What’s the Deel? Follow-up

| November 18, 2022

On Sunday 13 Nov 2022, The Star Democrat was challenged to do a followup on their story on Ronald Deel.

Stolen valor is the story
Mike Detmer Nov 13, 2022


So, Ronald Deel was a 2nd Lieutenant USMC sniper in the Phoenix program.

He was wounded three times, but was left behind on the battlefield by a
government that denied his existence. REALLY?

He was captured but doesn’t remember being freed. REALLY? (Ad infinitum, ad

Mr. Deel probably can’t prove any part of his fantastic yarn because his
activities were so secret that no government records exist, right?

Nobody who really did a tour in S/E Asia would believe a word of this guy’s
pathetic drivel. I certainly didn’t.

That you chose to publish this article on Veterans Day was insulting to Vietnam
combat veterans. You now owe it to us to review Deel’s DD214, check for his
name on POW lists, and otherwise vet his claims.

Then expose him as a liar, and publish an appropriate retraction.
The real story here is stolen valor.

East New Market

A reliable rumor states that ole Ronnie confessed and said that he never served, but we have not heard that directly. Due diligence would dictate putting in a FOIA request for military records but if the confession was truthful, the best one could expect is a “NO RECORDS FOUND” letter back from the NPRC.

Let’s play “Let’s Make a Deel” and ‘Come on Down!’
[Insert visual of screaming lady running down the aisle to the stage.]

Personally, I feel that Deel collected all the attention on Veterans Day so he should step up to the proverbial plate and make his apology just as public.

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Daisy Cutter

Sometimes you get a terrible Deel and you just have to play out a bad hand.

(Somebody stop me.)


Just how awful and stupid this story is, I still find it Deelicious.

We have an illness and the only cure is more public humiliation.

Request to be stopped is denied at this time.


If you guys aren’t careful, Jeff LPH 3 63-66 is gonna come after you for impinging upon his punnery…

Daisy Cutter

I only come across as sour because I was weaned on a Deel pickle.

Daisy Cutter

Ronnie’s a done Deel.


Over hill, over Deel
As we rake’m over keel,
And those insults go rolling along.
In and out, hear ‘im shout,
Fucked around an’ found out,
And those TAHers go rolling along.


And it’s hi, hi, hey
The phony ran away,
We sent out the ASSteroid
Loud and strong,
For wherever he goes,
We will always know
That the phony can suck on a schlong

RGR 4-78

That’s a Deel breaker. 😉 


Someone could end up in the pun-tentiary over this.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s okay Mick, I got on the site to late to make a big deel out of this not coming in at win and place but I did show up.


Well, more public humiliation and MORE COWBELL!


You nailed it. Fev’ah: Spread that shit!


How much longer are we gonna have to Deel with this mofo?

Green Thumb

Someone needs the reach out to The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and All-Points Logistics for comment and verification of his current employment.


The most recent updates (yesterday)
on VG Article #1 on Phony Deel,
which now also contains ChipNASA’s As(s)teroid of Insults*…

  • Ron Deel’s page found on the Book of the Fake.
  • New comments (with VG links) plopped twice, including a reply comment to a female.
  • Kathy Ann _____, either a fan of Deel,or in hot pursuit of Deel, reacted to the reply comment by deleting her comment to Deel.
  • The other stand alone comment (with VG link) remains.
  • BONUS – Phony Deel posted that he got MARRIED in 2018.

$10 (or a Golden Corral breakfast buffet) says
the newest Mrs. Deel believes she married a RAMBO.

As for Phony Deel’s page on the Book of the Fake,
let us begin the countdown to POOF.

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

The deleted comment by Kathy Ann _____,
and the standing comment.

Ronald DEEL FaceBook page comments screenshot 2.jpg
RGR 4-78

Chatty Kathy didn’t hang around for more comments. 😉 


RGR 4-78,
She split fast.
Obviously, she was paying more attention
to Phony Deel’s Book of the Fake
than Phony Deel.
Not anymore.
No deal.

Ronald DEEL or NO DEAL.jpg

That thing is wide open but doesn’t appear active. I really like the porn link next to the link to his church on his “likes” page. It’s a nice touch.

Hack Stone

The Internet; It’s not just for porn, anymore.


Good catch.
This is hilarious.
The local church might find this not so hilarious.

Ronald DEEL FaceBook page Likes 8.jpg

I’ll just leave this (NSFW! kinda, fuzzed out) here.

Last edited 1 year ago by ChipNASA
Hack Stone

Hack Stone was expecting a Master Sergeant.

This video is somewhat appropriate, as Ronald Deel has his ass hanging out for all to see.


I think there was another episode where a young white girl came out as well … only one puppy, though. Maybe it was a different show.


I suspect he’s a bottom-deeler, who uses his tongue.
A bad Deel indeed. Mrs. Deel has been snookered, and probably would like to get her money back from the bad Deel she made.

Mrs. Deel
Feels so ill
’cause she got a rotten Deel.

on and on…


“Let’s play “Let’s Make a Deel” and ‘Come on Down!’
[Insert visual of screaming lady running down the aisle to the stage.]

“Personally, I feel that Deel collected all the attention on Veterans Day so he should step up to the proverbial plate and make his apology just as public.” – Steve Balm

The deal for Ronald Deel…

Ronald Deel trade offer deal Valor Guardians This Aint Hell.jpg

Suspenders over a golf shirt is the boomer version of the motorcycle vest.


Ron Deel ain’t the Real Deel?

Hope he’s enjoying the internet fame…

Daisy Cutter

Ronnie Deel has also spent some time in Bowling Yellow and Paint Saul.

You know, those ‘you-know-what-I-mean-when-I-pull-something-out-of-my-ass’ places.