“I want one on my desk at seven o’clock tomorrow morning.”

| April 17, 2022

Here’s a little Easter present for our current/former military aviator readers.

The title will make more sense after you’ve viewed the clip. IMO it’s eminently worth the 5-6 min of your time required.

Remember: you can do anything . . . once. Enjoy.



Freakin’ avaitors – ya gotta love ’em.

And yeah, it was probably worth it. (smile)

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Soooo…did he get lucky and fly into Ms ATC Thang’s danger zone? Or did he have to put his lustful thoughts on ice, man? He’s lucky the Colonel didn’t lose that loving feeling and cook his goose.


Somewhere a slit trench is crying to be dug.


Take it easy, Ed. Reb just felt the need, the need for speed.


Hondo, thanks for the audio link. Great story. The SR-71 is one of my favorite aircraft. My instrument rating flight instructor was a retired USAF LTC whose last flying assignment was as an SR-71 at Beale AFB.

When I was awaiting an SF officer school slot back in 1970, I was assigned to the 10th SF Group S-2 section. Since I had little to occupy my time, I used to read stuff in the Top Secret walk-in safe in the basement. Among the many docs therein was the classified journal of the CIA. It was a publication where their people could publish classified stories of historical interest. I read with great fascination how Groom Lake (Area 51)’s base was selected and built to test the U-2 and later the SR-71. The SR was operated for over six years and no one knew it existed. When the media discovered it, one was flown to Edwards AFB, painted with AF markings, and unveiled as a new high altitude interceptor. That was the Agency’s cover story. I was total bunk.


If that wasn’t exactly true, it ought to have been.


Great story! Thanks for posting.

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