Joe Rejects Pentagon’s Afghan Report

| February 13, 2022

PINO Biden

According to the Pentagon’s exhaustive 2,000 page after action report, the senior officers in charge of the Afghan evacuation were forced to continuously alter their plans due to nonstop interference from afar.

The report of the final withdrawal of US forces and civilians from Kabul faulted the Biden administration for the chaos that unfolded in the final days of the occupation of Afghanistan.

Many on the ground blamed constant meddling by the Biden administration for “distracting” them from what needed to be done, creating the chaotic scenes that shocked observers at home.

“You had everyone from the White House down with a new flavor of the day for prioritization,” Rear Admiral Peter Vasely, the senior US figure in Kabul at the time of the evacuation reported. And it wasn’t just President Biden calling in favors, either – First Lady Jill Biden, members of Congress, journalists, and even the Vatican all weighed in, according to the rear admiral.

This ultimately led to the horrific scenes of desperate Afghan civilians attempting to cling to departing US aircraft, as well as the attack on US forces and nearby civilians at the Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate that led to the deaths of more than a dozen US military service members.

During an interview with NBC reporter Lester Holt, Joe vehemently rejected the report.

Even CNN has taken note.

CNN’s Jake Tapper calls Biden’s rejection of Army’s after-action report on Afghanistan ‘insulting’

Biden called out for ‘rejecting’ US Army report on Afghanistan
By Lindsay Kornick

Sunday’s “State of the Union” featured a critique of President Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by CNN host Jake Tapper.

A preview of Biden’s pre-Super Bowl interview aired on “NBC Nightly News” with Lester Holt on Thursday. In the segment, Biden admitted that he rejected the U.S. Army investigative report that argued the administration was not prepared to pull out troops from Afghanistan in August.

“Yes, I am.” Biden said. “I’m rejecting them.”

Despite the report, he also insisted that he was not told about the degree to which the White House was prepared to remove troops in Afghanistan and instead argued “there was no good time to get out.”

This answer did not appear to satisfy Tapper.

“It’s difficult to overstate how insulting Biden’s sweeping rejection is to so many service members and veterans,” Tapper said.

“Given the full content of the two-thousand pages of documents and this U.S. Army investigation which CNN has also obtained, many accounts are from troops who were on the ground at the gates near the canal around the airport, non-commissioned officers, junior officers, Joes, people with little political motivation to lie and heavy legal and moral obligation to tell the truth in sworn statements,” he added.

Fox News

That the Pentagon’s Perfumed Princes were able to release the report in such a relatively short time, and name names, is shocking in and of itself. The world’s bad actors looked on in disbelief and glee, and will take as much advantage of this pathetic President as they can.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper calls Biden’s rejection of Army’s after-action report on Afghanistan ‘insulting’
Fuck that, how about criminal. Pendejo PINO


That’s not good.

Hack Stone

They can save this report and change Afghanistan to Ukraine for the next disaster.


Note to Biden Administration, click *File* then *Save As.*


“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f’ck things up.” Barack Hussein Obama

Yet, even with this statement, and KNOWING that Joseph Biden has been a grifting, crooked, lying, embellishing, POS politician for 50 years, Joe was anointed as prezzy sniffy. prezzy sniffy is nothing but the mouth piece and soon to be fall guy for the Elitists New World Order that knows that the US must be destroyed for their plans to take effect. Our politicians, on BOTH sides, have sold us down the river to pad their pockets and cling to power.

How much more evidence needs to be produced to show how phuqued up our grubermint is?

Rise up! Resist! Rebel! Revolt!  🇸🇴   :wpds_mad: 


“ “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f’ck things up.” Barack Hussein Obama”

Take one fuck up to know another fuck up.


Yeah, imagine #45 questioning the recommendation/report of his generals. Heads would explode. Must impeach, 45 !


Yo, Lars! Someone has a question for ya:
comment image

Prior Service

Holy Cow. CNN calling out the prez. The senior service rep in Afghanistan naming prez and Mrs. Prez by name.


The wheels are coming off…


Coming off? I would say that those who can see, see a car driving down the freeway on brake rotors and drums, sparks flying.


Nice imagery there, Odie… 😉 


Kinda like this, but the Demnocraps have their vehicle packed with explosives and gasoline.
Light the fuse in November.

Embarrased to be a Navy Veteran

This is more the full picture:

a car driving down the freeway on brake rotors and drums, sparks flying, ramming into innocent legacy americans while the driver is smoking crack, sexually abusing pre teen boys, crossdressing, while shouting “Racist!!!” all at the same time.

Sorry but all this is embarrassing in more ways than one.




(Not Phildo, but same-o same-o)


That knew what needed to be done from afar, surely they know what went wrong without talking to a single person on the ground. I am betting Joe’s handler’s mark the paper with an “F” and send it back for “corrections”.


What happened to respecting the institutions that the Degeni-Rats harped on about so much about?
Crying Chuck Schumer: ‘You take on the intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you..’

A Proud Infidel®™

The current Occupant of the White house, a Phildo of a POTUS continues to show his corruption and incompetence, what a surprise from a lifelong politician with a record of nincompoopery and non-accomplishment alongside his legacy of corruption. May his name and legacy forever be tied to the legacy of the D-rat political party.

Last edited 2 years ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Well, the world’s bad actors are already taking advantage of this pathetic president. Putin has all his pieces in place to take Ukraine or whatever portion he wants; China has been running air exercises in Taiwanese airspace for months; and the drug cartels have completely taken control of our Southern border with their drug, thug, and people smuggling ops. China also appears to have upped their criminal importation of fentanyl.


Putin could take Alaska at this point and Biden would have to
be shown where it is on a map.


At this point, he might also have to be reminded that Alaska is a US state.

After all, he’s apparently forgotten that the north side of the US-Mexican border is part of the US.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hondo

Well he got it honest

Obama-“I’ve now been to 57 states”.


Russia moves on Ukraine, China waits two weeks for us to respond there then moves on Taiwan. Watch.

After 20 Feb, game on. Grab yer hockey helmet ’cause it’s about to get retarded.


When the entire Brandon Administration is in bed with their significant other, the must be on the bottom because all they know how to do is fuck up.


You guys are far too refined in the use of pejoratives for the Marone that signs whatever he’s told to sign.
I have an extensive store of such things.
I’ll start with pendejo puto puta, and spend some real effort helping you expand your horizons.



Deja vu.
I am wondering if anywhere in that 2000 page report the military accepts any responsibility for that clusterfumble that they (the military) had over a year to prepare for.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”.


Deja vu. Forty-six years later, only the place changed.