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| September 19, 2022

Theodore Kosin

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Theodore James Kosin, 33 y/o, who comes to us from Jamison, Pennsylvania.  It seems that Theodore has been telling tales of two tours in Afghanistan, a Purple Heart, and PTSD.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  First, there are the claims on Kosin’s LinkedIn page.

Theodore Kosin – LinkedIn

Then, messages were posted where he claimed he was blown off a cliff in Afghanistan due to a hopper mine. Then, he also claims that he was awarded a Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Medal.

In an earlier post, Kosin suggests a resource for help with PTSD, but says that talking to the person that heads up the program reminds him of bad times in his life and the dark place in his PTSD battle.

Then, there is a service dog involved… aaaannd why not?

In a Dec 2021 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, there is a claim that Kosin did two tours in Afghanistan.

The entire article from the Philadelphia Inquirer can be read here: “Filling the Void” complete article.


We were informed that Kosin supplied the following documents to seemingly support his claims of Afghanistan and PTSD.  We stress that these documents have been obtained via a third party so we cannot speak for their accuracy.

DD-214 Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

There is no Purple Heart listed in the DD-214, however.

VA Certification of Service – Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

Certification of PTSD – Allegedly Obtained from Kosin

Someone pointed out that although there is a Dr. Harry Coslett associated with the University of Pennsylvania, there was no link found to tie him to the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia.  Maybe Dr. Coslett is associated but there is no public information linking him to the VA.  In any case, it was just one more thing that raised some suspicion around Kosin’s claims.

. . . . .


Theodore Kosin’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

. . . . .



FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – DD-214

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – ERB

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – Form 1966/4

FOIA Result – US Army HRC – Theodore Kosin – Orders

The entire FOIA result is provided below.

US Army FOIA Complete Results

. . . . .


We searched the DoD Manpower Data Center database and found the following service listing for Theodore James Kosin.

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Theodore Kosin

This database was searched as well for any other active duty to present day. It did not show any other service dates, but sometimes the database is unreliable for recall to active duty from reserve status. This appears to be consistent with Kosin’s DD-214, however.

. . . . .


(3rd Party) FOIA Results – NPRC – Theodore Kosin

We were provided the above FOIA result that a third party obtained from NPRC but we stress that because this document has been obtained via a third party, we cannot speak for its accuracy.  However, it appears consistent with other FOIA results.  We have also filed with the NPRC but have not had results returned to us yet, probably due to reduced hours as a result of COVID.

. . . . .



There are discrepancies between Kosin’s claim of being in the Army and being in Afghanistan for two tours. Several documents point to him being in the Army for 49 days which is not enough time to complete basic training in 2007.

Also, it is odd that he was discharged on the day his military school was supposed to start – 12 DEC 2007.


Kosin was discharged as a PV2 (E-2) vs. the SGT (E-5) claimed.


Although Kosin was guaranteed Airborne training upon his enlistment, no documentation supports him attending or completing that training.


His records do not support the claims that Kosin served in combat.


Although we cannot prove or disprove a medical diagnosis of PTSD, if he does have it then it appears highly unlikely that it would have been due to combat, which he claims it was in his posted messages.


Kosin’s records show no award of the Purple Heart – not to mention the Distinguished Service (DSM) medal also claimed.  There is no mention of a Purple Heart in his awards block – in fact, it is completely blank.  There is not even an NDSM listed so that further points to him not completing basic training.


If Theodore James Kosin has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

Much like the danger of someone training others with firearms and the trainer does not have the experience that he/she claims to have, it is also questionable if not dangerous practice for someone to advise on PTSD when their own experiences with it are questionable.  Kosin may have PTSD, but it is highly doubtful it is from his imaginary two tours in Afghanistan.


Here are a few short audio files of Theodore Kosin speaking before a board.  These recordings are from July 27, 2021, Sept 14, 2021, and Sept 28, 2021. The September 28 recording was part of an attempt to get himself a seat on the school board when someone resigned.

14SEP22: “Friends Die in My Arms”

14SEP22: “Taliban MEME”

28SEP22: “Weapons SGT, Infantryman”


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Found a TROVE !!!
Actually, a FaceBook friend found it, and sent me this link in a PM.

TIKTOK account for TJ KOSIN (libertarianinpa)
Tons of whacko.
Happy hunting.

3 TikToks in the past 2 days…
and the most recent, yesterday, sounds like a THREAT.

Derek Mitchell

Sadly he is not done lying. He says try me yet will crap himself when confronted.


Comment #200.

Mr. & Mrs. Kosin are in social media hiding.
Socks and phony defenders initially chimed in,
but now also went silent.

Google is not Theodore James Kosin’s friend anymore.
#1 – VG
#3 – MP

word travels on Twitter.
Like this.

Good job, guys! 🙂

Brittan Kosin flyer 2.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

The truth is like Novocaine – inject a little, give it some time and it eventually works its magic every time.


This looney tune is like whack a mole here his new Twitter handle @jrafferty1972

Daisy Cutter

Hey TJ – If you’re reading this please list the names of your friends that died in your arms. We have ways to verify.

There is an old expression that people don’t really die until you stop mentioning their names. Their names should roll off your tongue without even blinking an eye. Post their names here, please. I’ll wait right here.


Folks here’s his new Twitter channel . @jrafferty1972


Daisy Cutter and Crikey!

Wifey Brittany Kosin just SUSPENDED her campaign
for a PA State Rep seat (as a Libertarian candidate).

NO mention of her phony hubby TJ.

Daisy Cutter

I noticed on her campaign page that she is for mental health reform. Perhaps she ought to start at home. TJ can be her first project.


Long ago. Dr Jill and Dr Jerkle!


Good she is just a stool pigeon anyhow.


New Twitter handle for this Valor thief @jrafferty


New phony. National news.
J.R. Majewski, running for Congress in 9th district of Ohio.

4 years honorable service U.S. Air Force.
6 months loading aircraft in Qatar
NEVER in Afghanistan.
NO combat.

It’s pretty bad,
when the Air Force Times calls out your Air Force BULLSHIT.


Not 4 year honorable. Collected himself a reduction in rank for fighting. Departed USAF a whopping single grade above where he entered, with a bonus bar to re-enlistment..


Seems a Supreme Court ruling has ended the political run for our hero’s wife. More like the Court of Public Opinion.


They had” hostages” not “volunteers”.

Skivvy Stacker

We used to call this “throwing a tantrum” when things didn’t go our way.

anonymous We must find every place that these traitor’s are hiding! Demand RETURN OF STOLEN VALOR.

Last edited 1 year ago by anonymous
PRCS (Ret.)

He looks to be a dangerous man. In a restaurant!


As someone who knew him for over a year. He lies about everything. Claims he did torture and interrogation. Claimed he had so many confirmed kills. He told me he watched his buddy get shot on a cliff as he walked right next to him and named his miscarried kid after the guy. He claims he was blown off a cliff and as a result has had extensive knee and back surgery because of “tbi” however he joined tbi groups then suddenly has the symptoms of others in the group even though he never mentioned them prior. He bought hats that said Purple Heart. Would always brag about his service but never had pictures or items to prove his time. He received military discounts and free tickets to events. He often threatens people with violence but then quickly pulls the ptsd card. Pretty sure he had a second service dog too at on point that he got through a service he claimed the other. Has a history with child services and abusing people as a result of his ptsd. His wife is aware of everything

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics material indeed.

The False Cmmander “Phony” Phil Monkress cannot this type of talent fall by the wayside.


This Turkey reappears and calls Valor gaurdians liars .


Do you have screenshots or links?


Crikey! (and site admins!)

TJ Kosin is doubling down…
via the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party.

Libertarian candidates for Congress and PA State Rep
have put out new tweets on Twitter.

LPNational and LPVets have been alerted with tags
by the Congressional candidate (seen here).

Check out this tweet… and scroll both UP & DOWN.

2022 10 11 Caroline for Congress tweet Kosin doubling down.jpg

A produce a simple VA card. It’s that easy.
And his wife might want to soften her rhetoric. I’m not proud of it but lesser informed ppl especially in medical fields are anti libertarian ESPECIALLY when they back a proven stolen Valor perpetrator. Youur politics should not matter but in her case it will



A new comment showed up on the wifey’s Book of the Fake.

Brittany, your Stolen Valor phony husband needs to either
put up his proof of military service publicly,
OR…. Come clean, tell the whole truth, admit his lies,
and apologize to everyone he has lied to,
which may include YOU.
— Start with proving 2 tours in Afghanistan and 1 Purple Heart,
but proven FALSE by 2 Stolen Valor websites.
(end paste)

2022 10 11 New comment on Brittany Kosin page 2.jpg

MarineDad61 – Still denying he’s lied, his wife knows everything & it appears she is covering for him and remains insistent he’s telling the truth. Sadly it also appears they have intimidated the community into silence.(folks are talking though, as we see at least 2 brave women have spoken out via tweets) Where the hell are the police? Something stinks to high heaven here.


The comment above went POOF.

The wifey Brittany Kosin (<< FU of Google pointer)
is clearly playing Phony Defender,
with new deleting and blocking,
while she continues pushing her politics
with new posts on her Book of the Fake.

Can’t let something like a Phony Purple Heart Hubby
get in the way of HER ambitions.

I predict more comes out very soon.. in public.
(Wishful Thinking)…
Enough NEW shitbaggery for a VG Page 2 on Kosin & wife.

Green Thumb

Phildo will hire Poser Supporters as well.

He already has quite a few but is always looking for more.


We have possibly discovered that Ms Kosin is politicking for an 501c republican(small r ) group in the area.


A new Kosin(s) grift is on?
What a MF surprise.


We don’t think it’s new. Apparently they have a long established relationship with an organization that originally paid for and possibly procured Ms Kosin’s entire political scheme. We have come to believe it’s more than likely than not, Ms Kosin is a cohort a willing participant.

Last edited 1 year ago by Crikey!

Waiting here to get a gander
at TJ Kosin’s DD-214,
no longer overly redacted
(to hide the lies and shame).

The codes are sure to be a hoot.

That is, unless the whole blacked out DD-214 is a total fake produced from a blank.


It’s not a tour ts a deployment
No such thing as a hopperine except in video games
A DCM…primarily a civilian award. Liz Dole got one
A DSC Not many issued. There are several public limits that go by war and alphabetically. Guess what, he is not listed. He chose the wrong award
You can find reputable online sources. He’s sick, mentally. His mouth is going g to get him hurt


No,His mouth has hurt others and badly.


People like him never seem to get the punishment.(clarifying my “No” response.