Josh Mandel Photoshop Controversy

| April 8, 2022

Josh Mandel

Josh Mandel is a candidate for the U.S. Senate.  He served in the Marine Corps and served two tours of duty in Anbar Province, Iraq.  After being called a racist for objecting to teaching Critical Race Theory in school, he claimed he fought beside Marines of every color, using photos to support his point.

There is some controversy about a photo that he used in his campaign, showing himself beside black Marines.  The photo appears in this video at the 10-second mark.  The screen shot from the video is provided below.  Some claim that the photo was Photoshopped to put Mandel’s head on the body of a black Marine. They point to the fact that the hands are darker in skin color.

Josh Mandel Photo Used in Campaign Video

The fact-checking site SNOPES concluded that the allegations that the photo had Mandel’s pasted head on someone else’s body were false.  Although the picture does show a difference between his face and his hands in the video, the reasoning is that the lighting in the photo was adjusted in order to have all faces and skin tones optimized to identify faces.

Mandel came out with the original photo when the controversy broke.

Josh Mandel Photo – Claimed Original Photo

One of our ninjas pointed out that if you look at the campaign advertisement in which this photo appears, the hands of the black men are also darker than their faces in the same picture.

Things are leaning in the direction that SNOPES made the right call, but you decide.

Natalie Allison, a political reporter, pointed out on Twitter that the entire thing was plain silly saying – “The Mandel Iraq photo truthers on this platform are pushing a pretty strange theory. Is the argument that you think he didn’t actually serve with Marines who were black? It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Although Allison’s point of view gave me a chuckle, I think the actual controversy was that people were saying Mandel manipulated a photograph to make a stronger point in his narrative.



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Anybody that has deployed has had hands like that.


Not us!

We washed our hands every opportunity given to us..



You had water?



ROWPUs…before Bottled Water…

SFC D may remember soap being tied down at Bagram (during late 2001/2002 when we had NOTHING) prevent Haji from stealing the soap…those portable hand washers..if stuff wasnt tied down, it quickly disappeared…

Not gonna even start with the challenges of obtaining clean, Vet approved potable water or bottled water in Iraq in the 2003 timeframe..

We initially were gonna comment “That’s Racist” to your comment…Isn’t that the norm these days? 😉😎


There was no such thing as individual bottled water in Viet of the Nam. There was however
a great deal of canned beer.



Canned Beer?

Be thankful you were in the Far East and not the Middle East…



ninja, even in the boonies. Ol’ Poe remembers patrols from base camp, where enterprising mama-sans and their daughters would follow us out into the jungle carrying large straw baskets of what the GI’s called Tiger Piss.

Shortly after setting up a defensive perimeter for the night, we’d hear the tell-tale clink, clink, clink of beer bottles in the baskets.

In spite of the beer being warm and truly tasting like piss, they always found young troopers willing to pay their exorbitant prices. We NCO’s would chase them off and chew out the troops, but the Zips would usually sneak back in.

It was a risky business for them and us because we had Claymores set up, but thankfully we never had an incident.

Oh…and it wasn’t just beer the daughters were selling… 😉 



THANK YOU for sharing your humorous, wonderful story with us referencing what 26Limabeans pointed out..😆

It has been a long time, but do know that CENTCOM put out the ROE on alcohol consumption for those of us Troops deployed in the Middle East…General Orders I Forgot The Number…

Had to do some TDY in Qatar. Spent time in Saudi, so am familiar with the Saudi culture when the Saudis stay in Saudi.

However, once some of them were in Qatar? Well, let’s just say some of them could not hold their liquor down very well. ..😉

Do remember Qatar at the beginning of OEF/OIF, 2001-2003 was designated as being the R&R for troops deployed to the Stans/Iraq/Kuwait, etc. Me don’t drink (don’t like the taste of any alcohol beverage), but remember sharing a Soda/Coke with other Soldiers while they drank beer. Don’t remember if there was any hard liquor.

Far East Daughters? Me remember Thailand. Except some of those Daughters still possessed twigs and berries..😆


The only bad thing the Vietnamese bar girls possessed was bad breath from their favorite junk food, dried squid chips, which they consumed like potato chips.

I can still hear those lovely young creatures smiling broadly and saying,

“Hey, GI, I luff you too mush!!!”

While exhaling squid breath in your face… 😖 

Last edited 7 months ago by Poetrooper

Korea, too…


“those lovely young creatures smiling broadly”

With black teeth from chewing beetlenut.


Your tour was quite different than mine. We were so far back in the jungle covered mountains of the Central Highlands that there wasn’t a civilian within fifty plus miles of us. After about two weeks in the bush, my hands were almost that dark with dirt, especially on a few occasions when they couldn’t get water to us and all the streams were dry. When you don’t have enough water to drink, you don’t waste it on washing your hands.


Perhaps Poe should have set the scene better. That kind of thing only happened within a few klicks of the 101st’s Tuy Hoa base camp on the beach.

Never happened when operating farther out in Indian Country. We didn’t trust any civilians out there.

But you’re right about the difference in our tours. We were never away from the relative comforts of our coastal base camp more than several days.

The deepest young Poe got into country was a TDY to a Special Forces detachment at An Khe to help them test the XM-2 portable ambush detection device which we dubbed the “People Sniffer”.

People sniffer – Wikipedia

 😜 It didn’t work…


My first 5.5 months in the Viet of the Nam was as a rifle company commander with the 4th ID, which had its division base camp at An Khe. My company was the last combat infantry unit to depart An Khe base camp when it was turned over to the ARVN’s the first week of December, 1970.


Our tours were indifferent times as well: 65-66 for me.


rgr769, looks like our tours overlapped each other in the 4th ID.

I was a young buck three stripper with Alpha Co., 1st Plt., 2/35th Inf (Cacti Blue) and my DEROS date was 8 October 1970. Small world sometimes. (smile)


Yes. I was with Co.C/3/12th Inf. Tour was June 26, 1970 to Sep 28, 1971.


Also, those Water Buffaloes that stored the water…😉


Haji stole everything but toilet paper. That was an unknown item to them, and of no use.


No kidding. Your head is always under cover and your hands not so much. I wore gloves practically all the time when I was on patrol and my hands still were several shades darker.


SNOPES DID make the right call.


Thank You for sharing, Steve.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That’s one in a row for Snopes. Not saying much.


Meanwhile, left/liberal judge say military can’t discriminate against HIV+ folk… hey, it’s not Covid (oh, no!) right?


Next thing you know, DoD will not be able to “discriminate” against those troops who are overweight, fail a PT test..or who relate themselves as being “M.A.P.”…(think about it…Brown/SCOTUS)…

*sarc on*


Left/libtards will have an EO “goal” for pedos next month… diversity twofer if they’re HIV+ too.

Last edited 7 months ago by Anonymous

Just as you’d expect, a Clinton appointee… 🙄 

A Proud Infidel®™

Next we’ll be told that they can’t discriminate against a Blind Person applying to be a Bus Driver!


Plus more details… individual health readiness to deploy w/o needing constant medical support and our force being its own bloodbank? F*ck that, apparently. (No “compelling state interest” in soldiers’ lives, I guess… )

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And in the meantime, Brandon is allowed to continue lying…

Can we say No Experience Hunter?



I always thought that the Marines loved all of the colors. After all, their rations from the Crayola Company came in a standard pack of 64 colors, didn’t they?


Could have sworn one of those colors were labeled “Fleshtone”…


Gee Whiz ..Is that crayon now labeled “Racist”?

*sarc on*



Of course it is. All crayons are racist.

One day I saw a pebble on the ground. The pebble appeared very inoffensive. But I knew there was something wrong with it. It was kind of a grayish neutral color. It didn’t talk or do anything. But I still knew.

As I sat there watching it, waiting for it to do something a white man walked by and quite deliberately kicked it with the side of his foot where it landed very near Senator Warren who is a clearly Native American. The pebble had shown it’s true colors and was racist.


So stealing what you wrote…😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂!!!

Just WAITING for Brandon to make a statement that he is gonna sign an Executive Order changing the name of the “White” House to (fill in the blank) House…

Next month? We get to celebrate “Birthing Person” Month…

Our Nation Has Gone INSANE because of a couple of Lunatics…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Possibly the white guy who kicked the pebble/stone was alreadt stoned when he kicked the pebble/stone and he should now astone for what he did.


Imma just leave this here.

download (5).jpg



I flew from the cold-ass East Coast to RTC San Diego in December, and my hands and forehead were tan after a few months in the SoCal sun. Hell, one of the black guys that I flew out with had a ‘Grinder Reminder’ on his forehead too. I bet that desert can change ANY exposed skin to a couple of shades darker.


Heh, short round on the right appears to have a cotton OD sling. Were those pretty common?


People were buying all kinds of bullshit on line.


Guy on the left has his finger inside the trigger housing…


And pointed at his Battle Buddy’s foot too.


Even the “non-Photoshopped” version of the picture is photoshopped. Notice that Cpl Mandel is the only one whose name tapes are visible… the others’ were edited out.


Remember it is only a hate crime when certain people do it. Otherwise the indictment is sealed.

Skivvy Stacker

I was an “Honorary Brother” when I was in the Corps. In fact, I think I was treated better by the Dark Green Marines I served with than I was by the light green ones.