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| January 7, 2022

Taser Pulse

U.S. Marshals shoot at man wanted on suspicion of sexual conduct with a 12-year-old girl

BrieAnna J. Frank
U.S. Marshals shot at a 38-year-old man wanted on suspicion of sexual conduct with a 12-year-old girl while attempting to arrest him on Wednesday.

The U.S. Marshals Arizona Wanted Task Force, through collaboration with the Chandler Police Department, tracked 38-year-old Andrew Thompson to a home near Guadalupe Road and Arizona Avenue in Gilbert, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release.

U.S. Marshals struck Thompson multiple times with “less-than-lethal munitions” when he reached into his jacket pocket while they attempted to arrest him, the Department said.

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Durham sheriff names woman killed in officer-involved shooting. One deputy on leave

Aaron Sánchez-Guerra and Julian Shen-Berro
Jan. 5—The Durham County Sheriff’s Office has identified the woman killed in an “officer-involved shooting” Tuesday after allegedly pointing a shotgun at deputies in Bahama.

Stephanie Wilson, 28, was at home on John Jones Road when deputies responded just before 3:30 p.m. to a disturbance in the northern Durham County community.

They found Wilson who they said aimed a shotgun at deputies multiple times despite attempts to get her to put the gun down, the Sheriff’s Office stated in a news release.

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Alleged robber shot dead at York restaurant

Harper Ho
A person was shot to death Tuesday evening during what police say was an attempted robbery at a York City restaurant.

York City Police responded about 7 p.m. Tuesday to a shooting at the Asian Best restaurant, 15 N Penn St., according to York County 911.

Police tell reporters they believe the restaurant owner fatally shot a person during an attempted robbery.

The man allegedly broke in armed with a gun after the restaurant had closed and demanded money from the register, CBS21 reports.

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York Dispatch
Our MarineDad61 send us this link, and an update.
York Dispatch Update

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Frankie Cee

Two DRT and one that should have been gutshot and left to die.
Using “less than lethal” ammo on a sex offender is a waste of taxpayer’s money.


This! And a minimum caliber restriction for peeds, 50BMG.

Frankie Cee

Actually, on caliber size for sex offenders, I think that the .22 short is the expedient round. They are inexpensive, and inflict severe pain. For instance, I think that a sex offender should be shot first in the left foot, then in the right foot, then in the left ankle joint, then in the right, and so on, up the legs, being most careful to miss the femoral artery. From the legs to the arms, first in the left hand, then in the right hand, then the left wrist joint, and so on. I believe that on box of 50 rounds of .22 short will go far toward showing a sex predator the error of his ways


Actually Frankie Cee, I was thinking a 3/16 bit in a Black and Decker, along with a jar of honey on a fire ant bed, but your .22 would work too. The buzzards and the worms could share with the ants.

Sounds like Ms Thang was the disturbed one.

Ol boy in York got taken out instead of getting him some Chinese take out.

Shocking little Taser you gots there Mister.


Upon further data, both y’all have better ideas for dispatching the Worst of Humanity.

Can we also have draw-and-quartering on the a la cart?

Also, Roller Compactor with a top speed of 1/4 snail’s pace?


You forgot Scaphism, my favorite from here.


Good morning. 2 updates on York, PA.

1 – News had both FOX and COX as the name of the dead perp.
It’s COX.

2 – The restaurant has just closed PERMANENTLY,
largely due to asshole COX.

[Asian Best restaurant closes one day after deadly attempted robbery]

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

What was the cash register’s answer to the perp who demanded money. Unaware that they could talk.