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| August 23, 2022

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Would-be carjacker shoots at man with a concealed weapon, suffers critical injuries when CCL holder returns fire

Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas, Chicago Tribune
A man with a concealed carry license was sitting in his vehicle on the West Side early Monday when he was fired upon by a man who Chicago police say had apparently been trying to steal the vehicle.

But the 45-year-old vehicle owner instead drew his own concealed handgun and shot the suspected would-be carjacker once in the chest, according to an online media notification from police. The alleged assailant suffered critical injuries, authorities said.

The North Austin shooting happened about 1:30 a.m. Monday, as the 45-year-old sat in his vehicle in the 5500 block of West Crystal Street, according to investigators. Police did not say in what type of vehicle the man had been sitting when the stranger approached him, “produced a handgun and fired shots at the victim.”

After the 45-year-old — who has a valid license to carry a concealed firearm, police said — reportedly shot the aggressor “one time in the upper chest area,” paramedics responded and took the wounded man to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood where he had last been listed in critical condition.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many times the alleged assailant fired at the 45-year-old, but the victim was not struck and did not suffer any injuries, police said. The suspected would-be carjacker’s gun was found at the scene, according to investigators.

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He fired enough to effectively halt the threat. Period. Thanks to our own David for the link.

Florida K-9 helps apprehend suspect attempting to evade police in stolen car
The K-9, named Jet, was able to track down and grab the suspect to end pursuit

By Landon Mion | Fox News
A suspect in Florida who had attempted to flee from police in a stolen vehicle is now in custody after a K-9 chased him down and bit him.

The Ocala Police Department said Dale Shrewsbury, 35, stole an unlocked car that had the keys still inside on August 11, Fox 13 reported. The suspect already had a lengthy arrest record, having been arrested 13 times by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office since 2006.

About an hour after Shrewsbury took the vehicle, police attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The suspect then tried to flee as officers pursued. Deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office soon joined in the chase that took place across several roads throughout the city of Ocala and Marion County.

Police said Shrewsbury was driving recklessly to avoid arrest, running several cars off the road and hitting a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission patrol vehicle.

The suspect also drove through several residential yards and plowed through fences and gates.

A deputy eventually conducted a successful PIT maneuver to stop the car, but Shrewsbury exited the vehicle and fled on foot. A K-9 named Jet was able to track down and grab Shrewsbury to end the 21-minute chase.

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Fox News

If you only hit one FGS link today, this would be the one. Poor Jet…right, Gun Bunny?

“When the shooting starts would you rather be armed or legal?”
– Cormac McCarthy, The Road

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Far too many unlocked vehicles have used by criminals, as we see in this instance, in the commission of further crimes. Something must be done to see that vehicle owners act responsibly to secure their dangerous property.

(Not quite up to Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” but not bad before breakfast.)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like Mr ShitCongo Car Jackee had the perfect (legal) opportunity to apply the TSS (Taxpayers’ Savings Shot), but for reasons known only to him, didn’t. Too bad.


“one time in the upper chest area.” Yep that will normally do the trick. Citizen musta been using some sort of plasticized abomination, with a wimpy caliber, instead of a caliber of the sort suited to the teaching from the Gospel according to HMS JMB…HBHN. Otherwise the police report would have read, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Poor Jet. Wonder how many road killed Alley gators he had to eat to get the perp taste out of his mouth. I’d buy him a nice T-Bone and a bag of bacon with cheese doggy treats. I don’t think the cream that Bubba & Co applies to the perp’s backside will take the sting out. Arrested 13 times since 2006. Nealy once a year. Whyinhell was he even walking the streets?

That shorely is a purdy Kimber pocket cannon you gots there, Mister. Notice that it is made of metal and wood…as was intended by…well…you know.

I’ll be armed, Thank You very much.


As intended by…Samuel Colt? Mr. Browning didn’t do a lot of revolvers, did he?

Actually, CCO, you bring up a rising problem: guns stolen from unlocked cars since constitutional carry was enacted in many jurisdictions. Some people just don’t seem to get “securing”, I guess.


Yeah, if they’d hunted for a dummy round until almost dark (or until the drill sergeant took his foot off it—I’ve wondered since) or gone back to the range or otherwise had it beat into their brain housing group….

jeff LPH 3 63-66

A lot of handguns stolen from unlocked cars down here in Florida, and most likely by residents who can’t carry concealed but are allowed to have a handgun in their car, plus concealed carry persons like myself who leave it in the locked car when I go into a medical building with the gun free signs on the doors. My OTWB holster doesn’t have a strap so the first visit to the Dermotologist for the radiation treatment on the nose, had me holding the gun with my right hand when I was loward back. After that, the remaining 12 visits had the gun in my locked car.


I’m reminded of the .44 (I think it was) my sergeant said she carried when traveling. Gun store had said the shorter the barrel the bigger the hole; and she told the story of getting run off the road in her little red sports car by a group on motorcycles. She shot the gas tank off one cycle and they all scattered like quail.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Was thinking similar about that hand filling “hand cannon”. Nice looking. But from reading the review, I think (if I could even afford to buy it) I’d be loading it with 38SPL+, not 357Mags.
(but those 357Mag Federal Premium’s Micro HST do look intriguing – but in a larger hand cannon)


Yep, spot on, Boys. That .357 mag would kick like the old proverbial Army Mule will come December. Hence the reference to the “hand cannon” part. Even my large frame S&W .38/357 mag was a beast after more than about 10/12 rounds. And David, the references were a nod to BOTH HMS JMB (HBHN) and Colonel Colt (God created man, Colt made them equal).


( Chewtoy? JOY!)

BARK! Omnomnomnomnomnom!


RRRRrrrrrr Omnomnomnomnomnom



(Pack leader loves me! Happy!)


It’s just like all the gun control folks in Chiraq (my old home town) said would happen. More people are getting shot if people are allowed to legally carry, unfortunately for them it’s the criminals who are getting shot. This will go on the books as a gun violence shooting with no mention that it was a criminal dirtbag who got shot.

Poor Jet will need a lot of time with a sanitized squeaky toy to wash the taste of his last unwashed squeaky toy out of his mouth. If I were the chief of police anywhere I would only let fat guys be K9 officers. The farther the dirtbags run, the longer they get to think about the consequences of their actions while the Bork-Bork is gnawing on their meaty bits.