Happy New Year

| December 31, 2021

You want me to what???

It’s nearly next year. It’s been a strange, ridiculously inept period when nothing seems to make any sense, and the traditions we were raised with are being trampled by overgrown spoiled brat children who still throw temper tantrums and break things even if they’re old enough to vote.

Oddly enough, the Old Moon is on January 1, and the New Moon is on January 2, around 2AM, and NASA finally launched the James Webb space telescope a couple of days ago. There were videos of it streaking across the night sky on the news last night.  This peculiar split between “weird” and “normal” is something we haven’t seen in a while, not since back in the 1960s and early 1970s.

This year’s grain harvest in India was above bountiful, but the ecohippies, who never seem to spend any real time outdoors in muck and mud photographing birds or bugs or blossoms insist that the world is being destroyed…. and – well, where is their proof? There are two or three active volcanoes in Iceland, and the Icelanders haven’t run away so far. Oh, and BoJo over in the UK has pissed his people off again with another lockdown. Maybe he’ll lose his job next time around.

The COP26’s demand for cash from all attendees fell through, which means that the people who put it together can’t live high on the hog, and the planet is just moseying along intact. As the Late Great George Carlin once said, “The planet is fine! The People are fucked!”

Meantime, that loud-mouthed crankypants tween has lost her “eminence” or whatever because no one is paying any attention to anything she says these days. They’re more interested in getting groceries and fixing meals than they are in listening to an ill-informed, cranky 16-year-old who dropped out of school.

Yea, we have had a year of nonsensical panic over a virus, a bug that may have escaped its host in a meat market in China and got loose in the population, and — well, the advice from an expert on infectious diseases here in my AO on the news yesterday morning was “get the booster, get the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen booster and get on with your life”.

Just so you know, he made it very clear that the infection rate in South Africa is plummeting down to NOTHING. That was also on this morning’s news. What does that mean? It means that the omicron bug is the equivalent of the rhinoviruses that give us the common cold but doesn’t seem to be able to give you pneumonia like the common cold sometimes does. Some day, the freak show attitude will cease to exist and we’ll get on with things. This ain’t the Middle Ages, no matter what that short warthog from Hell thinks. If you want to be creative, just think how many bad jokes you could come up with, like: Oh, did he pull another F—i on you?

Meanwhile, a space telescope gets launched.  Tesla vehicles are being recalled. (That’s a giggle-snort!) Certain politic persons are not as popular as they thought they were. And it’s going to snow in my AO — 90% chance of snow!!! — tomorrow night and I have already cleared off the spots where I put out bird food.  The Feather Flockers will show up, the squirrels will steal the peanuts I put out and run away, and the Sun will come up in the East and sink in the West. And the New Year will start with a New Moon. That’s a good sign, all by itself. I’m just gonna move on, people.

When I went to trade my old iPhone for a newer version, I also asked for a flip phone for when I’m on the trail with a camera and don’t want a phone sticking out of my pocket. And then I mumbled something about a tablet, so now I have a tablet, which I wanted so that I can review my photos before I dump them to my hard drive. That guy at T-Mobile saw me coming a mile away, but I don’t care. I just have to figure out how to hook it up to my camera to review stuff, and then go shoot more stuff. There is, in fact, so much competition from phone cameras and tablet cameras that companies like Nikon and Canon are struggling to keep up.

I would say that we’re going to get back to normal – whatever that is – by the end of this winter. Prove I’m wrong. Go on: I dare you.

Happy New Year and take good care of you and yours.

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Spot on Mi’Lady. ’bout sick and tired of these whinny azz punks my ownself…of ALL ages. Guess the record snowfalls out on the west coast is a result of all this gorebull warming too, huh? Germany is taking 3 of Her last 6 nuke plants off line in the next little while, with the last 3 being shut down by the end of ’22. They’ll be depending on natural gas to fill the gap til they get their “Green Plants” up. Wonder what they gonna do when Vlad the Gas Man cuts that off? Still wondering where the “greenies” are gonna get all the materials to make these “green” replacements.

We, The People may not survive teh stoopid but Mother Earth will Abide.

Normal? You call me? Most folks also use my FIRST Name…Ab.

Happy New Year to your and the Furbys. 79F here, sunshine with a slight breeze. Gonna drop by Monday to the high 30s.


Speaking of energy prices, even US gas prices are taking a hit, and if Vlad starts feeling foggy, well….

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Happy New years to you Ex and the rest of the TAH crew. See ypu next year or See you later Alligator.

Steve 1371

The oboprey.com is having a New Years eve party show tonite on Facebook. That is where I will be . Home in my easy chair with a bourbon on ice and my main squeeze enjoying some good old country music. Show is from 1900 to 2400.
Will be heading down to Florida for a spell on the fourth. They say Summerfield is nice this time of year.
Here’s wishing you all well in the new year and Dominos Nabisco.


Feliz Año Nuevo, y’all. Ready to put 2021 in my wake, and am guardedly optimistic in how 2022 will turn out.

Steve 1371

Oops 2000 to 2400 at the obopry.com


So are the 1980’s really old?
I miss them.


Low budget Stalin at 3:39?

I’m not sure if I’d ever seen that but I noticed it got progressively worse…


Stopped counting. Slightly NWS for a Range Safety Officer training flick.


Finger control ladies…finger control.


Classic shout-out from Jackie Brown… “AK-47, the very best there is– when you absolutely positively got to kill every motherf*cker in the room! Accept no substitutes.”


Found a stash of a few really old sparklers and 6 bottle rockets. Notified the grands and went out on the pier to shoot them off.

It’s what Grandpas do, y’know. Any explosions from 1900-0100 local are not mine (unless some idiot decides to kick in my front door – in which case multiple explosions may end his/her/its New Year rather abruptly).

Y’all have a safe celebration and a Happy New Year. The idiots in DC and the 5-sided Puzzle Palace may think they are in charge, but they’re not and never have been.

Oh – and Let’s Go Brandon!


It’s been a strange, ridiculously inept period when nothing seems to make any sense,….

I dunno….the cooking posts here make a lot of sense to me. If people aren’t looking at them, no wonder they are confused. Nothing brings people together more than food.

(It could be argued that nothing divides them more than the debate over sugar or no sugar in cornbread, but that is a discussion for another day. 😉 )

Yes, we did launch a telescope – one that proves the inefficiency and waste of government spending as the thing is at least a decade late and billions over budget. (original cost was $500 million. Cost before launch $9.8 billion.)

Still, we as people have to search and celebrate things that unite us and not divide us. Too many people are miserable and want to spread that misery to others.

We can, and need to, do better this coming year.

Happy New Year to all.


“Too many people are miserable and want to spread that misery to others.”

Absolutely not! Misery is a precious commodity ’round here and I sure as hell ain’t gonna be sharon none wit the likes of you all!

Jk, Happy ‘Merry Rookie Drinking-Event of the Year’! Wear a helmet.


Happy New Year to all here at TAH…


Happy new year to all you absolute freaks and little bitch girls… And that does not include the ladies of the female persuasion here at TAH.
Home safe and sound after being on the road for a week and I have a few ground-based fireworks that have the approval of the brand new neighbor next-door he said oh hell yeah go blow some shit up which is what I’m gonna do.
Much love to all you fuckers. 🤣😁😘🖕🖕🖕🖕

Green Thumb

Happy New Year, TAH!!