Lt Col Sheller is no longer a Marine

| December 24, 2021

Jeff LPH 3 sends in the breaking news that Lt Col Sheller, who very publicly questioned the Brandon Administration’s atrociously botched Afghanistan pullout, has finally had his resignation accepted by the Commandant of the Marine Corps. He’s a civilian once again. Thus endeth the tale of the principled leader of Marines, one that went all the way to a court martial.

You can now call him “Mr. Scheller.”

In a Thursday Facebook post, the now former Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr., who publicly called for accountability from the military and political leaders who led America’s longest war, announced he had been discharged from the Marine Corps, effective Thursday.

An infantry officer with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Scheller crashed into the national dialogue following a now-viral Aug. 26 social media video of him speaking out in uniform. His demands for accountability from military and political leadership, both current and past, for the conduct of the war in Afghanistan eventually saw him jailed and court-martialed.

Scheller’s father, Stuart Scheller Sr., had taken to social media in November to lament how long the process of discharging his son from the Marine Corps had been taking.

“Commandant David H. Berger talks about treating Marines as humans as opposed to inventory,” Scheller Sr. wrote. “But 5 weeks to sign a resignation? Seriously!? They should be ashamed of themselves.”

More than a month later, and more than two months after accepting his resignation as part of a plea deal, the Marine Corps processed the resignation of the lieutenant colonel’s commission.

Scheller’s post also stated that he had received a general discharge under honorable conditions, the lowest allowed under the conditions of his plea deal.

The Marine Corps has yet to respond to questions asked by the Marine Corps Times regarding both the timeline and nature of Scheller’s discharge.

In his announcement, Scheller thanked the Marines who “all the Marines who served, led, bled, and suffered” alongside him over his 17-year career. Additionally, Scheller thanked the Marine Corps for “forging him into a man.” Scheller also compared his “defeats” in demanding accountability from political and military leadership to early setbacks the U.S. faced during the Revolutionary War.

“But George Washington, undeterred, mobilized his force for a surprise attack over the holidays…as history shows, it was a turning point in the war,” Scheller wrote.

Scheller went on to criticize his treatment by the Marine Corps. He stated that he had been “slandered” by the Marine Corps, “imprisoned under false pretense as a ‘flight risk,’” and “held illegally” in jail.

“Was it worth it? Well… unfortunately for them… the war isn’t over,” Scheller wrote. “I think we just arrived at a turning point.”

Scheller noted a “television media blitz” he is about to embark on, and his new website

Source; Marine Corps Times

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He’s still a Marine. And now unmuzzled.


A junkyard dog with scalpels for teeth and resolve undeterrable, now unleashed? Let the rooking be forced to Light.

God help those poorest of bastards.



“You can now call him “Mr. Scheller”.”

Nah, I think I’ll call him what he really is…A Ballsy Mofo’ing Hero. It sings.

Maybe, one day, if we ever get another true Commander in Chief, this travesty of justice by the sissy punk, balless suits of the Corps will be overturned and LTC Scheller will be made Commandant.

Chesty Puller and Stephan Decatur weep.


> LTC Scheller will be made Commandant

He certainly would be head and shoulders above the current leadership at the five-sided circus.


Discharged on Festivus?


And he’s about to air some grievances


I know of a few guys that got booted for drugs or AWOL or other than honorable that somehow years later wormed their way back in and finished up their 20. Just saying, weirder things have happened.


LTC Scheller needs to follow the example of LTC Oliver North, probably the most successful post-separation LTC in the history of the Corps.

With that big toothy smile, he’s certainly photogenic enough…


He’s landing on his feet, and now will be even a bigger PITA to what passes for military leadership than if they had left it as a nasty letter in his service jacket.

Now he has his war chest cash and this Devil Dog is off the leash, and has a ready forum for his new website.

Best of luck in the New Year, “Mr. Scheller.”


Hope he shows up here and you give him a non PII handle.


Count on it! I do love my Marines, and for $20 you can too.



Steve 1371

I can’t think of a bigger contrast than the battalion commander that earned that title and those at the top that he called out on their sloppy exit from Afghanistan. Lt Col Scheller , you sir have pointed out the real problem with todays military as well as its civilian so called leadership. I hope you will continue to focus on what Gunny Highway called “A real cluster fucx”. You have my gratitude and I wish you well.
Semper Fidelis


I posted this on the WOT before this thread came up. Very good reading on his new website/blog.

On an aside note, LtCol Stuart Scheller was discharged from the Marine Corps yesterday. He now has a blog that I thought many of you might be interested in.

(apologies to the bosses here at TAH. No intention of hijacking this thread, just didn’t know where to put this info.)


Does he still keep his rank/title with a resignation?

Steve 1371

He does in my book.


I agree, but I’m actually curious about the official aspect of it.

Officer stuff is alien to me. I don’t knock on doors, I breach then.

58 Driver

no a resignation is a forfeiture of a congressional approved commission, and 3 promotions– cpt maj and ltc. a retiree still holds— resignation accepted is a buh bye

USMC Steve

They cannot take the honorary away from him, but I would like to know if they threw him out, is he no longer a commissioned officer? Did he turn in his ID card and is no longer subject to the whims of the Suck? Or could they conceivably call him back at some point?


The Kraken has been unleashed!


It appears that we have a true Marine here, one who does not back down from a fight.

I’d gladly serve under him – even as a REMF, which is about all I’d be qualified for.


I’d welcome you at me side in a firefight, sir.


Once a Marine, always a Marine. He left one hell of an article on LinkedIn the other day. Goes into more detail than the story here.


Saw it, loved it! He’s fixin’ to cut fence and sort some shit out.

Sgt K

Today’s general officer corps is just a bunch of whiny bitches. Petty, whiny bitches.


You reap what you grow. 20 years of stunting initiative in Iraq and Afghanistan, beating down anyone who tried to do anything other than make feel good power point slides to send to their boss for a few good OER bullets.

At least a few years ago you could say that they were quick around the PT track. Can’t even say that any more.

Sgt K

That discharge should be considered “Honorable for VA purposes.” He needs to head down to the County Veteran Services Officer (every county should have one)and fill out a VA Form 21-526EZ and list everything. And I mean everything, down to that time last year when you burned the roof of your mouth eating pizza. Good luck, Sir!

USMC Steve

Unless it has changed, a general under honorable conditions, can and is usually upgradeable simply by requesting it be so. I suspect the Suck did that simply to inconvenience him as much as they could administratively.

Glad all of you love the guy so much, but to me he seems to show delusions of grandeur. I don’t trust him.


His website is very professionally done and he’s making it clear he’s rejecting extreme political positions and discourse. He’s staking out America’s huge political center as far out to the left and right flanks as they extend without becoming radical, as his graphic illustrates.

His mission statement and message are here:


“Center right” just might become the next political party.
When we drive a vehicle we have a slight bias to the right
so as to not cross the center into oncoming traffic from the left.
And that bias is only slight so as to not end up in the ditch.

Imagine the campaign signs:
Keep to the right.
No left turn.

MSG Eric

Most of the country used to be centerish to the left or right.

The problem is the extremist dumbasses on both sides have kept pulling their side more to to crazytown and everyone is being smacked with the paint brush of either one.

The absolutism party is the current political situation.

The political spectrum is a circle and at the top is those who are normal and able to compromise. At the bottom is everyone who’s an extremist idiot that only wants their own ideology to be the way for everyone and if you don’t agree you will be destroyed. (which is why it’s a circle, the extremists all become the same, use the same tactics, have the same absolutist ideology.)

I would put most politicians at the 3 and 9 positions because they try to cater to everyone on their side of the circle.


Good analogy. I had not considered a circle vs flat plane.
And where those two arms meet at six o’clock we have war.

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s hoping that he runs for Office and gets elected, just THINK of what a nightmare he could be to those who hosed him once he’s in Office!!!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

You need to change that title to, “LTC Sheller Is No Longer IN THE Marines”.
Until his actions prove him otherwise, he will always be a Marine.


Since he is no longer active duty, he can now tell us what he really wants to say. I’m sure there are plenty, officers and enlisted, that are thrilled about him speaking up.

There are others I’m sure who are having sleepless nights worried about their name being brought up in an interview.