Nuclear Saber Rattling

| September 26, 2022

Russian President Putin’s renewed threats to use nuclear weapons to protect Russian territory signal his willingness to raise the risk of nuclear conflict to avoid an embarrassing military defeat.

Putin accused the United States and its allies of “nuclear blackmail” and said that NATO officials made statements about the possibility of using nuclear weapons of mass destruction against Russia. Specifics on which NATO officials and their alleged statement transcripts were unavailable.

This in the midst of orchestrated referendums in the occupied areas of Ukraine, where Russia will claim sovereignty.

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people,” Putin said, an apparent reference to Moscow’s sizable nuclear arsenal.

“It’s not a bluff,” he added.

Is it? On Wednesday he announced a partial military mobilization in Russia, ordering 300,000 reserve troops up to fight in Ukraine. This sparked protests across the country. Russian police have arrested over 2,300 citizens for protesting and tens of thousands of military age Russians have fled the country to avoid the draft.

There are reports Vlad isn’t doing well behind Kremilin walls, with only the ultra-nationalists backing him. Interesting items about his meet with Xi and how concerned China is over Ukraine- the stiff resistance the Russian Army has met causes China to reevaluate the Tiawan situation.

Putin warns West: Threat to resort to nuclear weapons ‘not a bluff’

Putin claims NATO countries are using ‘nuclear blackmail’
By Anders Hagstrom | Fox News

Fox News

Lots of opinions from talking heads on the possible ramifications of Vlad popping a tactical nuke, none of them good. But the situation in Europe, if played with skill and cutthroat finesse, could end quietly with the collapse of the Putin regime.
Question is, who would replace him?

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Hack Stone

If/when Vladimir Putin is told to update his resume and remove his 1980’s vintage Jaguar from the Kremlin parking lot, he can always set up a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the Russian Federation.

As to (see what Hack did?) who would replace him, regardless of the choice, Stacey Abrams will still claim that she had the position stolen from her.

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet that a LOT of people would give their mailbox doors up to see Putin deposed!


“But the situation in Europe, if played with skill and cutthroat finesse, could end quietly with the collapse of the Putin regime.”

Concur, but sadly Brandon and his troupe of “woke” prancing assclowns would never be able to pull that off.

We’d have to dig up Ronald Reagan and get him back into an FMC status to make that work.

Amateur Historian

Or put zombie Theodore ‘Teddy’s Roosevelt back into office.

“Bully! And brains!”


China is a friend to Russia until China is no longer a friend to Russia, Same with Islam and same with the Biden regime. Keep eyes on China.

Barry McGuire…you don’t believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction…Great song but needs an update!

Hack Stone

The last day of every month the COMSEC Custodian was busy deleting all of the keymat that was expiring. And the last day of every month Hack Stone would start singing Eve Of Destruction to him. It drove him nuts.


Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla


The movie “A Boy and His Dog” took place in 2024…

If it goes Hot, my remote crystal eight ball with blue fluid sees China waiting until the smoke clears on who’s left and then the real fun starts.


“Kennedy…Kennedy…Kennedy”. Story by Ellison, directed by LQ Jones. Gave a whole different meaning to “great taste”.


As I said on another post, Xi is already picturing himself reviewing the (Chinese) troops standing on the viewing platform in the Kremlin.


Amazing what a missing comment does to meaning. I meant, Xi is picturing himself reviewing the (Chinese) troops, standing on the viewing platform.

USMC Steve

The Chinese and the Russians have never trusted or liked each other. For a good many reasons such as Russia continually ordering China to do their bidding for them.


Gonna ride the bomb?


Democrats will fight over who gets to do it.


Such an underrated movie!

Please mind the Mineshaft Gap.

(Kubrick and Sellers nailed Doctor Fauxi decades ‘forehand!)

We’ll meet again some sunny day

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I think that if pukin tries to do the nuke thing, his peeps would put a stop on having him do it

A Proud Infidel®™

I pray that you’re right, I’m simply wondering how soon some group or another will put a cease and desist on Putin? He has completely checked out of Hotel Reality!


Oh Vladimir Vladimirovic… moving to that 3 story secret palace in the woods won’t help you if you notify your personal guards/FSB to prepare to mobilize. You will still “accidently” fatally fall out a window.


Anybody got the -10 for this?


The problem is that Putin has painted himself into a corner. You can see how it happened. Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Dagestan… Belarus fell without a shot being fired. They were on a roll. Russia was back and looked nigh invincible. The Ukraine was literally being led by a clown. He could hear them quaking in their boots and the sound of AK’s dropping in the mud. Just ride right in and it is over.

Now with his personal army destroyed and Ukrainian farmers now making up the 6th largest armored force in the world from his shit he looks weak and foolish being defeated by not even top shelf Western Tech and a determined militia. He even brought in his best friends from his conquered vassal states and dreaded Russian version of Blackwater. Everything failed. Now everyone is rethinking their life choices about fighting Russia. So he has to look strong now; “LOOK; we have world ending bomb. Fuck around and find out”.

But is it an empty threat? Fuck around and find out.


The Rodina cries out for a Colonel General Alekseyev…and a Comrade Sergetov.


In all these analyses of Putin’s actions, statements, and options is missing a genuine assessment of his motivations.

Assumptions about his interest in rebuilding the USSR (no evidence he is a Soviet) or of a need to save face after a military misstep (valid, but we all are well-enough versed in war to recognize the give-and-take, and doesn’t explain the initial invasion).

Yet nothing to suggest he isn’t a true and faithful patriot of Russia. I don’t doubt that many – even the majority of Russians disagree with his goals, but I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Russia’s success isn’t his babushka.

Ludicrous ideas that he’s cancer-ridden or some other deathbed, supervillain scenario in which he just wants to watch the world burn.

Short of economic or military models (and, of the DIME variables, the E and M, respectively, are the biggest drivers of policy), there is a huge gap in the grand assessment.

He’s the enemy, but that’s not explained by simply saying he’s evil.

USMC Steve

He was a 1980’s vintage KGB agent. He is as Soviety as they can get. Those dudes were uniformly true believers.


People forget just how awful war can be. ‘Never say never’ to discount the stupidity of our ‘leadership’.
On the upside, so long as you’re far enough away to survive the initial blast, have; adequate fallout protection, ample food stores, the ability to make clean water and potassium iodide prophylactic (for those under 40yo), these wholesale slaughter thermonuketastrophe events are survivable.

Standard disclaimer applies: ymmv, past performance is not indicative of future results, I’m not a lawer, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, no refunds or warrantees either implicit or explicit will be honored. May God have mercy on your soul.


Putin nuke Ukraine, declare victory and leave (except for the parts now “Russia,” of course)… getting more likely:

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“Hello all, the first tank regiment is here. We were officially told that there would be no training before we are sent to the war zone. The regiment’s commanders confirmed this. On Sept. 29, we will be sent to Kherson,” the man in the video says.

Life in the Russian Army:

So bad you have to run away to Kazakhstan? F- that noise.