Team Biden pushing for talks aimed at releasing billions of frozen funding to Afghanistan

| August 22, 2022

The White House, and the United Nations, want to release funds to Afghanistan to help its economy. Afghanistan’s economy is hurting in the face of Western sanctions, as well as from not being able to access frozen assets. Those that want these talks point to humanitarian need. However, critics argue that this money is going straight to the Taliban.

From Fox News:

The U.S. and other nations froze billions of dollars worth of foreign-held assets belonging to the now-defunct Afghanistan government after the Taliban took over the country in 2021. The Biden administration continues to work with Taliban officials despite the terrorist organization’s housing of a top al Qaeda leader in Kabul, Reuters reported Monday.

The Biden administration and the United Nations are working to release the funds in an effort to stabilize the Afghan economy, which has all but collapsed under Taliban rule and Western sanctions. Humanitarian organizations have warned that the Afghan people may face hunger in the impending winter.

The U.S. seeks to avoid sending funds directly to the Taliban by setting up a Swiss trust fund that would hold control the funds and distribute them for humanitarian needs. Nonprofits warned earlier this year that much of U.S. aid to Afghanistan was going directly to the Taliban.

The renewed push to give the funding to Afghanistan comes weeks after a U.S. drone strike killed top al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri in Kabul, the Afghan capital.

Fox News has the article here.

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It’s like they know what the smart and right to do is, and they just continue to do the exact opposite anyways.

RGR 4-78

F#%k this stupid s#!t and the idiots that are proposing to make it happen.


It’s not stupidity. It’s mendaciousness.


Yeah, let’s just go ahead and fund our next domestic terror attack.

Thanks, Biden.


Affy government assets? Hell, didn’t we provide them with those assets? Free up some assests? MmmmmKay. Declare weapons free to the Missile Men and send some assets of ours from Minot to the Tally Ban. Should be there in about 22 minutes from release.

Only Army Mom

This is a great idea! Set up the account with the Swiss, have the Swiss send them an ATM card, then we send them the PIN…taped to the nose of the first of as many nuclear warheads as it takes to kill every man, woman and child. And make the landscape glow.

Then, send every person on the planet who thinks the way they do and every person in this country who thinks sending them those frozen assets is a good idea, to measure how long the radioactive, glowing landscape takes to kill.

I’ll take it back later, after I stop shaking with rage, but not right now.


Just a ruse to for Joe to get some transfer fees for the family.


At least 10% always goes to The Big Guy. That is a given if you are a fifty-year professional political grifter.


This is a great idea. They could use the same trustee that delivers trust funds to North Korea. Kim was only up to 100 Mercedes Stretch limos and 10 nuclear bombs before they cut him off.


Should we give them some more aircraft (F35) perhaps?


Lets go back to the eighties and give them more Stingers.


Give them an A/C carrier and a few subs 😉


I say send the money. Or at least the equivalent value in 500lb bombs. The B-52 fleet needs a live-fire exercise.


Now, that’s real “insurrection” for ya (no bison costume needed).

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Why not, after all the supreme ruler gave the tally boppers all those weapons.

Hack Stone

The Biden administration and the United Nations are working to release the funds in an effort to stabilize the Afghan economy, which has all but collapsed under Taliban rule and Western sanctions.

Well, to paraphrase Dear Leader Barrack Hussein Obama, military coups have consequences.

America has spent hundreds of billions over 20 years trying to bring Afghanistan from the 11th Century, and the only thing accomplished was to bring them into the early part of the 12th Century. Just how the hell is giving them any money going to improve the lives of the women and children subject to Taliban rule? Put the funding of relief efforts in the laps of the Hollywood elite, they did such a great job ending hunger in Ethiopia, it’s about time they drop another song. They can record a stunning and brave remix of Give Peace Chance A Chance.

A Proud Infidel®™

Most of those goat-humpers cannot be made civilized.


Civilized-anything is “haram,” of course.


I’m at a loss for words in light of such incredible stupidity. Sad thing is these people are going to stay in power due to the apathy and short memories of the majority of Americans. If gas prices are under 3.50 and inflation decreases a couple percent the democrats will win and in December everything will go bad again. People are easily fooled, and cheaply bought. I hate to say it but we get what we deserve. We’re a country of fat, dumb, lazy victims with their hands out.


Not the entirety of the populace… unfortunately, those who believe in individual responsibility and individual effort are generally less interested in how the government will help them – so they’re less inclined to influence that government until things have completely gone off the rails. So….

Keep your arms clean and serviceable; keep your skills sharp and your mind sharper. Raise your children and encourage your friends to appreciate the value of hard work and inviolable principle.

The latter may prevent the need for the former… but I’m not particularly sanguine about that.

A Proud Infidel®™

“The Biden administration and the United Nations are working to release the funds in an effort to stabilize the Afghan economy,…”

Yeah, team up with likely THE MOST corrupt entity in human history, people at every level of the United Nothing are on the take every step of the way.

Hack Stone

Are you talking about the UN or the Biden- Harris Administration?

A Terminal Lance Coolie



If I ever found a genie to grant me one wish, it would be for the complete and permanent dissolution of the United Nations, and that no such organization would ever exist again.

Green Thumb

What could go wrong?


It’s Obama and Iran all over again. I agree with Green Thumb, what could possibly go wrong?

Instead of releasing billions to them, use it for finishing our wall, lowering our debt, etc., etc. But…what do I know?


Impose sanctions to cause economic pain then turn around and give them foreign aid to relieve their economic pain. You need a law degree or Ph.D. to be that smart.


And this on almost the anniversary (24 August) of these 13 brave American warriors senseless deaths. Words can not match how much hate & contempt I have for this administration.


Hack Stone

Not Biden’s fault, he didn’t check his watch.


Enough. Every five minutes wasn’t sufficient.


I have no words….

(Drink:30 hours)

Skivvy Stacker

I don’t cry when friends or family die. I don’t know why that is, I think my cryer is all cried out.
But this administration is bringing me closer and closer to tears with every damn move it makes.
The older I get, and the closer I get to my death, the more and more I look forward to saying good bye to this world; even if that means there’s no heaven or hell.


There is still a great deal of beauty in this world. In this country, as well.

I’ve no idea if there is any Heaven or Hell beyond what we create for ourselves in the here-and-now, but do know of dandelions risen through cracks in pavement and trees grown around barbed wire.

Maybe I’m just a giant pussy, but I hate the idea of old vets willingly fading away. There’s always something worth fighting for.

“… Et que vous me les donniez, mon Dieu, définitivement.
Que je sois sûr de les avoir toujours
Car je n’aurai pas toujours le courage
De vous les demander….”

Old tanker

WTF?!?! He already armed them now he wants to pay them more? We need a regime change right freaking here.