Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| June 21, 2022 | 29 Comments

Go Navy?

Musk wants to know why Twitter tacitly condones death threats to our gal

These people are fucking sick

“The girls” is a term invented by the trans?

Too racy for the Internet, but not school kids

Puberty blockers. Saving. Lives.

Taylor Lorenz is just one of the lower middle class people who went to a $90k Swiss high school

Public education indoctrination

“Family friendly” huh?


And the sign said, “white cis men need not apply”, so I tucked in my junk and I went in to ask him why…

So…are you pregnant, sir?

We used to learn that the Bill of Rights was a good thing

Goomers gonna groom

This is a good way to end the week’s segment

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That coffee shop is now listed online as “permanently closed.”


Village People’s “In the Navy” wasn’t enough?


The easiest way to remember which pronouns to use is to refer to everyone by the all inclusive term “asshole”. It works in all situations.

Green Thumb

Glad I am out of the military and have no young kids.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Coffee shop “white cis males” need not apply?
Well, then, white cis males need not buy coffee there either.
Have fun “going woke, going broke”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Repeal the Second Amendment”?
If the law does not protect me from thee, then it equally does not protect thee from me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Male blood donor?
Male FORMER blood donor.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Time for parents to swear out a warrant to have the teachers, principles, and other assorted school admin arrested who authorize and push the “Gender Queer” (and other assorted) porn. Marched out of the schoolhouse in handcuffs.

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No Twitter ban for death threats? Must have something to do with who is the threatened and who is doing the threatening.

I got a lifetime ban back in 2020 for calling Hillary a “vile old whore” and posting a ‘toon…

hillary going quietly.png

Plus, there’s Colbert’s folk goofing around in the Capitol building:
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Let’s have the Triumph the Sarcastic Toy Dog guy spend 18 months in pretrial confinement for a misdemeanor charge then… fair’s fair.

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USMCMSgt (Ret)

On a similar note, historic Williamsburg, VA recently became “woke”, and is incorporating similar nonsense in their business. Just a matter of time until they start losing revenue.

Sick fucks.


Luria is a Trust Fund baby who grew up in the richest part of Bimingham, Alabama (Mountain Brook). She attended the most expensive private school in Alabama. She got a “free” 4 year college degree via Navy Academy. Her campaigns were paid by Nancy Pelosi.


Instead of getting the real training that men and women in the military need they get this crap. To all the Officers and Senior Enlisted that are helping to push this shit should be responsible for the unnecessary deaths and injuries that will result from this “training”.


This is NOT a Babylon Bee or Onion article.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!!

After reading the article and seeing the picture, why did “SpaceBalls” come to our minds?


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Found anything?”
“We ain’t found SHIT!”


Once again, companies are giving in to Whiners. No one forced those Whiners to shop at Harris Teeter or Krogers. KoB, what do you think? So sad…



Saw this early this morning. ninja. Fired off a nasty gram to K Roger HQ expressing my extreme displeasure. No reply yet, but I’m sure it will be their typical word salad…”blah blah blah, Thank you, blah blah blah. As luck would have it, during my escort duty today, I went into the K Roger that I usually trade with. Found the store manager, he knows me and how much I spend there, and told him about my extreme displeasure. He said that, so far, his district has not received word to remove anything and would pass my concerns up the ladder. Further told him that one reason I trade with them was to pay Honors to LT Neil Kroger of the FIRST BN, 7th CAV RGMT, KIA Nov 1965 @ LZ X-Ray and that I had fired other retailers for their BS and wouldn’t hesitate to fire them. We’ll see. gabn/rtr/hbtd

Mason, I just scan these headlines, but I guess it’s good that you post them. The better to know our enemy. We gonna need more wood chippers…or rope!



Thank You for talking to them. I was stunned about Krogers…

Our beloved Army is going Woke. Lord help us if the Dawgs or Tide go Woke, but I have this gut feeling it aint gonna happen….😉😉

We don’t always shop at a Commissary and try to give our business to local Mom and Pop stores. We just had a Harris Teeter open here…and as usual, customers inside are open carry…The liberal news media just kills me when they try to depict Whites against Blacks against Hispanics against Asians when in reality, we all are in a grocery store together buying food and chit chatting with one another and don’t give a mouses behind what we look like or if we open or conceal.

Go figure.



I remember firmly directing my soldiers on the pronoun I preferred.
It was shortly after I was promoted to Sergeant, with three stripes on my sleeve. I was assigned as a drill sergent.

“My name is Sergeant Bloodworth. But you may call me by my first name: “Sergeant.”

Later, upon graduation from Officer Candidate School, my preferred pronoun became “Sir.”

That was easy.

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OCS Benning?

Do you remember when we got there, we took off our rank and became Candidates?

Will never forget the sharp dressed SSG coming from the 101st in his Class A uniform on Day 1. A female E4/SP4 saw him and attacked…and made him drop to do pushups…he and her got into it and then he realized where he was…it was hysterical…she was a 5 foot young Black Supply Type E4..He was a fit, good looking Hoo-Ahh Air Assault/Airborne young Black troop…

He graduated with us 90 days later.

Never mess with a small Suppy Specialist. She ate his lunch…He had to live with that the whole time we went thru the Course..

Some of the other NCOs who used to be Drill Sgts could not deal with a Tac Officer 1st LT, ROTC Grad telling them what to do and they quit….

Our “Senior” Ranking Soldier was a CW2, who was with the US Army Band. And yes, he graduated…

That Darby Ranger Course? It was not that bad….I take that back..we did it in April or May..


Zoos and Circuses are going out of business. The Freak Show is free, whether you like it or not.

Get hard-to-kill, folks. Something wicked this way…nevermind, it’s here.


Oh, No…

Now even THAT Movie is in the news…



Max Boot should turn in his Man Card and put on a dress.


Let me make it simple for the entire
US Navy:

Your pronouns are shipmate/shipmates.

There. I just saved the taxpayers millions by avoiding ridiculously useless training. Anchors Aweigh.