First we burn you out, and then we burn you again

| August 1, 2022

In April, the federal government started a couple of controlled burns on forest land in northern New Mexico under pressure from local managers and US Forest Service (FSA) Chief Randy Moore, pushed in turn by Biden Administration increased precautionary burn standards. Biden’s Infrastructure Act quadrupled the amount of prescribed burns to be done, leading poorly trained USFS people to start burns in what otherwise would be negative conditions. You know, what we peons call a drought.

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure act earmarked $3 billion toward reducing wildfire risk and quadrupled the area some USFS regions must burn and thin, the report said.

Poorly trained and equipped USFS employees in New Mexico focused on complying with agency policy rather than adapting burn plans to changing environmental conditions, it said.

In a statement accompanying the review, Moore blamed the fire on climate change.

“Drought, extreme weather, wind conditions and unpredictable weather changes are challenging our ability to use prescribed fire as a tool to combat destructive fires,” he said.

Reuters via MSN

So the burns merged together  and became the biggest recorded fire in New Mexico history, burning out over 530 square MILES of land and torching 432 homes on “of mostly privately owned forests and meadows, much of it held by members of centuries-old Indo-Hispano ranching communities.”   Reuters

Not a problem…Joe says the Feds are covering all the costs.

“Today I’m announcing the federal government’s covering 100% of the cost,” President Joe Biden said during a visit to New Mexico in June. Biden was announcing a disaster declaration that covered debris removal and emergency protective measures.

But federal cost-sharing statutes on other federal relief programs are limiting Biden’s authority and exposing holes in the government safety net meant to help survivors and restore landscapes.

Daniel Encinias was among survivors who met Biden and was told by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials he would get timely support at little or no cost.

He, his wife Lori, three teenage children, four dogs and eight cats are living in a camping trailer next to the ashes of their home in Tierra Monte, 35 miles northeast of Santa Fe.

Encinias submitted an application to the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to fix his well, but was told to share 25% of costs based on a federal statute that could not be waived as it did not fall under Biden’s declaration.

Encinias said he was told by NRCS officials his application would be considered in September and recovery work would begin six to 12 months thereafter if he was accepted

“Why the hell am I going to pay anything when I didn’t cause this damn fire?” said Encinias, 55, as he fed his cattle hay he was forced to buy after his baler was torched.

The FSA Las Vegas office directed questions to State Executive Director Jonas Moya, who did not respond to a request for comment. The FSA’s national office did not respond to requests for comment.


The problem seems to be that they can only pay 75% of the costs of this sort of thing by law, even though the federal government itself caused the whole problem. Bills are proposed to rectify that 25% shortage, but nothing is finalized as yet – and you know how the Feds are, they won’t spend their 75% until you have ponied up your 25%.

PS – The FSA office is in Las Vegas, NM, a rather nice town – which is running out of clean drinking water due to the massive contamination from the wildfires. Meanwhile monsoon season hit Las Vegas, NV and flooded enough of the attractions to concern the gamblers. If you want to be amused, look up Las Vegas NM and many of the stories talk about their water shortage while showing the Strip. Face it, geography isn’t Americans’ strong point.

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Surprised that obambiden didn’t blame the whole thing on trump.


GOVT is gonna put the ATF in charge of controlled burns.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone needs to read all of the comments before posting his pearls of wisdom. You don’t sell software for a proud but humble woman owned business, do you?


I own an old mailbox.

Hack Stone

Did you splurge and go with the optional mailbox door?

About two years back, Hack Stone drove by the old corporate headquarters on Wilson Lane in Bethesda, and the current occupants did not have a door on the mailbox. (There was one previously). Turns out that the Montgomery County Historical Society made them remove the door as the occupants have to maintain the residence as a historical landmark, as it was the last known sighting of Elaine Ricci. They even made them bring back the stench of failure that permeated the neighborhood caused by the original occupant.

Hack Stone

You know, they could allow logging companies to cull some of those trees to literally remove fuel from the fire, and that harvested lumber could be used to build housing for all the homeless living in the streets as a result of the Putin Tax Hike.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That would make too much sense, and wouldn’t cost the Gubberment (taxpayers) anything.

How many endangered Spotted Owls were killed when wildfires destroyed their habitat because the tree huggers would not allow the forests to be thinned?


When pointing that obvious truth out to oblivious tree huggers, it is better to ask:

“How many baby spotted owls were burned alive in their nests while their mothers, trying frantically but hopelessly to save them, perished as well?”

Libs like to “feel” so posit them a scenario they can “feel” about… 🙄 

Hack Stone

Some Democrat politician from the Commonwealth of Virginia pushed through legislation to protect the eggs of some endangered bird. And she supports abortion up to the moment of birth. No inconsistency there.

Much like when Hack Stone attended a concert at The Anthem at the DC Wharf. Before the show started, they ran a video for Planned Parenthood suporting abortions. The crowd cheered. Then they ran a video supporting no kill animal shelters. The crowd cheered. So, killing babies = Good. Killing puppies = Bad. Any questions?

Hack Stone

Hack Stone stands corrected. Kathy Tran was protecting a caterpillar.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hack, you just gave further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

A Proud Infidel®™️

This administration could fuck ten thousand wet dreams up all at once.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I got burned up reading the article


We’re all gonna do a controlled burn…


No surprise here. The rest of the country is nothing but an out of control dumpster fire. Don’t think this is what Kenny Rogers and the FIRST (ht 2 Tox) Edition had in mind when they did that Classic Hit…Something’s Burning.

TOW weeps.


Has anyone heard from TOW?

He’s been absent from TAH for quite a while.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

And our favorite commentor Lars



Not missing him.

Not one bit.


Lars can stay absent.


You had to mention the resident asshole’s name, didn’t you? Now he’s left his cave to bless us with his”wisdom”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Today I’m announcing the federal government’s covering 100% of the cost,”
Huh! Yeah. Riiiiight.
The Gubberment has nothing. Everything the Gubberment has, they first take from the taxpayer, or fabricate out of electrons and thin air.


comment image

Hack Stone

They must have transferred some ATFE agents from Waco Texas to the US Forest Service in New Mexico.

On the bright side, all of these people who have lost all of their possessions and houses now are increasing the diversity of the homeless population. Having to live under an Interstate Overpass is no longer just for the drug addicted and those who majored in Liberal Arts in college.


One of the saddest feelings in the world is driving into what was once pristine alpine forest and is now only smoking black stubs, knowing that, yes, someday all that natural beauty will return…but not in your lifetime.

It was the huge Little Bear Fire in 2012 that drove the Poe’s from their mountainside cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico, to the Ouachita Mountains of Western Arkansas, where conditions can get dry but not like they do in the mountains of New Mexico. And here we do not have those ferocious mountain gales to drive small fires into conflagrations.

The Democrats govern just like they manage controlled burns: completely beyond their ability to control…


Little Bear Fire that came way too close to the Poe place:

Little Bear Fire – Wikipedia