Candidate attacked, predicts quick release of assailant

| July 22, 2022

NY gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, R. NY was attacked at a campaign rally by knife-wielding David G. Jakubonis, 43 of Fairport, NY.  No injuries, the candidate says he grabbed the attacker’s wrist and bystanders, including AMVETS national director Joe Chenelly who is also running for NY office,  immobilized Jakubonis until police arrived a few minutes later.

Rep. Zeldin tweeted his suspected attacker would be ‘instantly released under NY’s laws’. Dead on the money, that.

A man who allegedly attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., with a sharp object at a campaign stop in Perinton, New York, Thursday evening was charged with a felony and released from custody within hours of his arrest, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said.

The suspect, identified as David G. Jakubonis, 43 of Fairport, N.Y., was charged with attempted assault in the second degree.

He was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and released on his own recognizance, the sheriff’s department said.


The original Fox article (or maybe Chenelly) is loaded with typos and poor editing.

“His right hand came up, I assume out of his pocket, and he had a blade on his hand,” Chenelly told Fox News Digital. “His fingers were like two finger holes in the blade and lunged at the congressman.


Guess it’s time for someone to start yelling for knife control.

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AW1 Rod

Exactly what I’d expect from those “intelligent”, “enlightened” and “nuanced” liberal fucktards. Anyone who doesn’t think the way they do (if, indeed, they think at all) or says anything they don’t like is a target. I’m surprised, however, that the vets who ended the attack didn’t beat the ever-loving SHIT out of Hochul’s useful idiot.

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While NYC is intent on dragging the rest of the state down with the ship, upstate NY tends to be a fairly even political mix. It’s very rural (produces more dairy than does Wisconsin) outside of the city, and politics tend to reflect that – Buffalo will always elect a democrat as mayor while Wyoming County is a 2A sanctuary.

I’m surprised a vet would act like this in Fairport. It’s a little more believable as he was a lab tech (no offense) rather than combat arms or a medic (also, more understandable why he failed so utterly).

I also assume he’s a member of the hosting post, which would explain a reluctance to wail too hard on a friend.

I’ll wager a beer that he is not actually an Iraq vet (at least, never left the wire) – but plenty of useful idiots have combat patches.


Here’s a clip. Go ahead and read the comments but fair warning, much leftist ‘tolerance’ can be found: don’t break your computer/phone/tablet!


Interesting that David Jakubonis was identified as being an “Iraqi War” Veteran.

You Be The Judge:

“David Jakubonis, Lee Zeldin Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”


Picture was taken at Fort Bragg in 2008 with the caption:

“Another service member), right, 432nd Blood Supply Detachment, checks the blood type as Pfc. David Jakubonis reads off the list of blood needed by the simulated clinic in the field during their week-long training Oct. 14 through 18.”


On his LinkedIn page, he wrote that he was a medical laboratory technician in the U.S. Army from 2007 to 2012.


So he was just trying to get a blood sample…


*Big Grin*…We were thinking the exact same thing…😉😎😆👍


Ban assault, sharp, pointy objects that fit in your hand. Do it. Do it now!


England now considers stick, fist and gravity control because of that as, somehow, bad people didn’t stop doing bad stuff.

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In response, Democrats call for gun control– evil “racist” Republicans shouldn’t be able to defend themselves from knife-wielding SJWs, of course! (Clearly, they like their crazies with knives.)
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Whoever came up with this is 100% unadulterated based ,Memetic Infowarrior!!! Topest of Keks.


naw lets do man dance.jpg

It seemed fitting with left/libtards today.
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So what you’re saying is they’re a uniform away from full-on samesame status?


Waiting for this… (see below)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“….. until police arrived a few minutes later.”

Once again, proving, “when seconds count, the police are ONLY (/s) minutes away.”

Or, in the case of Uvalde, 1+ hour right outside in the hallway.


Sharp pointy object, meet my little friend. It identifies as a cordless hole puncher.

I dress to carry concealed. Every.where.I.go. Right hand unencombered, head on a swivel, and a very high level of SA. Better judged by 12 than toted by 6.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

When we go out to eat, I sit at a table/booth facing the door and I had to explain to her about SA/cond. Yellow which I’m in when going out. So she knows where to sit now after the explanation. This is/was a hard core biden supporter and now she tell me that if Pres Trump runs, he has my vote.


Of course, the follow-on to that is the possibility of getting raped by 3 in the prison shower.

Shoot straight, know some good SD lawyers.


Love to see “mafia” hit job on Jakubonis, maybe show him the Clinton vacation routine.


Second degree assault? WTF?
Should be attempted murder


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A Proud Infidel®™️

Aw gee whiz, all of those Gun Control Laws in NY State and someone has to attack with a knife, likely some “Person of Tolerance” proving yet again that li is a mental disorder!


They’ll want to ban semi-autos and have door-to-door confiscation to make sure anyway.


[…] This Ain’t Hell notes that New York is kinda OK with stabbing Republicans […]


Hochul’s statement afterwards rings hollow at best, considering she’s all but instigating these assholes by posting Zeldin’s itinerary and labeling anyone associating with or supporting him as an extremist.
You know she’s in trouble when her approval rating in a state as blue as NY is somewhere around the 40 percent mark.


This is interesting:

“According to the publication, Army Major Jackie Wren explained that Jakubonis served in the Army as a Medical Laboratory Specialist from January 2007 to January 2012 and was deployed to Iraq from December 2008 to December 2009. At the end of the service, he held the rank of specialist (E4). He alsoesting explained that he had no ordinary Army career as it was full of several accolades. Throughout his run, Jakubonis received a Bronze Star, Army Commendation, and two Army Achievement medals as well as one for Good Conduct and the National Defense Service medal.”

He was discharged in 2012. Some articles state it was a Medical Dischage. We believe he may have been Chaptered based on alcohol/drug abuse or mental issues, not physical.

His twin children are being raised by his Brother.

Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease.