Senators sent abortion related letter to the Defense Secretary

| May 12, 2022

Seven Democrat Senators and one Independent Senator sent a letter to the Defense Secretary. They are asking the Defense Secretary to consider policy changes to assist with service members getting an abortion if Roe v Wade is overturned and they can’t get it where they are stationed. They warn of some consequences if servicemembers are not able to get an abortion, such as potential recruits avoiding military service instead of serving.

From Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate webpage:

Last week, a draft opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was published in the press and the Supreme Court verified its authenticity.1 While the final opinion could change, a final decision from the Court undermining fifty years of precedent established by Roe v. Wade would destroy the fundamental human and reproductive rights of millions of women, willfully disregarding public opinion and court precedent. As we await the Court’s final decision, we cannot wait to act.

If the opinion goes into effect, hundreds of thousands of troops, dependents, and DOD civilians will lose access to safe abortions and potentially face criminal prosecution for exercising a fundamental human right–creating a scenario where servicemembers’ reproductive and healthcare rights would become dependent on their duty station. A soldier at Fort Drum would retain their personal autonomy while a soldier at Fort Hood would not. A servicemember raped by their supervisor in Mississippi, Kentucky, or Oklahoma would not be permitted to obtain an abortion in those states. In places like Missouri, legislators have sought to ban abortions even for ectopic pregnancies, leaving a servicemember or their dependent facing a choice of death or criminal activity. This outcome would violate the trust servicemembers place in the Armed Forces when they swear an oath to defend the Constitution.

This decision will serve as a threat to recruitment and retention as servicemembers elect to leave the military rather than PCS to a duty station where they and their family will be denied fundamental rights. Others will forego military service entirely. Good order and discipline is placed at risk as servicemembers must consider whether to break state law–including proposed laws that would seek to criminalize crossing state lines to obtain an abortion.

As the leader of our military services, it falls upon you to preserve the health and welfare of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Guardians. With our country facing the likely rollback of personal rights, what are you and your staff doing in preparation to protect the health and welfare of those under your command? What steps will you take to assist servicemembers in need of an abortion? At a minimum, you and your staff should consider implementing policy changes to allow servicemembers to obtain, for example, special liberty or permissive temporary additional duty permissions in order to travel out of state for reproductive healthcare and abortions if they are stationed in a jurisdiction that curtails these rights after the Dobbs decision is issued.

The men and women who join the military sacrifice an incredible amount in order to serve their country. We owe it to these servicemembers to look after them and ensure they have the ability to continue accessing safe reproductive healthcare no matter where in the nation their military service sends them.

The actual letter is here, and the Military Times has an article on this topic.

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Idi Amin Austin says, we eat da babies, no problem, we solve abortion and hunger problems same time, now time for War…


Bison Bagels! Won’t waste bandwidth picking this crock o’ crap apart. These idjits have made a career of sitting around thinking of teh stoopid things to say/write/do. Wanna murder an innocent baby? Have at it, but not on my dime. Same with changing what you were born with/as.

These fools may and/or may not believe in a Supreme Being, or having to answer for their actions on this Earth, but rest assured, Karma is a cast iron bitch and she has titanium teeth. One way or another, you’ll pay. And rest assured, too, you’ll play hell getting your ill gotten gains outa here. Never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch…or a luggage rack.



These people give ghouls a bad name. A bunch of psychotic baby murderers and women abusers.


Where do these same Congress critters stand on capital punishment, where felons who have been adjudged guilty by a jury of their peers and sentenced to execution. Are they okay with that? Or do they oppose that but support killing a fetus that is not guilty of any crime?

We owe it to these servicemembers to look after them and ensure they have the ability to continue accessing safe reproductive healthcarer no matter where in the nation their military service sends them.

They have an interesting definition of reproductive health care.

Hack Stone

Kind of like when Martin O’Malley was Governor of Maryland. He enacted a moratorium on Capital Punishment in Maryland because it was against his Catholic faith, but never did anything regarding abortions. And yes, Martin O’Malley has a D following his name.


“Independent Senator”

Fucking Angus (hang us) King. Flippity flop to which way the $wind blows. Was a liberal Maine Public Broadcasting shill for
years until he saw the $light. of politics.
Gawd a mighty….


Pieces of shit! Sons of bitches want us to pay for some gal’s poor choices one way or another. I hope the DOD says pound sand. Maybe that will stop the number of ‘surprise’ pregnancies before deployments. C**k suckers anyway!
Forgive my rant, I’m in a bad mood generally today and the liberals don’t help.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sparks


Good to see that all the other problems of the US military have been solved.


Where are my ‘senators’ Muh-muh-murphy and Dick ‘The Saigon Snake-eater’ Blewthemall?!

What a waste of an opportunity to virtue signal to the lunatic fringe of the unAmerican Uniparty.

Hack Stone

Let’s reduce the risk of pregnancy. Mandatory sterilization for all female service members. Now before you all start gathering the pitchforks, tiki torches, tar and feathers, hear Hack out. These enlightened representatives say that pregnancy will impact combat readiness. So in the interest of National Security, we need to ensure that no service member who identifies as a female is ever put in a situation where they cannot deploy. Discuss among yourselves.

(Of course, you all realize that Hack Stone is playing the Devil’s Advocate and taking their position to a logical conclusion.)


No need for sterilization. They can get a shot of depro provera every three months or have an implant which is good for up to 5 years. Or, even simpler, make pregnancy a NON-line-of-duty condition.


Look at those fools, thinking we believe they actually give a fuck about our servicemen and women, or the Constitution, or Americans…. or America.


So Democrats are finally on board with the military being baby killers?
That’s a big change


“In places like Missouri, legislators have sought to ban abortions even for ectopic pregnancies”

I’m… skeptical, but finding info on this is going to be near-impossible due to media spin.

Only Army Mom

This relates to a fallacious argument against “even in cases where the mother’s life is in jeopardy”. And a flat-out lie as it adds “even for ectopic pregnancies” As has been said, an ectopic pregnancy is a nonviable fertilization and/or implantation of an embryo.

The word pregnancy is used but medically it is not considered as such due to the near zero possibility of that fertilized egg or embryo becoming a viable fetus. Look in the uterus. Is there an embryo or fetus there? No? Then it’s not a pregnancy. This is a medical emergency akin to acute appendicitis and is covered under all insurance as an emergency life-saving procedure.

No one advocates against D&C of an ectopic. That would be like saying the Missouri ban also prohibits hysterectomies for ovarian cancer because that ovary may produce an egg that could be fertilized and become a baby.

This is a dog-whistle. Useful to see who blows, and who reacts-not aimed at you Pookysgirl.