Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| August 2, 2022

Gaetz lobs nuclear truth bomb

She’s as good a doctor as Jill Biden

Kamala creates new, inventive ways of making herself even less personable

They go and prove Matt Gaetz right

I can say it here: CHILD ABUSE

Someday we’ll find the cure…

More changing definitions to fit the narrative

You can’t spell “class” without a great big ASS

Example #2

The tolerant left, folks

Meanwhile, in England

I think it was this one, which we can post here, because we ain’t living under fascism. God bless the USA!

The latest in LGBTQIA+WHATEVER flag

This wouldn’t have happened in John Paul II’s Catholic Church

I like that she’s in front of a giant bucket of “Nut Butter”

I hope she doesn’t have any car problems

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Gaetz is right about Abortionistas.

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Let’s hear it for Wikipedia being partisan…
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Can’t wait for youtube to flag financial channels for ‘misinformation’ing about the absolute shitshow that our centrally-planned ‘economy’ is turning into.

I’ve said it before, and will continue to do so until room temperature: motherFUCK communism right in the face with a 10 pound sledgehammer.


Can’t wait to deport these ‘people’, especially frenchy the viral terrorist.


Still trying to wrap me head around this whole Trump Hating thing. I guess some people just didn’t like, low gas prices, full store shelves, a booming economy, and America FIRST thoughts. Pity.

Can’t wrap my head around murdering innocent babies either. I won’t judge you, but God will. His Son was all about that forgiveness thing, but IIRC, God was all about that Vengence is Mine thing.

These nutjobs already have their own State…the State of Confusion.

My BP went up nearly 20 points just from reading these headlines. Think I’ll go make myself a ham sammich, with tater chips, olives, and a Frosty Yuengling.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“I will die on this hill”
Ok. Your choice.
Clean up on hill 2!

Forgot the backhoe again, didn’t you.

RGR 4-78

TikToker says she doesn’t want anyone who voted for Trump ringing up her groceries, fix her car, or provide other services”

Does this include Police, Fire and EMS Services?
What about Doctors and Nurses, Pharmacists?

What about trash service? Going to get pretty stinky at her house when she gets her water and electric shut off.

Dumb shit.


Just sayin’:
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Wiki should change their disclaimer to read “This page is protected to prevent any facts”.