he believes he’s never wrong.

And, he believes his favorite sources are never wrong.

Save your screenshots.
Good luck.




Don’t confuse your brilliance with my inability to utterly not give a fuck.

If you can’t see how what you had typed, in the order you typed it, could be a veiled threat… yep. My ‘reading comprehension’.

I guess it wasn’t intentional.

Loose cannons be loose…


Still utterly, deeply, instinctively, don’t give a fuck.


Perhaps, or maybe I am WAAAYYYY more resilient than you.

I like wet boots.


Dude, you really ain’t that clever.

As much as you think we’re here to ‘harm’ or ‘frustrate’ you and assail your impervious ‘logic and reason’… at least we haven’t skipped our meds, psycho.


oh, ok…. at least my dick works.

less sometimes is more. truncate dood.


thechugonballs: “I will respond in any length I deem necessary.”

Oh, we have agreement on this fact.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

That wasn’t an argument, I was insulting you.

Do you see the difference?


Of course he doesn’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

See your other article dated 20NOV.


you started it

and won’t stop



But we/us/I are/am guilty of ‘projection’?



They are either failures in life, near failures in life, or have “ho hum” accomplishments in life. This is based on people that I’ve argued against on Facebook, who show a very similar apparent psychological profile as you guys do.”

OR, hear me out for a tick, if everyone else is the problem, you might be the problem…?

Just a hypothesis.


“None of the people that I know of, who are successful in life, got into arguments against me. None. Let that sink in.”

Allow me to retort: “Reading Comprehension, it’s a drug.”

thebonergag: “I’m not the problem, you can’t get over the fact that I continue to keep hammering you with no intention of letting up.”

Hey, fuckhead! I don’t care about how much grandiosity you are currently suffering from I just hope that you and your ‘medical team’ have a plan for your safety.

Are they in the same room as you know? You can blink or nod if too afraid to speak.



Why is it that people are successful in life? Because they make wise decisions in life maybe? For example, none of the successful people I know of waste their time in endeavors they would not succeed in… Like arguing against me.”

This statement…

You keep calling me stupid, which I can grant you as a Member of the 11B Fraternity, but you ain’t seeing it.

It is possible that you 1) don’t know any successful people and/or B) all the so-called ‘successful’ people you know are just like you, which given what’s happened here, is an indictment of late-stage capitalism (h/t Lars! Mother forgive me!!)


There’s a third option to consider.


(was looking for the emoji and gave up. because i’m not successful and a big stinky loser)


No one is arguing.

You’re just right, as always.

Everyone is tired of this, and yet YOU KEEP GOING.


thebuttsag: Then stop responding. Without your responses to me, I would not have something to work with to generate a rebuttal.

Ok, my retort.

What is the sound of one person REALLY not giving a fuck and if you fucked off in the woods, would anyfuckingone miss you?


beep bop boop

clown, bereft of reading skillz



I’m going to chase ass and drink bourbon, in no particular order.

You, stay you.


“Da kvia vahmorun…”


Sad how highly you hold yourself and ‘friends’.

I bet you fuck the maid and stick a $20 in her (his?) pocket when done, as a ‘tip’ while chuckling to yourself.


Others that I’ve argued against also have animosity against successful people, as well as against people perceived to have a lot of money. “

I’m not sure what this means, but I’ll infer that you believe I have a problem with the rich?

Consider for a moment I often post articles from financial blogs and quote economists, maybe reevaluate.

But you won’t as you-must-be-right.


“Most of the Ukrainian deaths are civilian deaths”


A Proud Infidel®™

The same has always happened when it comes to their supplies of fuel and Vehicle parts as well!


“I saw a video”

Proof positve.
Can’t debate that logic.
You’ve run circles around me, logically.


“Excellent!” –Chicoms’ Taiwan invasion planners


Don’t doubt they’re paying attention.
comment image


I made mention of this when we FIRST (ht2, Oh, that would be moi) talked about sending expendable ordnance over there. You can have the finest weapons system EVAH, but if you don’t have the ‘splodey thingies that come out of them to go INTO them, then you are as harmless as a Heel Hound.

Per the write up, even if we sent NO MORE to them and had no expenditures of our own, look how many YEARS it would take to just replentish what we have sent.

Amateurs discuss tactics, Professionals study logistics. Beans and boolits win the wars.


Russia has the logistics advantage as the front is very close to them. They also have the manufacturing advantage as their economy is fairly self-sufficient. Additionally, they have been stockpiling armament for years. The Russians have been expending artillery shells at about 10k/day which requires a lot of logistics to get the shells to the artillery. As you say, beans and boolits.
I am by no means a military tactician, but it has been interesting to watch a Russian tactic that appears to be effective. They incrementally move forward to gain ground; they then set up a defensive line and move forward again. If they come up against an overwhelming Ukrainian counterattack, they calmly retreat to the defensive line until reinforcements can arrive. The tactic appears to have stopped every Ukranian counterattack and greatly lessened the Russian losses.


Solid evaluations of remaining Russian armor put it at less then 10% capable due to neglect and canabalization. A lot of this is based on imagery of equipment that hasn’t moved in a decade or longer.

Russia has no advantage on production while under sanctions. Meanwhile the Ukraine doesn’t have to make a thing and has hundreds of tons of munitions handed to it.


Talking about how bad the Chinese military is. Remember, in 1940 all Japanese soldiers were short, had buck teeth and wore glasses. And that new Zero airplane would catch fire if you stared at it too long. The PLA is not as good as propagandized, nor as incompetent.


^^Sarge here gets it!

As I was taught: most fights end up on the ground.

Even if their night vision is generations behind it’ll put a huge damper on a modern western force ‘owning the night’. And if I am remembering correctly, we haven’t had to maneuver under indirect in some time.

It don’t have to be precise iffn you got enuf.


“Quantity is a quality.” “God is on the side with the strongest battalions.”

I avoided the Flame Wars above, didn’t have a dog in that fight. Did read them all tho, got me a chuckle out the slugging match. Point being, back to the original subject of the thread, we have GIVEN AWAY a substantial amount of our expendable ordnance and as is pointed out, it will take YEARS to restock. This does not bode well when we have an enemy that will continue to send in massive numbers of cannon fodder until the positions are literally overrun. It has happened before, it can happen again. Them Johnny Rebs were throwing rocks at the damyankys on several battlefields (think Marye’s Hts) and were only saved by a last minute infusion of cartridges. And the “boolits” we using now can’t be hand rolled by 8-12 yo girls in Richmond or Augusta.

Supplies evaporate rapidly. Lack of gas stopped Patton in his tracks…literally.


Everything you typed and then some, Brother Man.

There is a cost associated with production and the tolerances there of. As much as I love this land, and the knuckledraggers that inhabit her, my fear will always be our insistence on being right even to the detriment of; treasury, blood, bullet or cannon round.

America cannot fail without, she must fall within. And everyfkingbody knows this, man.

What can we possibly gain by picking a side in a civil war one quarter the world away?!


We haven’t had to defend US Territory but 3 times, twice against the Brits (wore them out in the fights more than defeated them), and once against the Japanese…and we did a piss poor job of defending Pearl Harbor, didn’t we?

Every war we have been involved in since 1812 has been more about becoming “…adventurous abroad…” in order to become “…despotic at home.” Bob Lee called it years ago. Our foreign enemies know that they could not invade us with an Army (a rifle behind every blade of grass) so they have used (read bought and paid for) some domestic enemies to destroy us from with in. Nikita called that one. And here we are.

I’m not too concerned about myself. I’ve had a good run and will Defend what I have. I did want my Grands to grow old in the same Country that I grew older in. Not.gonna.happen!


And I pray for it to resolve toward peace and reason, KoB.

But just in case, omnus para bellum.


You can always find gainful work on the North Wall, -Dog. And I could use some help depleting the Class VI Supplies @ Firebase Magnolia. WSB


sheeeeet. Don’t threaten me with a good time!

If you got yardage I’ll make use of it, after chores, tending and mending of course.


Got all of that AND high speed low drag inherwebz. You and that Trophy Wife of yourn gits tired of Commieslut taxes and freezing weather, I’ll send you the grid square. Just ’bout equal distance twixt Ben’s Skool for Wayward Boyz and Camp Swampy.


China is definitely loving this shit
‘it’s not a matter of if but when


Testing. Testing.
VG comment jail, or still free to type?




Roh-Dog (and 3 others).
I stand by every word here today.

It was a mistake for VG to allow thebesig
to use this website to spread his conspiracy theories,
and then play his little game of Flame Wars
every time someone (or somefour) call him out on it.

I rest my case.
Y’all enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for all your hard work, MD.

I get differences, we all have them!

You take ‘er easy and don’t let’m dangle in the dirt.



Someone here needs to pay for more lessons.
Or go for the whole course.

[Argument Clinic – Monty Python]


The Ukrainians will never take land on the lower Dnieper and some “52-year old” clown will never see his prick again without the aid of a mirror or camera.


Argument Clinic skit portion on YouTube.
The entire Monty Python sketch,
including the other offices
and the comedy sketch police,
above at the dailymotion link.


My ass. Eat it.

You have a pathological need to be right. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I THINK YOU ARE INCORRECT ABOUT UKRAINE AND ITS LIKELIHOOD OF SUCCESS.

I doubt if you were wrong you’d admit it.

Now, if there is something else you’d like to ACTUALLY discuss THAT DOESN’T involve insulting; me, MD, people who disagree with you, etc; I’m ears.

You’re entitled to an opinion.


214 comments here now (this makes 215).
92 of the comments are by thebesig.

(Yes, I used text search,
and a whole lotta mouse clicking,
looking for (and counting) all those goofy eagle heads.)

Life imitates John Cleese and Michael Palin (Monty Python).

Scroll up for my 2 comments
with video links to the vintage classic sketch
“Argument Clinic”.


Michael Palin John Cleese.jpg
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Comments opened. Cautiously.


Now I’m no angel here, but I’m starting to think you done fucked up.

(and by you I clearly mean me. ‘Point a finger, the bulk point back’ thing/meme here)


I don’t operate in a vacuum, -Dog. I opened the comments up by request.


Salty Cracker Truce in No Man’s Land.

Bring the figgy pudding, I’ll light the candles.

Brandy (and leftist tears) MUST flow!


It’s about time everyone tucked their peckers back in their pants, this sword fight is wearing thin. I suggest you exchange e-mail addys or phone numbers, maybe join a chat app together, and you can smack each other with your dicks till the second coming. It’s no longer interesting, it’s not even entertaining. It’s grade-school playground bullshit.


My sincerest apologies for the ‘mud’ flinging, SFC D.

(see image)

weve met the anima and its an enima.jpeg


Shack. Thanks for bringing the “Knock It Off” call to this nonsense.

This exchange is the kind of endless/pointless pissing contest that ultimately drives good people away from TAH.

No one comes to TAH to see this kind of crap.

To the antagonists involved: as SFC D suggests, please knock it off and take your disagreements offline. Thanks.


My apologies for inadvertently stirring the pot. It would appear that it’s my fault that this continues. I still stand by my comment that it’s grade school bullshit. And with that, I will comment no more on this thread.


No, you did the right thing.
You took the time to type it out.

The +6 green thumbs up on your comment are the proof.
IMHO, no need for you to apologize.

Green Thumb

I just made seven.

The real Green Thumb.


The sickness continues.

Not only at Roh-Dog, and then at me, this time.

thebesig also pulls out the Part 1 Part 2 routine on
SFC D and Mick,
who were nice enough to show up
and tell EVERYONE here to knock it off.

thebesig makes it clear that
he believes everyone should just scroll on by,
or ignore him,
while he takes NO responsibility for his obsession
to annoy.

VG continues to do NOTHING about thebesig.


VG problem screenshot 10.jpg

Now 100 goofy eagle heads above.
Double Ugh.


“Do you know that I have every intention of…arguing…until…I’m…on my death bed”

Hey, just so you know: you ain’t arguing…and no one else is.

Which, imho, makes this a whole lot more pathetic.


no one cares



“It’s the only way this will stop.”

You’re a terrorist then?

Good deal. There is a cure,


I am the vice.

the lick her.jpeg

Normally I don’t wish ill upon random folks, but if you ceased this moment,,,,?

Not a care over here.

You have a great nite.