Are Joe’s Handlers Angry at the Mad Mullahs?

| December 21, 2021

President Hassan Rouhani, second right, listens to head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi while visiting an exhibition of Iran’s new nuclear achievements

Surprising exactly no one, nuclear talks with Iran are not going well.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan took this disturbing tone when speaking about efforts to put Iran’s nuclear genie back in a 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement bottle.

Iran has refused to engage in direct talks regarding the JCPOA, of course. It’s position is it will not resume treaty agreements until the U.S. revokes all sanctions.

Officials from France, Germany, the U.K and the U.S. have all repeatedly, recently warned that the time to negotiate is running out. What the consequences of that could be have been left unsaid.

Now Joe’s Handlers have to deal with an off-the-leash Iran and its proxies.

Tensions rising between U.S. and Iran; New Year’s seen as potential flashpoint

The growing tension has sparked debate in the Biden administration about how to respond to attacks by Iran and its proxies, current and former U.S. officials said.

By Courtney Kube and Dan De Luce

The Biden administration and U.S. military leaders are increasingly concerned about rising tensions with Iran, and they are looking at the new year as a potential flashpoint, according to two defense officials and two administration officials familiar with the matter.

The growing confrontation with Iran has prompted a debate inside the administration about how to respond to attacks and provocative acts by Iran and its proxies in the region, current and former U.S. officials said.

Tensions ratcheted up after the attack on the U.S. military base known as At Tanf Garrison in southern Syria on Oct. 20, when five so-called suicide drones packed with explosives and shrapnel were launched at the base. No U.S. troops were killed in the assault, but several structures were badly damaged.

Three U.S. defense officials and two administration officials said that Iran was behind the attack and that it launched it through proxy forces with the intention of killing U.S. troops. In an interview with Time magazine, the commander of U.S. Central Command, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, did not blame Iran for the attack. He said whoever conducted it “was clearly trying to kill Americans.”

Iran launched the attack in retaliation for an Israeli strike in Syria that killed and wounded several Iranian citizens, the U.S. officials said. The Israeli strike targeted a shipment of advanced missile parts intended for Iranian-backed groups operating in Syria.


The Biden administration called for options to respond.

Not liking the first list of mostly kinetic options, or the second either, they decided on…

NBC News

Considering observed performance of Joe’s Handlers (of which Jake is one) failure to juggle even one ball, foreign or domestic, the outcome is pretty bleak- Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran.

A saving grace is the 2/3 Senate majority needed to approve the resolution of ratification of a treaty with a foreign State. After months of blood, sweat and arm twisting the Dems can’t muster 50.

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USMC Steve

Wasn’t a problem with Trump in office. Not only do the socialist democrats want to take our guns and freedom, they want to get us killed. Spiffy.


“…how to respond to attacks by Iran…”

Release the Kraken…aka… the IDF.

Or? Nuke the entire site from orbit.


Let the idf turn Iran to rubble, and the continue to bounce the rubble to smaller rubble.

USMC Steve

We will not have to. The stated Israeli policy towards any arab nation having nuclear capabilities is that they will attack them. Proven when they took out the Osirak nuclear reactor many years ago. Given the Iranians stated often threat to annihilate Israel at the first opportunity, I find this to be a totally reasonable position for the Israelis to hold.


The Left will impose the “agreement” terms without regard to Senate ratification, or lack thereof.

They will simply call it “accord” or “agreement” versus “treaty”.

USMC Steve

That is fine. If it is not actually a treaty, it can be ignored or done away with should we get lucky and get back in power again.


Life imitates art?

George V

Ya know, it’s too bad we can’t gather up the folks who appear in those “Libs of TikTok” videos and have them parachute into Tehran. The Mad Mullahs would quickly go.. well… mad! Solves two problems.


Democrats love America-hating fundamentally-islamic nations.


Hopefully he’s not contemplating sending Iran another pallet of cash, like B.O., to stay on their “good” side. I think he should send Jen Psaki to Tehran to negotiate to show them how serious he is. She won’t be missed.


Can we get Jen to take Jawn Fraud sKerry with her?

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Soft-as-ice cream Joe’s handlers are the same ones that crashed and burned with Barry Bananas, so their failure is NOT unexpected. What did they accomplish under Barry? Crimea? Uranium One? Benghazi? Pallets of Cash to Mullahs? #bothhouses2022 #whitehouse2024 #desantisforprez2024

Skivvy Stacker

Well now, I was absolutely sure that the Obama administration had bought us total security by sending shit tons of money to Iran, in exchange for their solemn promise that they would use the money to produce nothing more dangerous than toothpaste that was flavored like plutonium…