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| August 5, 2022

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Man whom investigators said pulled out AK-47 style gun killed during undercover operation

Gordon County deputies have shot and killed a man after investigators said he pulled out a gun and threatened them during an undercover drug operation.

The shooting happened around 9:30 p.m. Monday near the intersection of Brookline Circle and Dews Pond Road.

The Gordon County Sheriff’s Office said undercover deputies had arranged a meeting at a vacant home in the area with a pair of men accused of dealing meth and marijuana.

After undercover deputies were done making the deal, investigators said the deputies told the men that they were with the sheriff’s office.

That was when one of the suspects pulled out an AK-47-style weapon and threatened the deputies.

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Yahoo News

The deputies didn’t seem to appreciate being threatened, pretty much like anyone else.

Coroner IDs man killed in suspected self-defense

By Sabrina Schnur Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Clark County coroner’s office on Tuesday identified a man killed in what police said was a self-defense shooting.

Jodi Harris, 30, died June 27 at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center from gunshot wounds, the coroner’s office ruled.

Officers were initially called at 9:31 p.m. that day to the 1700 block of Karen Avenue, near South Maryland Parkway, after a report of an assault and battery with a gun, according to dispatch records from the Metropolitan Police Department.

The department declined to provide further information, but online homicide logs indicate the shooting was determined to be self-defense.

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Review Journal

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Brought an AK to a gun fight and still lost?

Wonder why the LEOs are not providing more info on the dead perp.

I’ll be away from the GB Compound about time the WOT falls, so I won’t be in the running. I’ll be finding out what the oncologist thinks my status is. See you then.


Wishing you all the best, GB.


A twofer DRT and a shank long enough to go thru your enemy’s gut and have room on the other side to hang a slouch hat. Johnny Reb grins.

We used to educate our children to love America and to apply themselves to be productive members of Society. Now they are indoctinated to hate America and educated how to become willing subjects of the state. Stalin grins.