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Pearland officer shoots kidnapping suspect at SE Houston apartment complex, HPD says
HPD said a Pearland PD officer shot a kidnapping suspect at an apartment complex near the intersection of Schroeder and Griggs roads.

Author: Cory McCord (KHOU)
A wanted man was shot by a Pearland Police Department officer Tuesday at an apartment complex in southeast Houston, according to Houston police.

The Houston Police Department tweeted about the shooting just before 3 p.m.

It happened at an apartment complex on Schroeder Road near Griggs Road.

According to HPD officials, Pearland police got a tip about a suspect who was wanted on several felony warrants — including kidnapping.

The tip led them to an apartment complex near the intersection of Griggs and Schroeder.

HPD officials said that when Pearland police showed up at the apartment complex, they spotted the suspect. The suspect ran and Pearland police chased him, authorities said.

When the suspect pulled out a gun, a Pearland officer shot him, according to HPD investigators.

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Good Morning Houston!

Down page is a link to another article, Man shot in the head by possible celebratory gunfire, police say
KHOU is there, too.

Armed suspect dead after officer-involved shooting in Miramar Beach

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday was at the scene of a deputy-involved shooting in Miramar Beach.

Deputies responded to the area of Poinciana Boulevard about 11:40 p.m. Tuesday, following a 911 call regarding a suspicious person armed with a handgun. Poinciana Boulevard is on the south side of U.S. 98 near Silver Sands shopping center.

Minutes after responding, deputies confronted the suspect behind a business and shots were fired.

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NWF Daily News

This one’s pretty close to home. Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

“If your attack is going too well, you’re probably walking into an ambush.”
– Infantry Journal

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And a big Happy Birthday to the NRA.


KHOU, the gift that keeps giving. Not always good for a FGS, but a classic example of a town you want to avoid. Plenty of crime, so that means job security for a career LEO. Ironically, one the side bar articles likes to list Houston as one of the Top Ten Cities to live in. Do believe our Graybeard would have a different opinion on that.

One less nutjob being a parasite on Society in the gunshine state. Used to do trade shows down in that AO, 30+ years ago. Used to be a nice place. Now? Not so much.

Best way to avoid walking into an ambush is to walk in some Arty in a rolling barrage.

Speaking of Arty…real nice man portable, bi-pod mounted, direct fire, rifled cannon you gots there Mister. Bet the Poles used some captured ones for business AND pleasure.


Rodger that, KoB.

But the boys and girls trippin’ in the CoC for Harris Co gotta talk their game.

The museums are nice, as is the Hermann Zoo (tho’ that is overpriced. Pro-tip if one is in the general AO – buy a membership to the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin TX. It is cheaper and is honored at Hermann Zoo.)

But for all of that, the taxes are what one would expect from a (D)emon-rat controlled shiite-hole and the safety aspects are less than stellar.

1/2 star – would not recommend.


Is it just my suspicion of all things Naughty Cull or do I suspect we may soon be bombarded again with fugly and/or plasticized abominations? Hmmmm…..

I’ll take “All of the Above for $1000.00, Alex.”


So… a bunch of Starbucks… Starsbuck?… whatever, are protesting having gainful employment? Or something?

And like all leftist orgs, proceeds to eat itself. Enjoy?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

StarF**ks union on strike against UCal that has an endowment of BILLIONS (with a large capital “B”).
Meh. I hope all of it collapses into the Pacific and bankruptcy.