Lawmakers who supported booting healthy servicemembers lobby DoD to allow HIV recruits

| September 10, 2022

Six Senators and 34 Congressmen (all Democrats) wrote in a letter Wednesday that the Department of Defense should allow HIV positive individuals to enlist in the military. You’ll remember that HIV is a blood/sexually transmitted disease for which there is no cure. Pharmaceutical advances in the last 30 years mean that there are now effective treatments for the virus. It can still be a deadly virus, and the treatments require constant medical attention.

There are many conditions that a person can have that will categorically preclude any military service. Asthma and diabetes are but two examples. Like HIV, both are easily treated with modern medicine, but require such medication and constant medical attention. Like HIV, someone with either condition cannot enlist, because it’s very reasonable to expect our recruits to be healthy and ready to deploy worldwide. Once there, they may be expected to operate in austere conditions for extended periods of time, possibly without effective supply lines.

Unlike HIV, neither asthma nor diabetes are readily transmissible when bullets start flying and blood starts being spilled. Which is why HIV and other incurable bloodborne diseases aren’t accepted in new recruits. It just makes sense, right? Well, we live in clown world.

Notably, some of the Senators who signed onto this were vociferously in favor of DoD’s mandating an experimental vaccine for COVID on the troops. In favor of discharging those who refused. Healthy, in-service individuals who did not want to take a vaccine with absolutely no long-term studies. Contrast that with HIV, which has decades of study surrounding it.

Here’s Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s quote on the topic of COVID vaccines in the military;

“There are already 17 vaccines that are mandatory for all servicemembers,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who chairs the Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee. “This is a military readiness issue — the COVID vaccine will keep our troops healthier, safer, and ready to fight when called upon.”

Interesting that she doesn’t see a problem with actually sick people with a deadly, incurable disease in the military, but she does with those who just don’t want the COVID vax.

Military Times has the story, with a link to the letter.

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Follow the unbiased science?


I am sure he consulted the White House Counsel as well to make sure it was all legal.


What’s next? A Secretary of Transgenderism and Alphabetism? The madness abounds.

Hack Stone

Okay, time for some serious cost/benefit analysis of allowing HIV Positive people to enlist in the US Military.

Military Recruit Training is a highly structured environment, with a detailed scheduled down to the minute of what Recruits should be doing. HIV Positive Recruits would require multiple appointments with medical professionals, interrupting their training evolution. Would they be held in the training cycle for a longer period to recover their lost training, or will they be just be given a pass on not completing that training, leader to the lowering of standards.

Then factor in their primary MOS training. How much classroom training will they be missing while they go to medical appointments?

Then they get to the Fleet. The Battalion Commander now has an individual on his/her Table of Organization that will never be deployable. How does this enhance military readiness?

Hack Stone

The military can’t even adequately care for troops with line of duty injuries, let’s burden them some more with HIV Positive patients, and between them and the others undergoing their military financed gender reassignment, it will end up that the cis-gendered males will be facing back to back deployments.

And if there are HIV Positive, it would be a good bet that they have other issues (drug use) that would require waivers.

Are any of these politicians promoting this agenda military veterans? Probably not, nor do they care about the troops who will have to pick up the slack.


The names of the 6 Senators are at this link:

Will try to find the letter sent by the 34 members of the House.


34 House members led by Reps. Mike Quigley, D-Ill.; Sara Jacobs, D-Calif.; and Barbara Lee, D-Calif sent the 2nd letter.

You can find their names at this link:


Query: If a young recruit is butt-raped by an HIV infected barracks mate and gets HIV, does he get a lifetime disability pension from the VA for HIV and the dreaded PTS of D?

RGR 4-78

What if they are exposed to HIV positive blood or other body substance in the course of normal activities? Will DOD/VA stand by them? Or will they kick them to the curb with a handshake and a hearty fuck you?


The latter… try proving it was service-connected.


Not if he’s evil cis white straight male– he has to at least identify as one (1) or more identity elements differently AND vote Democrat if he wants loyal progressives at the VA to approve it for “social justice,” comrade!

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It’s all about inclusion and diversity. The first shirt and/or commander is going to have a hell of a time with discipline in the future when they pull out the “he/she hates me because…, or proclaims the proper pronoun wasn’t used in addressing me” card.

The people we may fight in the future won’t have to shoot our people. A tackle and a tickle will be all that would be required to subdue them.


Yup, there goes the military blood supply. Sorry, if you get wounded…


Also in the linked Military Times story.
The group is also pushing for the Defense Department to drop similar restrictions on individuals with the hepatitis B virus (HBV), saying current rules regarding those individuals similarly ignore the latest medical treatments and health care guidelines.”
Why not just remove all exclusions due to bloodborne pathogens from DOD Instruction 6130.03?


Just like many African militaries! (Diversity, right?)

RGR 4-78

In the absence of ultraviolet light, hepatitis B virus (HBV) can survive up to 6 months on a hard surface.


Taking the term “How much more stupid can you get” as a challenge. “Hold my fruity drink and watch this!”


New recruiting ad:


To pass the cost onto tricare 💩 

RGR 4-78

And then the American Taxpayer.

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Has not been evaluated for people “assigned female” at birth…..

And this shit is a real commercial/medication🤦🏼‍♂️

“The most common side effect is diarrhea…”

Pretty sure it’s not the meds causing that sloppy ploppy, bro.


Gee, is that how it works now? The doctor delivers the baby. And then consults a number of sources, making a difficult decision, and then he “assigns” a sex or gender. I guess the old-fashioned way of looking at the newborn’s crotch is just so invalid. Let’s also not look at whether the infant is XX or XY, chromosome-wise. That is now un-sciencey, somehow. Welp, soon they will be convincing us that 2 + 2 = 5.


Checking a baby’s junk and recording whether they’re male or female is just too “racist” now, comrade!

Just because it works with kittens, puppies and other vertebrate animals is no reason to include humans in such hateful nonsense, of course.

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Hack Stone

How come no other species doesn’t have more than two genders?

It’s actually reached this point of ridiculousness. You would assume this was a Babylon Bee article, but unfortunately it’s true.

Hack Stone

May cause diarrhea should be marketed as a feature, a natural lubricant.


And now this courtesy of Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston.

He needs to have a One on One with Ole Joey Boy about this “problem”..

“U.S. Army Recommends Food Stamps for Struggling Soldiers”

“The U.S. Army is recommending soldiers apply for SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, to help cover their rising costs from inflation.”

“The U.S. Army cites the higher prices on a range of goods because of inflation in its recently released official guidance.”

“With inflation affecting everything from gas prices to groceries to rent, some Soldiers and their families are finding it harder to get by on the budgets they’ve set and used before,” the guidance written by Sergeant Major of the Army Michael A. Grinston reads. “Soldiers of all ranks can seek guidance, assistance, and advice through the Army’s Financial Readiness Program.”


“Based on the Pentagon’s own data, 24% of enlisted personnel are food insecure,” said Mackenzie Eaglen, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute. “While food stamps are a Band-Aid, they’re also an admission that basic pay for enlisted troops and their families is too low – further exacerbated by unyielding inflation causing paychecks to shrink more.”

“Eaglen said the answer is to increase pay and be more realistic about how inflation affects service members.:

“A better solution is to abandon rosy inflation assumptions, boost basic pay, and request a defense topline above inflation each year so forces and families have predictability and stability,” she said.”


Query: Why are they “food insecure” when the Dining Facility aka Mess Hall provides three hots to go with that cot?

RGR 4-78

Knocked up their sweetie before enlistment or the stripper at the nearest saint marie of the swinging tit after enlistment.


“three hots to go with that cot?”

That’s the promise, anyway. But, like all government promises….

“The exigencies of the service”, dontcha know. Little did I know that one of those “exigencies” was incompetence/stupidity/corruption. I was more “food insecure” in Germany than I was in RVN. Must have been those “Werewolf” Nazi holdouts cutting our supply lines.

Hack Stone

Are there any @gentlemen’s clubs” in the vicinity of Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune that will slow you to make it rain with food stamps?



Hack Stone

“Are there any “gentleman’s clubs” in the vicinity of Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune that will allow you to make it rain with food stamps?”

Someone really needs to tell Hack Stone that he should always proofread before posting. No wonder the only job that he can keep is as a Director Of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.


“always proofread before posting.”

I feel your pain. It’s a losing battle.

“No matter how much you prance and dance
the last two drops run down your pants”.

RGR 4-78

Ninja, that dollar bill picture is of a member of the PFC mafia fixing to tip a g string on pervert row. 😆 

Last edited 6 months ago by RGR 4-78

Not gonna work, Mike. I WORK in food stamps, daily and most of my business is active duty military. They get mad AF when I deny them, “You can’t count my BAH and BAS!!! It’s non taxable!!!”

Bullshit: if you can spend it, I can COUNT it. Even with inflation, a PFC/LCpl HH of 3 is over the 200% poverty rate…so no soup for you.

The problem isn’t inflation: it’s local HH markets charging way too much for housing, when the BAH is supposed to cover rent/AND utilities. I can also see their DMV records when I work a case. Why do both you and your wife need the latest 2022 vehicle? Sounds like bad budgeting instead of inflation causing your problems…

RGR 4-78

The first thing is to live within your means.


That is why I have had zero long term credit card debt for the past ten years. I pay off every card each month. I refuse to pay those bastards their 20 plus percent interest.

RGR 4-78

I wish I could updoot your post 20 times.

AW1 Rod

Just what everyone in a combat zone needs…..the opportunity to come into contact with the blood of someone wounded and HIV-positive.


It’s irresistible, a Prog two-fer: social engineering AND virtue signaling.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

As I’ve mentioned before, This shit can’t get any better.

Amateur Historian

They know what HIV stands for, right? Oh, what am I asking? Of course they don’t!

They’ll be wondering why most of the recruits are down sick after getting the slew of immunizations at basic…


Especially, when they are enlisting all those “butt-pirates,” as Cartman likes to call them. He says that term is not offensive, like all the others.



RGR 4-78

They know what HIV stands for, right? Oh, what am I asking? Of course they don’t!”

They know.

They just don’t care because the vast majority of them have no one they know or are related to that will be affected (infected).


I’ve said it before, I have no doubt they want to reduce military service to just another federal job with all the same hiring/staffing quota’s and a few mentally handicapped hires to sweep up around the duty desk, because it’s what’s “fair and right”.


I already tell kids to stay far away from the military. I guess I may have to add a bit more emphasis.