Woke Prosecutor Fired!

| August 6, 2022

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) “I did that.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended a Soros-backed prosecutor Thursday for cherry-picking which laws, and to what extent, to enforce and which to ignore. The duty of a state attorney is to enforce existing law as written, and has no other part in the law making process.

Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren was doing exactly that, and had been for quite some time. So Ron fired him.

AW1 Rod sends.

Who is Andrew Warren? Meet the Tampa prosecutor Ron DeSantis just removed

5 things to know about Ron DeSantis’ latest Democratic target

Kirby WilsonTimes staff
Dan SullivanTimes staff

Gov. Ron DeSantis shocked Tampa Bay on Thursday when he removed Andrew Warren from his office as state attorney for Hillsborough County.

DeSantis said Warren, a Democrat and rising star in progressive law enforcement circles, had put himself “above the law” by promising not to enforce laws limiting abortion or the ability of children to seek certain gender dysphoria treatments. DeSantis used a suspension clause in the Florida Constitution that means Warren essentially has been fired.

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Tampa Bay Times

Of course, the Dems are howling.

Florida Democrats came to Warren’s defense, similarly arguing that the state’s attorney was duly elected.

“Ron DeSantis just suspended a state attorney, who was twice elected by Floridians, because he’s not willing to send women to prison for getting abortions. This administration is morphing into an authoritarian regime in plain sight,” Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith tweeted.

Agriculture Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried also fumed on Twitter.

“Ron DeSantis, wannabe dictator, just suspended Florida State Attorney @AndrewWarrenFL for saying he wouldn’t prosecute Florida’s cruel and unacceptable 15-week abortion ban,” Agriculture Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried wrote on Twitter. “This is outrageous and dangerous.”

NY Post

Sorry, there’s that whole Oath of Office thing. And neglect of duty, Wait, he was stupid enough to sign letters? Yep, he recently signed a joint letter promising to avoid prosecuting people for providing or seeking abortions. The letter was published in June by the organization Fair and Just Prosecution. Also signed was a separate letter “condemning the criminalization of transgender people and gender-affirming healthcare” whatever that is. Read the letter here if you must:

Joint Statement From Elected Prosecutors

Eight pages of how transgenders are victimized. I read it so you don’t have to. Among the complaints- bills that aim to block trans youth from receiving life-saving gender-affirming healthcare (their words), and laws that prohibit mentally ill people from using single-sex facilities — mainly restrooms.

Mutilating confused children while protecting sexual predators is fine, so just ignore laws to protect the remaining 99% of Americans? Not on Ron’s watch. And I hope the other Red State Governors take note.

Hasty la vista, pendejo. Bring it!

Fired For Cause

Thanks, Rod.

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Think what he could do on a National scale with the supremacy clause?


Sorry, not sorry, but I like laws that protect children from perverts…and from being murdered.


Imagine how much Soros spends on security.
I’ll bet he keeps a nightcap in his pocket.

Hack Stone

Dod George Soros save the receipt for the purchase of this politician? He should see about getting his money back.


A good start.

A Proud Infidel®™

Of course the liberal media’s propaganda puppets are going to go full batshit when their agenda gets interfered with, I wonder if they’re getting their talking points straight from his minions?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Dan Bongino explained what happened making it easy to understand how he totally disregarded the law based on his feelings. If he prosecuted certain cases or didn’ prosecute certain cases on disgression, he wouldn’t have been suspended.


This is the sort of thing which results from cherry-picking which laws you do and do not enforce. I don’t support “2A sanctuary” or “illegals sanctuary” for the same reason. If we don’t like a law on the books, change the law or resign. Don’t swear to uphold the law and then try to pick WHICH law.


Here’s the best part about DeSantis: his response to the whiny, petulant woke little punk-ass bitches in the media is DILLIGAF. Too many Republican politicians are afraid of the media. The attitude they need to take is “Who is afraid of a snotty little kid throwing a tantrum?”, because this is exactly how those self-exalting little press douchebags act. Other Republican governors, take notice!

A Proud Infidel®™

“Too many Republican politicians are afraid of the media.”

Absolute truth.


“He fights.”

I can almost hear Mr. Spacely saying…

“Warren! ….


Huh. Don’t follow the Rule of Law, get shown the door. Amazing how that works.


That’s my Governor!!! Warren, like all Soros-backed candidates, was soft on other crimes as well. The plan is to cause the problem of high crime rates then grant the government authority to “crack down” on criminals. Its only too late that you realize you are the “criminals” they want to control. It’s Police State 101.