Good Idea Fairy- “Smart” Guns Are Back

| January 13, 2022


David and I walked around this newest, remarkably bad idea iteration the other day. Shotgun Joe wonders why his thumbprint will open a cell phone, yet this tech isn’t available on firearms to prevent unauthorized use.
That this ID method is useless if wet or dirty has been addressed by the inclusion of a PIN pad backup.
No, really.

Company Pushes Smart Gun with Backup PIN Pad in Case of Lock Failure

AWR Hawkins

LodeStar is pushing a smart gun in the United States that unlocks via a fingerprint reader but is equipped with a PIN pad for backup in the case the gun fails to unlock.

Reuters reported on the LodeStar, noting the “fingerprint reader unlocks the gun in microseconds.” However, Reuters also pointed out the LodeStar fingerprint reader system apparently tends toward the same problems other fingerprint reader smart guns have faced. Namely, “It may not work when wet or in other adverse conditions.”

Joe Biden has called for smart guns that read fingerprints and unlock like smart phones, Breitbart News reported August 10, 2019.

Biden then held up a cell phone and talked about how it is activated “with a thumb print.” He then asked why guns ican’t have the same biometric reader for activation. He did not explain that if you get your thumb wet–even with water–the biometric reader on your cell phone will not work.


Let us know when the USSS carries them to protect the important people. Like Joe. Thanks, David.

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Murphy’s Law waiting to happen.

AW1 Rod

Yeah… I’m going to fuck around with a thumb print reader or a chip in a bracelet to enable my weapon in an emergency.


Ok, home invaders, just wait while I grab my gun…damn, my hands are sweaty. Let me find a towel…


So… we can develop another industry of lockout device removal?

See, Joe is just creating jobs folks! By his will and adeptedness at politick he’ll Xidenify this country, by devil!


From the article:

“Joe Biden has called for smart guns that read fingerprints and unlock like smart phones…”

Joe Biden. Same Dude who wants to outlaw basic safeguards when it comes voting, such as Voter ID requirements as well as enabling practices such as mass ballot trafficking….



Biden’s been wrong on literally everything for 50 years and counting. He’s more than overdue to get something right.

Biden’s the Washington Generals of politicians.


Mason and MarineDad61:

The latest lie from Joe Bidens…😉😎

“Washington Post Awards Biden ‘Four Pinocchios’ For False Claim He Was ‘Arrested’ During Civil Rights Protest:’The Primary Source For This Story Is Biden — And We’ve Learned Over The Years That He Is Not Always A Reliable Source'”

“The Washington Post awarded President Biden its harshest fact-check rating of “Four Pinocchios” over his false claim this week that he was “arrested” for the first time as a teenager while attending a civil rights protest in Delaware.”

“In a Thursday piece headlined, “Biden claims yet another arrest for which there’s little evidence,” Glenn Kessler, The Post’s resident fact-checker, wrote that Biden was “not always a reliable source” when it came to his “exaggerated” stories, and that too many elements of his claim didn’t add up.”

A Proud Infidel®™️

Joke Biteme and his ilk want to require that people show vaccine passports just to leave the house while heavily opposing Voter ID, one more piece of proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!


The fine print on the Bill of Rights say’s batteries not included….


Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

This dosen’t sound like a smart idea.


Paging Alec Baldwin! Paging Alec Baldwin!


Rumor is Alec Baldwin shot two ladies, killing one.
Not holding my breath for that Negligent Homicide charge.


The spare magazine for my NIB Kimber Model Custom LW 1911 gots more smarts than FJB. And where as my NIB Kimber came from Yonkers, FJB has gone bonkers.


Judge Dredd did smart guns correct.


Liberals think guns are already smart enough to jump up off
the table and shoot someone. This won’t prevent that.


I like it. Should be mandatory for all Democrats as they have shown a much greater propensity to commit violent crime. That way the weapon can be linked back to them. Or their finger.


How do they work with gloves?


How do they work with gloves on?


Will they then ban soldering irons?