Congressman Chuy García lashes out at Twitter user

| July 31, 2022

Congressman García posted about his vote to reinstate the assault weapons ban. He continued on by saying that it was on the Senate to pass the bill for submission to the White House. One Twitter user declared that he had never heard of the congressman and that he would not comply with the law. Congressman García insulted him with a flame statement; something the congressman later blamed on a staffer.

From Fox News:

“You are borderline r—–ed, ya dips—,” García replied, using a term that mental disability advocacy groups and others consider offensive.

García later deleted the tweet and blamed a staffer for the message, saying that person will face disciplinary action.

“Last night a member of Congressman García’s staff posted an unauthorized tweet from the Congressman’s account using profanities and offensive language to individuals living with disabilities,” his office said in a statement Saturday morning. “The language used was absolutely inappropriate and inconsistent with Congressman Garcia’s history, values, and character. The individual responsible will be held accountable and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

Two Republicans — representatives Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., and Chris Jacobs, R-N.Y. — broke with their party to vote yes on the gun control bill.

Five Democrats — Henry Cuellar, D-Texas; Jared Golden, D-Maine, Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas; Kurt Schrader, D-Ore.; and Ron Kind, D-Wis. — broke with their party to vote no.

President Biden said a majority of Americans agree with the assault weapons ban and called on the Senate to pass it.

Fox News has the story and photos here.

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To Deomcrats:
Define the following terms:
2-Voting Rights
3-Assualt Weapon


Democrats also need to define:

4-Weapons of War*

*Do “Weapons of War” include shotguns (e.g., Mossberg 590A1); bolt-action rifles (e.g., Remington 700); shovels (e.g., e-tools); knives (e.g., Ka-Bar and Randall); etc.?

Inquiring minds want to know…


Bow and arrow, spear, swords, etc. too.


Don’t forget to outlaw ropes, trees and lamposts.

A Proud Infidel®™️

As well as pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers.


Don’t forget Springfield 1861, and Brown Bess Muskets…


How about my bolt action Mauser?


Enemies have been forcefully drowned during war. Let’s outlaw water.


“Jared Golden, D-Maine”
Elected by “ranked choice”, not a majority but more akin to a
plurality of left over votes when the first two candidates did not
get more than 50%. This is coming to a state near you soon.
The Democrats love it.
Golden is desperate to keep his seat and it shows.

Green Thumb

Curious as to if the “staffer” in question will be made public….?

Or just a figment of one’s imagination?


I’d be willing to bet all on the latter.

This moron made the tweet, he’s just forcing some real or imaginary goon to take the fall for his own dumbassery.


Appears to be a cult of some sort.


They’ll get mine from my cold, dead and salty hands. The bugs stand no chances and you don’t really need a laser, sights are good as is!

Signal nerd

I believe this is illegal in New York City as it’s an Air rifle. Dumbassery


Congressman Garcia left this perennial Democrat talking point out of his insulting tweet:


The Stranger

Well, considering that he’s a (D) in a majority minority district where even the white folks always vote dem (Chicago), he can afford to take that attitude. Here’s hoping him or a family member get carjacked. There’s quite a bit of that going down Chicago way…and no, I don’t regret wishing him and his ill when he works to cause harm to me and mine. Fuck this guy.


Chuy is a commie dictator.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

JIC anyone wants to doubt this as rhetoric…. He has had their support since at least 2015.


So, this congress klown is affiliated with the CPUSA. Makes sense.

The Stranger

No, he’s the wannabe who’s not smart enough or ruthless enough to take the big chair. His type ends up getting an ice axe to the head after running away to another country like a little bitch, a la Trotsky. Or just lined up against the wall once he’s no longer useful to the cause.


It a howl of the ineffective. It’s caused by the same reaction to draconian gun laws I saw at the State level. I know in the PDRofMD locally elected Sheriffs flat refused to enforce them. This worked well, as the vast majority of armed citizens there refused to turn in their evil black rifles.
Guess what happened? Nothing.
It’s easy to pass laws, a bit different to enforce them.

Last edited 1 year ago by AW1Ed

FAFO. Sooo…wonder which “staffer” will soon be leaving to persue “other opportunities” or to “spend more time with their family”? The “other opportunity” will be another position with another grifting, career wannabe controller of We, The People.

No, dipsh^t, the American People don’t want anymore “commonsense” gun control laws. What the American People want is some commonsense applied by Kongress Klown Kritters. Odd that a representative from a state with some of the most draconian “gun control laws” has one of the highest murder rates in the country.

The Stranger

I hereby move that we deploy the ASSteroid of Insults against Mr. Garcia and his imaginary staffer.
As a Hispanic, let me add the following:

Solo eres un político pendejo, inepto, y corrupto. Mal dicho ese maldito día que tú puta de madre te parió. Eres el hijo de mil padres, todos bastardos como tu.


SECOND! Anybody got an AYE?

Pappy, don’t hold back muy Amigo, tell us how you REALLY feel.

Last edited 1 year ago by KoB
The Stranger

For those who don’t “habla”:
You are merely a dumb-ass, inept, and corrupt politician. I curse the accursed day that your whore of a mother gave birth to you. You are the son of a thousand fathers, all of them bastards like you.

AW1 Rod

This fucktard wouldn’t recognize a “weapon of war” if I smashed his burrito with it.


comment image


Just in… prepare for screaming about how “racist” and bigoted the WHO is from left/libtards. (Yes, WHO recommended folk exercise zipper control.)

USMC Steve

I would like to thank the five socialist dems who did the right thing FOR ONCE. Fuck the two RINO’s who didn’t though.


Our tax dollars can be used to hand out real assault weapons to Ukrainian civilians and arm the corrupt puppet government to the teeth, in order to prolong a hopeless war that’ll kill more civilians per capita than a decade of ‘gun murders’ here in the good ol’ US, but We, the People, aka The Militia, having bayonet lugs and 30 round, standard-issue magazines is verboten….?

Now you have drunk with power and/or booze Congressfuckers calling ‘their bosses’ “retarded”?

Yeah, eat my ass you tyrannical hypocrite POS.