Vindman Stuns With Military Acumen

| February 9, 2022

Alexander Vindman, LTC USA (Ret)

Vindman, the former Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council is back. He famously testified during then President Trump’s first impeachment hearing, and has subsequently filed suit against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and others, alleging they mounted a coordinated campaign to intimidate and retaliate against him.

He now brings his expert opinion on the Ukraine situation.

David sends.

Ex-White House staffer Vindman says Biden has done ‘too little, too late’ to deter Russian invasion

Michael Isikoff

The former U.S. Army officer who oversaw Ukraine policy in the Trump White House criticized the Biden administration for doing “too little, too late” to deter a Russian invasion of that country and predicted it will be “catastrophic” for the United States and its European allies.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who last week sued four former Trump associates for conducting a campaign of “intimidation and retaliation” against him, also expressed fears that a Russian incursion into Ukraine could rapidly escalate into a military and cyber conflict far beyond that country’s borders.


But while top Democrats praised Vindman at the time for blowing the whistle on Trump’s conduct, and reporting the phone call to a White House lawyer, the former Army officer didn’t hesitate to call out Biden and the White House for failing to more forcefully respond to the Russian threat to Ukraine. “The senior policymakers didn’t seem to come around to this threat until really quite late,” Vindman said. “You only start seeing [them] take things seriously in the November and December [2021] time frame.”

Yahoo News

Captain Obvious is now a Light Colonel- who knew? Good luck with the lawsuit, laughing boy. Thanks, David.

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Only Army Mom

I absolutely love your article heading. Well played, Aw1Ed, well played indeed.


Tsk, tsk, Ed. You should not be making make light of this ultralight colonel’s military acumen. Surely you’ve not forgotten that he was once considered qualified to be Ukraine’s SecDef?


Quite so–a splendid comparison…


Well then, he should get his useless ass over there and get on a trigger and help defend that country, since he cares so much. But then since he was a career REMF, he likely doesn’t have the skills to do so.


R. Lee Ermey has a few words for fatass:




The Kingpin has come a long way.


This dude isn’t fit to be an assistant manager at Arby’s.
Can he kindly f off and keep fking off until he reaches Jupiter, please?

Green Thumb


I like Arby’s.

A lot of calories for sure, but extra delicious!


So ordered and not varied. Launch on your command, Sir.


Here is the interview Vindman did on Skullduggery:


Welp…this idjit can’t decide which side he is useful to. Or do we have an attention whore that had that slight taste of power/Potomac Fever taken away and wants it back?

I will say I have to agree with one thing the LTC (Ret) said; This could very well turn into a NOT limited war. We all know that when Ivan comes, he brings the whole clan. This can AND will get real bloody, real quick. Not that it matters to the “leaders”. It won’t be them that get bloody. Make Peace and play nice you fools. War is dangerous to children and other living things.


He missed the moment and now he’s where he belongs *shrug* looking for loose change.
Lawsuit? Best of British luck to ya, Al.

Not Flat.jpg

I want one of those pins to wear with my 25-year NASA badge!!


We can file this away under “No Shit, Sherlock.”


This from a guy who can’t seem to read the calorie content on anything……


The worst sell-out is the one who won’t stay bought.


Hey Vag-man,
Take note, if this is too difficult for you, get an adult to read this for you…


Love to know where/how he got a CIB.


Busted his ass for it (sarc) (Disclaimer: I was Chairforce, never in combat or theater, not that I didn’t volunteer.)
” In Vindmans case, he received a PH because his vehicle hit an IED, and also received a CIB because that was direct enemy action. Make sense? You don’t have to go hand to hand combat or squeeze a few rounds downrange in order to receive a CIB. “


I knew the smarmy bastard wasn’t a leader of trigger-pullers. In my war we got those awards for actually doing infantry stuff and having the enemy shoot at us.


Never heard of anyone getting a PH because their vehicle was wounded. I imagine there is more to that.


According to his own testimony to Congress at the impeachment hearing, Vindman had a minor flesh would which was treated with a bandage and was not disabling.

I guess he was entitled to a CIB rather than that Pentagon raider who was my battalion CSM; he claimed that when he was sitting in a Huey during a rifle company helo CA, an RPG round came through one door and out the other. One of my men who was there said that incident was bogus, as it was a “cold LZ.” There was no enemy fire. But then who is in a position to counter the CSM’s direction to the Bn personnel clerk to cut orders for his CIB.


But no BSM w/o “V”… the war zone occifer participation award.

He got a CIB and Purple Heart there and even officers who didn’t got a non-“V” BSM– whose Cheerios did he piss in over there?

Green Thumb

Vindman should be running All-Points Logistics.



Science asks – would it do any…harm?


Every time I see his photo it reminds me of South Park.


comment image


You all to find the silver lining. With this pronouncement of doom the invasion will almost certainly never happen now. This isn’t a guy who is right a lot.


In case anybody forgot, Vindman is Ukrainian. Born in Kiev, and he now “makes policy” based on his own feeling towards his Motherland and his desire to be their SECDEF. He’s the one that broke security protocols and contacted Schiff Mole Eric Ciaramella because he disapproved of The President and CIC’s Ukraine policy. Remember the adage: You cannot serve two masters.

Forrest Bondurant

In my class, anyone caught stealing another Ranger student’s food would have been removed–he would have been removed to the dispensary for treatment of the severe beat down he would have received.


In my class we had a 2LT removed in Florida Phase for stealing food from a buddy’s ruck. The crime was reported in the morning and he was on an outbound helicopter by noon.


You know…
comment image