Hugh Jonson – Still riding on the Phony Pony UPDATED

| January 18, 2022


We will be publishing a new post soon something like, “Will the real Hugh Jonson Please Stand up.”

We think there is more legit military service in his past but it is mixed in with so many name changes, lies and embellishments it will take us a while to sort it all out.

Stay tuned.


It seems our old buddy Hugh Jonson is still at it.  We posted about him years back HERE

There’s this fellow in Washington State, who goes by a number of names, but his real name is Hugh Clarence Johnson. Some of his “also known as” monikers are; Hubert Clarence Johnson aka Hugh Clearence Johnson aka Hugh Clarence Johnson aka Hugh Johnson aka Hugh Jonson aka Clarence H. Jonson aka C H Johnson aka Hugo C. Johnson. He was arrested a few months ago for practicing holistic medicine without a license, according to the Whidbey Island, Washington News-Times;


Jonson also said he was a prisoner of war during Vietnam, a Green Beret, and had received both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Silver Star.

Well, he’s been known in the stolen valor community for quite some time. The old POW Network had this to say about him;

Claims POW, Claims Army SF, Claims Navy Capt, Claims 2 DFC*, Claims MD, Claims psychologist, Claims law degree, Claims law enforcement officer Kimberling County NC. He also has claimed to have been in Baghdad during the first gulf war and through the auspices of the CIA was personally tracking the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. He claimed to know exactly where he was at all times (with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays).
He also claims that sometime in the 60’s he was on a secret mission to extract a German scientist from China. He said this scientist had been kidnapped by the Chinese for his nuclear technology and his job was to get him out and whisk him to an undisclosed island somewhere in the Pacific, which he did without any problem…. of course.

It seems he scrapped his old Book of Face profile and started a new one with even more claims:

He was also recently welcomed into

George Washington Chapter – Sons of the American Revolution

I don’t know anything about the rest of those fellows, but I would not want to be associated with this clown.

Hugh Clarence Johnson FOIA

I tend to not believe anything this guy has to say.  There must be some truth mixed in with all of his nonsense but it is impossible to distinguish what is what.

Why oh why do they keep it up?



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Well now, this has taken on a whole new life of its own just within this thread SO, that being the case…it’s time for this…

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Oh Oh, we’re over 150 comments, and onto comments page 2.
The 1st test of this with the recent upgrades….
… and it couldn’t happen to a phonier Johnson.


A phony johnson… so he’s a dildo?

Green Thumb

He is a “Phildo”.